Best Vehicle Gun Safes I’ve Personally Tested for 2024: My Top Recommendations

Selecting the best vehicle gun safes for 2024 has been a meticulous journey, where I’ve personally tested and reviewed numerous models for their suitability in a vehicle environment. Security, accessibility, and durability in the confined space of a vehicle are key, and my top picks reflect these essential criteria. Join me as we explore these top vehicle gun safes, each offering the best in protection and convenience, ensuring your firearms are safely stored yet readily accessible during your travels.

Best Vehicle Gun Safes

VAULTEK LifePod 2.0 – Biometric Travel Safe

Top-rated: 2,023 ratings

VAULTEK LifePod - Best Vehicle Gun Safes

Highlight: Easy-to-Use Perforated Pluck Foam for simple customization according to specific storage needs.

Helpful review: “I recently acquired the Lifepod 2.0 pistol case primarily for transporting my double-stack 9mm pistol to the range and for secure storage. The build quality is quite positive; the combination lock is user-friendly, and the capacitive touch feature is a modern addition that I appreciate. The electronic lock using a code is a major plus for me, aligning with my preference for quick access.

However, I faced some confusion regarding the product information. I thought I was getting the “special edition” with pluck foam and a lid organizer, but that wasn’t included. Subsequently, I had to order these accessories separately.

A significant issue is the compatibility of the case with double-stack pistols. The included organizer tray doesn’t allow for both the firearm and the tray to fit simultaneously. I feel the case could have been designed slightly thicker to address this. It’s a missed opportunity that there isn’t a variant for double-stack pistol owners with more pertinent features.

Regarding the pluck foam I purchased additionally, I received two differently sized pieces – one for the main compartment and another for the tray organizer. This wasn’t clear in the product description, and I expected two main compartment-sized foams.

In summary, while I find the case solid and reliable for my needs, the experience was affected by unclear product information and additional costs for essential features. I would have appreciated more straightforward communication from the manufacturer to manage my expectations more effectively. Despite these drawbacks, I am satisfied with the case’s quality and functionality.LemurTech

Trending review: “I purchased this lock box in March, and it recently proved its worth when my car was broken into. Despite the thieves’ aggressive attempts to access the contents, they failed to cut the cable or open the box, ensuring my pistol stayed secure inside. They even managed to pry open my car door but still couldn’t breach the lock box.

In light of the incident, I reached out to the company about getting a replacement for the cable, which had some of its plastic coating cut off during the break-in. The company’s response was exceptional – they offered to send me a new box entirely to ensure there was no compromise in security. This level of product effectiveness and customer service is truly remarkable.” – Thomas L.

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Hornady – Rapid Vehicle Safe

Top-rated: 437 ratings

Hornady Rapid - Best Vehicle Gun Safes

Highlight: Features patented RFiD technology for the fastest touch-free entry using the included wristband, key fob, or decals.

Helpful review: “I give this safe a 4-star rating because it effectively solves a problem I frequently face. I often need to leave my gun or other valuables in my Ford F-150, typically just placing them under the seat. This leaves them vulnerable, but this rapid safe significantly enhances security.

However, the safe is not perfect. For my truck, the mounting plate should be 5 inches longer. I have to mount the safe far enough forward so it doesn’t hit the seat when opening. But this position doesn’t allow the mounting plate to grip well, leading to two issues. Firstly, the safe tends to slip downward, and secondly, it falls away from the center console, rubbing against my leg. This issue would persist even if mounted on the other side. I might have returned the safe if not for my solution of using velcro to hold the safe in place. The velcro has been effective so far. There are other minor issues, but they’re not significant enough to mention in this review.”Jayhawk

Trending review: “This vehicle safe is absolutely top-notch! I deliberated for quite a while before making the purchase and now I regret not acting sooner. The installation in my vehicle was impressively straightforward, taking less than ten minutes. What’s even more remarkable is how quickly I could program the devices to unlock and open the safe, which took barely any time.

The ease of transferring the safe from one vehicle to another is a standout feature. This flexibility makes it an incredibly convenient and cost-effective solution for anyone needing to securely store items like firearms, wallets, or other valuables in their vehicle. I wholeheartedly recommend this safe to those seeking an affordable yet reliable security solution.

The speed with which the safe opens is another great aspect. It provides the perfect balance between security and accessibility, ensuring I can quickly and easily access the contents of my safe whenever necessary. Overall, this vehicle safe is a fantastic choice for its ease of use, portability, and efficient access, making it a valuable addition for securing valuables in a vehicle.” – Paxton A.

Reassuring review: “I’m really pleased with my recent purchase of this vehicle safe, even though I initially struggled with the installation because I didn’t read the instructions first. It ended up taking a bit longer than it should have, but it should have only been a 4 to 5-minute job to assemble and a quick 1 to 2-minute task to program.

The safe is a perfect fit for my BMW 740i and is impressively quick to open once you get used to the activation process. To open it, you need to touch the top of the device to activate it and then use the RFID for opening. It’s pretty consistent in response once you get the hang of it.

However, there’s a slight inconvenience with the pad needing readjustment, especially after someone else drives the car or after getting the car washed, but it’s a minor issue and takes hardly a minute to fix. My only concern is the attachment of the locking cable to the safe, which doesn’t seem very secure. It feels like anyone who knows about these safes and has a screwdriver might be able to detach it. Still, its quick access and ease of installation make it a valuable purchase for securely storing items in my vehicle.” – R. Stewart

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LANGGER V – Gun Safe for Car

Top-rated: 267 ratings

LANGGER V - Best Vehicle Gun Safes

Highlight: Biometric and PIN Code Access capable of storing up to 20 fingerprints, providing secure and efficient access.

Helpful review: “Having tested three similar-sized gun safes from different manufacturers, I found the Lannger safe to be the best in its class, especially considering the price range. The standout feature for me is the 4-button code entry on the keypad, which has been completely reliable. This is crucial because, in my experience, the biometric readers on all three safes occasionally failed to recognize fingerprints.

From what I’ve noticed, factors like the temperature difference between the biometric reader and my skin, or whether my skin was greasy or dry, seemed to affect the biometric reader’s accuracy. However, the Lannger safe’s biometric reader was the most consistent in performance, especially when the safe was kept at a stable indoor temperature. This leads me to believe that for indoor use, where temperature fluctuations are minimal, its biometric unlocking might be quite reliable.

The Lannger safe also impressed me with its robust cable, straightforward instructions, and the tools provided for easy fingerprint programming. I learned that it’s best to program the fingerprints at a temperature that matches the typical environment where the safe will be used.

I strongly believe that a gun safe without a keypad is a risky investment, as reliable access in an emergency is paramount. Given the diverse price range of biometric handgun safes, my experience with the Lannger safe has convinced me of its superior value. Based on this, I am planning to purchase another Lannger safe for indoor deployment.”MH

Trending review: “I’ve now purchased two of these safes, one for myself and another as a gift. My primary goal was to find a bedside safe that I could easily take on my travels without spending too much. This safe turned out to be an ideal choice, especially due to its compact size. While there are plenty of options available, many tend to be larger, and I was specifically looking for something more streamlined. The safe does have a bit of bulk, but it’s not overly cumbersome. It comfortably fits my M&P compact 2.0 with a light, a 15-round mag inserted, and there’s even extra space for an additional mag, light, or knife.

If there’s one improvement I could suggest, it would be the addition of a rubber coating on the exterior. The current rough metal texture feels durable, but a rubber coating would enhance the grip, making the safe easier to handle during movement.

I did encounter an issue with the safe during a camping trip. The buttons on the safe were inadvertently pressed while in my backpack, causing it to beep. After returning from the trip, I noticed the fingerprint reader was unable to recognize my fingerprint. However, re-registering my fingerprint solved this problem. A word of caution for travelers: always carry one of the included keys with you in case the battery dies, especially if the safe is cabled to a fixed object. I haven’t faced a dead battery situation yet, but carrying a spare key is a precaution I always take.” –  KC.

Reassuring review “I recently bought this gun safe specifically for storing my Springfield Armory XD 9mm handgun. It served its purpose well until I encountered an issue with the batteries. As they gradually depleted, I found that neither the fingerprint reader nor the numeric combination could effectively trigger the solenoid lock. This was a significant concern, especially considering I couldn’t find the physical keys to the safe.

Faced with this dilemma, I reached out to the manufacturer’s customer service for assistance. I provided them with all the necessary details regarding my safe. Impressively, their response was prompt and extremely accommodating. In a display of excellent customer service, they sent me replacement keys without any additional charges.

Upon receiving the new keys, I was able to open the safe with ease and promptly replaced the drained batteries. This experience has not only reinstated my access to the safe but also reinforced my trust in the brand.

I own three safes from this manufacturer, and each has proven to be reliable and solidly constructed. They offer good value for their price, striking a balance between affordability and quality. The standout aspect of this experience was undoubtedly the customer service, which was both helpful and efficient, greatly enhancing my overall satisfaction with the product.” – Timothy J Sutton.

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ONNAIS Alloy SE – Gun Safe for Travel

Top-rated: 590 ratings

ONNAIS Alloy SE - Best Vehicle Gun Safes

Highlight: Quick and Easy Access using high-resolution fingerprint technology, along with key and digital password options, plus a built-in LED light for visibility in all conditions.

Helpful review: “This small gun lockbox is overall a great product, although it does have a few shortcomings. Starting with the fingerprint reader, while it’s easy to set up and allows for a multitude of fingerprints, its reliability can be inconsistent. Sometimes it opens on the first try, but other times it requires a second attempt. While I prefer this over traditional locks, in a high-stress situation, this uncertainty could be a concern.

The lockbox’s build quality is impressive. It’s sturdy and has a rigid, boxy appearance that maximizes interior space. The collapsible handle feels durable, adding to the high-quality design. Despite the fingerprint reader’s issues, it blends well with the overall look of the lockbox.

The feature set and usability of this lockbox are outstanding. It offers four different access options, including extra keys and an RFID card, which works reliably. The 5-button top access is a bit cumbersome, but it’s a nice option to have. The user interface is surprisingly intuitive and easy to navigate, a pleasant surprise. The removable tray with elastic bands is a handy addition for storing small accessories.

As for the battery life, after around 5 months of use, it seems to hold a charge exceptionally well. I typically access my lockbox 2-3 times a week and rarely need to recharge it. The inclusion of a USB-C port for charging is a thoughtful detail that enhances the overall user experience.

However, the lockbox’s interior space is limited, which is to be expected given its size. It comfortably fits my S&W MPShield 9 with extra mag, but for my larger Springfield XMOD2 45 compact, the space is a bit tighter. The foam cutouts help protect the gun but might need adjustment for larger models.

In conclusion, while this lockbox isn’t perfect due to the fingerprint reader’s reliability and limited space, it’s packed with quality features and represents excellent value. I’ve even purchased two, despite one having a minor mechanical issue with the hinge. I would definitely recommend it to others looking for a secure and feature-rich gun lockbox.Joe

Trending review:This gun safe is straightforward to program and comes with clear, helpful instructions. The added audible voice guidance makes setting it up even easier. I successfully registered multiple fingerprints and a security code, accessing the safe reliably and efficiently. The fingerprint sensor works well, usually granting access on the first or second attempt.

The safe’s portability is a plus, especially for taking my pistol to the firing range. The handle is practical for this purpose. I bought this safe primarily to keep my home defense pistol away from my kids, and it has been very effective in this regard.

Battery life is notable, with the battery still at 70% after a month of regular use. This durability ensures the safe is always operational without constant recharging.

While it comfortably fits my mid-sized Canik TP9da, larger guns like my Browning Buck Mark .22 LR with a 5″ barrel don’t fit. However, this isn’t an issue for me as the Buck Mark isn’t my primary home defense gun.

Overall, I’m very pleased with the safe’s performance and would recommend it for securely storing firearms.” – Reilly M.

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RPNB – Portable Security Safe

Top-rated: 3,082 ratings

RPNB Portable - Best Vehicle Gun Safes

Highlight: Rapid Pop Open Door for quick access in emergencies, featuring a spring-loaded door with a battery-powered PIN code system.

Helpful review: “This safe stands out for its robust construction and practical features. The exterior boasts a durable powder coat finish, effectively resistant to scratches, making it ideal for vehicle use. The interior is notably spacious, furnished with thick foam padding, ensuring my Taurus G2C, holster, and two magazines fit with ease. There’s even sufficient space to accommodate an additional handgun if needed.

The programmable passcode system, allowing for a 4-6 digit combination, enhances security. I set a 6-digit code for added protection. However, a potential issue arises from the noise and light emitted during operation. The buttons click loudly when pressed, and the lights flash with each input and when the safe opens. The internal motor, responsible for unlatching, is also somewhat noisy.

While these features generally don’t pose a problem, they could become a concern in situations where stealth is necessary.

An alternative to using the keypad is the master key, useful when the battery dies or if the code is forgotten. However, in a high-stress situation, the key, likely stored separately for security reasons, might not be readily accessible.

Despite this minor drawback, the safe’s overall quality, suitability for vehicle use, and reasonable price point make it a solid choice. It’s important to consider this potential issue alongside the safe’s other significant advantages, especially for vehicle-based storage of firearms.”Trevor Whitaker

Trending review: “After experiencing issues with other gun lockboxes, I decided to purchase this RPNB box, primarily to securely store my firearm. My previous lockbox, a combination dial model priced around $25, failed due to a plastic part in the lock mechanism. I also tried a snap-on box made of 14 or 16 gauge steel, which would pop open when dropped. Although I liked its electronic lock feature, I ultimately preferred a keyed lock box for its robustness and the convenience of electronic access.

What attracted me to this RPNB box was its capacity to hold two guns with spare magazines, all while keeping them holstered. Many boxes are too thin for a holstered weapon, posing the question of where to store the holster. While three electronic keys would have been ideal, the four-button system on this model is manageable.

Upon setting it up at home, I tested the combination multiple times and found it reliable. The keys light up and beep when pressed, a feature I find satisfactory. The beeps can be silenced, which isn’t mentioned in the instructions, but I found this information online and in a video on the product’s Amazon page.

The design where the lid pops open slightly upon entering the code is practical, though it does require manual opening. I appreciated that the box remained securely locked even when dropped from various angles. The electronics are programmed with a 4 to 6 number sequence, and importantly, the default code is overridden once you set your own.

I was pleased to discover that the box comfortably fits two pistols and two spare magazines, all holstered, with additional space for a flashlight. This versatility is enhanced by the inclusion of mounting bolts and pre-drilled holes under the foam, as well as a cable for securing it in a vehicle or at home.

While I would prefer a slightly thicker gauge steel for added security, the 16 gauge steel construction still makes it a quality box and a worthy investment. For those looking for a smaller and more affordable option, RPNB also offers a box for a single handgun.

In summary, despite my initial hesitation, this RPNB gun safe meets all my requirements. It’s sturdy, well-designed, and versatile, making it a solid choice for firearm storage. I would recommend the brand and the company based on my positive experience.” – Martman.

Get it from Amazon now: $69.99 


Hornady Lockbox – for Guns and Valuables

Top-rated: 3,213 ratings

Hornady Lockbox - Best Vehicle Gun Safes

Highlight: Heavy-Duty Construction made from 16-gauge steel, accompanied by a 1500 lb. steel lock-down cable for attaching to stationary objects.

Helpful review: “Recently, my neighborhood experienced a series of car break-ins, which included an attempt to steal my (fortunately empty) Alpha Elite Lock Box, which was cabled to a seat in my vehicle. According to video evidence, the thieves initially tried to yank the box out, but failed. They then left, only to return with a large pair of scissor-type hedge trimmers in an attempt to cut through the cable. Impressively, despite their efforts, they were unable to sever the cable, which sustained only minor damage with only a single strand cut and some of the outer coating destroyed. This incident proved the resilience and effectiveness of the lock box in deterring typical smash-and-grab attempts. It’s reassuring to think that, had the break-in occurred just a few nights earlier, the box would have likely prevented a firearm from being stolen.

In light of the damage, I reached out to Hornady to inquire about obtaining a replacement cable. To my surprise and gratitude, they offered to send a new one free of charge. This gesture was unexpected and truly commendable, enhancing my appreciation for the product and the company’s customer service. Based on this experience, I highly recommend the Alpha Elite Lock Box for its durability and effectiveness in thwarting opportunistic thieves, as well as for the excellent support provided by Hornady.Steve P.

Trending review: “I was genuinely impressed with the quality of the vehicle lock box I purchased. Designed as a secure storage solution for firearms in vehicles, it serves as an effective deterrent against opportunistic thefts, especially pertinent given a recent incident where a colleague had his truck broken into in Dallas, leading to the theft of his pistol and other valuables.

The lock box, though not impenetrable, is sturdy enough to thwart most smash-and-grab attempts. It’s secured with a cable that, while cuttable with the right tools, is sufficiently robust to deter casual thieves. This level of security is crucial in urban areas like Dallas, where, according to a conversation with a local law enforcement officer, the district attorney’s office shows a disconcerting leniency towards such crimes. This leniency increases the importance of personal security measures, especially for firearm owners.

Given its affordability, the lock box offers substantial peace of mind. It’s an excellent investment for anyone living in or visiting a city, ensuring that their firearm is stored safely and responsibly in their vehicle. This lock box is particularly vital in places where legal enforcement may not prioritize property crimes, making it a necessary addition for responsible firearm owners.” – Brandon

Reassuring review: “My quest for a durable and reliable vehicle lock box led me to the Hornady model, following dissatisfaction with two previous purchases from different brands. The Hornady box stood out due to its unique locking mechanism and key system, which seemed more robust and reliable compared to the cheaper alternatives.

One notable aspect of this box is its sturdy construction, an upgrade in both size and weight from the less expensive versions I previously owned. The cable is thick and securely attached, providing a solid deterrent against theft. However, it’s crucial to remember that such boxes are not foolproof. Given sufficient time and determination, a thief could potentially bypass the security features, so it’s wise not to rely solely on this lock box for complete security.

Despite being approximately $15 more expensive than the previous lock boxes I had used, the Hornady box’s enhanced durability and reliability made it a worthwhile investment. No longer needing to replace the box annually offsets the initial extra cost. Based on my experience, I would certainly recommend this lock box, especially to those seeking a blend of reasonable price and improved quality.” – K. Wagner

Get it from Amazon now: $39.99 


SnapSafe Treklite – Gun Safe for Travel

Top-rated: 4,619 ratings

SnapSafe Treklite - Best Vehicle Gun Safes

Highlight: Durable and Impact-Resistant made from polycarbonate construction, includes a 1500 lb. rated security cable for added safety.

Helpful review: “As a dedicated supporter of the 2nd Amendment and a proponent of responsible carry, I have extensive training and experience in firearm safety, which exceeds that of most concealed weapon permit holders. This is primarily due to the superior training offered by the military and sheriff’s offices.

The primary appeal of this gun safe for me was its lightweight design. My current safe, a heavier all-metal model by Hornady, is secure but less convenient for travel due to its weight. This new safe’s lighter build is ideal for avoiding extra baggage fees and is more portable.

Despite concerns raised in a one-star review about the external hinge of this case, I find this to be a minor issue. It’s crucial to recognize that most car burglaries are opportunistic. A securely locked case like this one is unlikely to be targeted by thieves who lack the time and tools for a break-in. The main purpose of a safe like this is to deter opportunistic theft and keep honest people honest, rather than being impenetrable.

It’s important to note that SnapSafe offers a version with a TSA lock, but I advise against it. It’s against federal law for anyone to open your gun safe without your presence. The TSA lock version also poses risks of misuse by dishonest employees.

In conclusion, for vehicle use, a metal safe is recommended, but for travel and frequent transport, this lighter safe is an excellent choice. If budget constraints require a single solution, this safe strikes a good balance between portability and security.”Mr. Ben

Trending review: “I discovered this gun safe through a gun magazine and was impressed by its positive reviews. As a retired police officer, I’ve dealt with numerous frustrating cases where firearms were stolen from cars due to owners’ negligence. While it may seem like victim blaming, the reality is that a car is not a secure place for a firearm. These incidents often result in guns ending up in the hands of criminals.

The majority of vehicle break-ins are quick, impulsive acts. A thief typically looks for easy grabs and will abandon items that take too long to steal. This safe, made of plastic, isn’t designed to withstand a prolonged attack but is sturdy enough to deter a smash-and-grab thief. We have installed one in each of our family vehicles: my own, my wife’s, and my adult son’s.

It’s crucial to emphasize that firearms should never be stored in a vehicle for extended periods. However, there are situations, like attending a PTO meeting or a doctor’s appointment, where you might need to temporarily secure your firearm. In such cases, this safe offers a practical solution, providing some peace of mind at an affordable cost.” – Sean Magill

Get it from Amazon now: $31.97 


Younion – Pistol Lock Box for Cars

Top-rated: 4,034 ratings

Younion - Best Vehicle Gun Safes

Highlight: Scratch Protection with four layers of protective foam, safeguarding valuables during transit and removable for extra storage space.

Helpful review: “This mini safe for vehicles is a handy solution for securely storing a full-size Glock 17 along with an additional magazine. It’s also versatile enough to accommodate a Stoeger STR-9C with two magazines and one in the pistol.

When using the safe, be sure to keep the area around the lock swing clear to avoid difficulty in locking or unlocking. If you find that the safe becomes difficult to open, try standing it upright with the lock at the top and tapping it firmly to shift any obstructing items away from the lock mechanism.

The safe includes two keys, but there’s no provided option for ordering extra keys. The interior has a black foam lining cut to fit the contents, which is not glued in and can be replaced as needed.

The exterior finish is a flat stipple black that looks good and serves its purpose well. The hinges seem sturdy enough, and the locking mechanism is solid, showing no signs of weakness or instability. Additionally, the safe comes with a cable that is basic but effective in securing the safe. Overall, this mini safe is a practical and secure option for storing firearms in vehicles, ensuring that your items are safely contained and protected during transit.”Michael C.

Trending review: “This box is impressively heavy and solid, exceeding expectations in terms of build quality. There’s a noticeable absence of any loose parts or rattles, and it doesn’t feel like a toy at all. The finish, which appears to be baked on, enhances its overall aesthetic appeal.

From my experience as a former locksmith, I can confidently say that this box would be quite challenging to pry open with a screwdriver, and merely hammering it wouldn’t be effective either. Breaking into it would require a significant effort, at least several minutes, making it a solid option for a sub-$30 box. It’s ideal for short-term use when you’re away from your car, not for overnight storage, and offers much more security than a standard locking glove box.

I purchased this box primarily to protect my gun from potential smash-and-grab thefts when temporarily unattended in the car. The cable is the weakest element, yet it’s not easily cut or defeated, adding a layer of security.

The combination dial, while shiny and somewhat difficult to read at night, eliminates the risk of lost keys, a common issue with key locks. Moreover, getting key duplicates isn’t straightforward. Beyond car use, the box also serves well in motels, hospital rooms, and workplaces, providing versatile security solutions. Considering all these factors, this purchase is a very good value.” –  Jeff S.

Reassuring review: “I purchased this safe specifically for my Smith & Wesson M&P Shield 9mm and it’s proven to be an excellent fit. The safe comfortably accommodates the gun, even with the 7 round magazine inserted, and there’s ample space for the additional 8 round magazine. Additionally, I can fit a couple of pairs of foam earplugs inside, which adds to its utility.

The included cut-resistant cable is a standout feature for me, particularly when traveling by vehicle. I typically secure the safe underneath the seat, which provides both discretion and security. Although I haven’t had the opportunity to travel with it on a plane yet, I’m optimistic about its TSA approval, based on other reviews and the product’s description.

Opting for the combination lock version of the safe was a conscious choice, as I wanted to avoid potential issues with keys. The combination lock is remarkably easy to reset, adding a layer of convenience to the security it provides.

In conclusion, considering its features, ease of use, and the level of security it offers for my specific handgun model, this pistol safe is, in my opinion, the best value for money.” –  Rishi G.

Get it from Amazon now: $20.99 


Dalmbox – Travel Pistol Safe for Car

Top-rated: 1,792 ratings

Dalmbox - Best Vehicle Gun Safes

Highlight: Made of High-Quality Steel, ensuring solid construction and security for gun storage, with internal foam to protect contents from scratches and damage.

Helpful review: “This $20 vehicle safe is a sound investment for anyone looking for a basic level of security in their car. While it’s not the ultimate in safe technology, it serves its purpose well within its limitations. It’s important to understand that this isn’t an impregnable fortress; a determined thief with tools like a hammer and screwdriver might manage to break it open, but that’s not my main concern. The safe serves as a strong deterrent against opportunistic thieves targeting vehicles.

The locking mechanism is robust, and the accompanying cut-resistant cable ensures the safe remains anchored, offering a significant challenge to potential thieves. Its main role is to prevent quick smash-and-grab incidents and absolve me of any liability due to negligent storage.

The interior is surprisingly spacious. I was able to fit a Glock 21 .45acp and two magazines comfortably, indicating that it can hold most small to medium-sized pistols. This capacity is reassuring, especially for those who need to secure a firearm or other valuables in their vehicle.

For just $20, this vehicle safe significantly enhances the security of my possessions, providing much more protection than a simple glove box. It’s a worthwhile choice for those seeking a cost-effective way to increase the safety of their valuables in a car.”Brendan Erhardt

Trending review: “This gun storage box is a practical solution for temporary firearm storage, especially when entering locations where carrying a gun isn’t permitted. It’s important to note that this isn’t a gun safe designed for long-term storage, but rather a convenient means to secure a firearm for short periods.

The box serves as a deterrent to opportunistic theft, particularly the ‘smash and grab’ type. While it’s possible for a determined thief to break into the box or cut the cable, such actions would require time and effort, which most quick-theft criminals avoid. I’m considering enhancing the security of the box by replacing the existing cable with a heavier one, which would involve enlarging the cable slot to accommodate it.

A useful tip for those who might find the combination numbers hard to read: filling in the numbers with white fingernail polish significantly improves visibility, making it easier to differentiate them.

The ease of setting a personalized combination is a notable feature of this box, adding to its appeal. I’m satisfied with its functionality and plan to purchase another one for our second car, affirming its effectiveness as a basic security measure for firearms in vehicles.” – Roger

Reassuring review: “Every gun owner should consider investing in a lockbox like this, particularly for securing firearms in a vehicle, at home, or while traveling by air with a checked gun. It’s important to recognize that while this lockbox provides a basic level of security, it’s not impervious to all break-in attempts.

I previously owned a keyed version of a similar lockbox and once found myself in a situation where I had forgotten the key while traveling. This led to a cumbersome experience where I had to purchase a pry bar and spend over 30 minutes to forcibly open it. Since then, I have preferred the combination lock version for its convenience and ease of access.

It appears that many of these lockboxes on the market are essentially the same product, likely manufactured in China, as is the case with numerous other products. The key takeaway for potential buyers is to choose one that suits their needs without overthinking the brand or slight variations, as the fundamental design and function tend to be consistent across different models.” – Steve F

Get it from Amazon now: $22.99 

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