The Best Safes For Long Guns I’ve Tried and Ranked for 2024

Seeking the best safes for long guns? After assessing numerous leading models from Amazon, I’ve outlined my top selections. Explore the helpful reviews below for more clarity.

Best Safes For Long Guns

Steelwater – Fireproof Heavy-Duty Safe for 20 Long Guns

Top-rated: 235 ratings

Steelwater- best safes for long guns

Highlight: Solid construction and security make this safe an excellent investment for gun enthusiasts.

Helpful review:This safe is solid and does hold a decent amount of stuff. The construction is very heavy, and I genuinely believe the videos that show it being very hard to break into. The door, while very solid, opens easily and smoothly. It also boasts a nice powder coat finish. So, from a mechanical security perspective, you won’t go wrong with this one.

Get the biggest safe you can make space for. I have about 10 long guns in mine, along with some powder jugs because of the fire resistance. I believe I could put more in if I had standard rifle or shotgun stocks. However, AR or pistol grip style receivers and stocks are space hogs. The magazine well and pistol grip protrude quite a bit, occupying significant space. Similarly, scopes and red dots also take up room.

In essence, an AR style rifle with an optic has a much larger vertical profile than a standard rifle stock. I’m incredibly thankful my friend convinced me to opt for the 20 instead of the 16.

The Dri Rod is mounted to the floor of the safe, and since it gets pretty warm, it might not be wise to place rubber buttpad stocks up against it. Living in a drier climate, I’ve opted to disconnect it and stashed the Dri Rod to the side. However, I’m keeping it handy for any potential move to a more humid environment.

The power plug for the LED lighting juts straight out from the lower right side of the safe. Given its placement, I’ve been concerned about accidentally knocking it, especially since my large wheeled recycling bin sits nearby. To avoid mishaps, I’ve placed a brick under the plug. A rearward and more recessed placement might have been more suitable.

An earlier reviewer pointed out discrepancies regarding the fire rating. Thankfully, it seems the manufacturer addressed this, as evident from the new fire rating sticker I’ve added.

In conclusion, I’m thrilled with my purchase. Considering the investment, the value this safe offers is challenging to surpass. However, potential buyers should note that ARs and scopes demand a good bit of space.” – Ronald Ih

Grab it from Amazon now: $1,299.00


TOLEBLID – Heavy Duty Fireproof Rifle Safe with Biometrics

Top-rated: 237 ratings

TOLEBLID - best safes for long guns

Highlight: Incorporates an anti-theft alarm system that activates after incorrect password or fingerprint attempts.

Helpful review: “Overall, it’s fairly nice. I do like the multiple ways to open, and the biometrics works great.

Know what it is and isn’t. It’s a fairly cheap, Chinese-made, sturdy gun cabinet with safe-like features. The side walls are pretty thin. This thing is NOT a true safe. It’s a nicely carpeted, heavy gun cabinet with a heavy door and multiple ways to open. Any determined thief can carry this thing off pretty easily and, with the right tools, easily cut through the side.

I also can’t fathom how this thing could possibly have a better fire rating than other, much more solid safes. 1 hour, up to 1700 degrees? I have a really hard time believing that, when rapping on the side of this thing.

So, it’s not a replacement for a true safe, from security or fire protection standpoints, but is definitely a nice cabinet and somewhat worth the money (if space and weight are of concern where you want something like this). That’s exactly what I needed, thus it fits the bill. You can get a full sized Winchester TS20 gun safe for $399-499, so you’re buying this thing specifically due to wanting its exact dimensions and/or lighter weight.

I needed specific dimensions to fit a very specific space, which seemed to be difficult to find. This fits the bill. Definitely needs to be bolted to the wall or floor, however.

The last note is that it has some little LED’s that shine inside when you open the safe – nice, but they’re very anemic and don’t stay on very long. Better than nothing but fairly useless. You will want to add your own LEDs. Also, the rifle rack is glued in place and is not adjustable – it is pretty high inside the safe, so shorter rifles/shotguns, etc., don’t even reach the rack.

Know what it is and what it isn’t before you buy.” – J. Brooks

Grab it from Amazon now: $379.00  


Barska – Advanced Biometric Rifle Safe with Silent Mode Access

Top-rated: 2,395 ratings 

Barska - best safes for long guns

Highlight: Advanced biometric technology for rapid and secure access.

Helpful review: “I rated the BARSKA biometric rifle safe four stars after a number of minor dislikes that I observed (as have others) while maintaining a series of desirable traits that help balance out the positive aspect of the item.

As noted by many, the safe does not have a liner on the interior walls and is stated to hold up to four rifles. For those of us who attach optics, lights, grips, and other items that add to the room used, you will find that this safe will only hold 1-2 rifles. I have found that an AR style rifle equipped with a 30-round magazine and Scope will not fit even by storing the weapon corner to corner (diagonal), but a 20-round magazine using the smaller frame will, in fact, work. The bare bones is that four rifles would have to be stripped of accessories to meet the storage claims.

The biometric reader performs well but can occasionally prevent you from releasing the lock if your finger is not oriented just as it was when you originally set the accessibility. This can be overcome by scanning the fingers you intend to use on more than one angle. This way, a small variance in orientation should still be possible to overcome.

This unit has just enough room on its single shelf to fit a pistol for those moments when you really need access to a firearm and a rifle/shotgun may not be the ideal weapon for home defense.

There is an audible low battery alarm that can be used to determine when new batteries are required for the biometric reader as well as a silent option (No beep during opening, although the lock disengagement is still an audible clunking sound) to releasing the locking mechanism. In the event of a total battery failure, there are two additional options to unlocking the BARSKA Biometric Rifle Safe.

A battery backup that uses 4 AA batteries and can plug into the front of the biometric unit will still provide power to release the lock, pending proper fingerprints are available.

There is a location on the front door that can be opened with a simple tool (provided by BARSKA) in the event you have a key (2 come with the unit) stored some place safe to open the cabinet in the event of a power failure.

Placing a magnet along the interior walls (not over the electronics) provides a handy place to store the keys to additional rifle cabinets to keep them away from someone who may go looking for them knowing they will not easily gain access to your BARSKA Biometric Rifle Safe.

In a nut shell, there is not a lot of room. The unit is great for keeping a weapon or two “at the ready” without fear of tampering or access by others. If I had the option to purchase this unit over again, knowing what I know now? I’d still own one.” – Richard

  Grab it from Amazon now: $370.70  


Atripark – Advanced Fingerprint Locking for 10-12 Rifles with LED Lighting

Top-rated: 589 ratings

Atripark - best safes for long guns

Highlight: Features three distinct locking methods for enhanced security.

Helpful review: “This Atripark safe provides an exceptional level of security and convenience for gun owners. Here’s my detailed experience with this product:

Secure Fingerprint Recognition: The fingerprint recognition technology of this gun safe is top-notch. Setting up my fingerprint was straightforward, and the safe quickly recognizes my print, granting instant access to my firearms. This feature ensures that only authorized individuals can access the contents, providing peace of mind.

Spacious Interior: The safe is impressively spacious, accommodating 10-12 guns, including rifles and pistols. The adjustable pistol rack and pockets are a thoughtful addition, allowing for organized storage of various firearms and accessories. I appreciated the flexibility it offered in arranging my guns as per my preferences.

LED Lighting: The built-in LED light is a game-changer, especially in low-light conditions. It illuminates the interior, making it easy to locate specific firearms or items inside the safe. This feature is incredibly useful, ensuring visibility without needing an external light source.

Sturdy Construction: The safe is durably built, providing a robust layer of protection for my firearms. The solid construction, coupled with tamper-proof locking mechanisms, gives me confidence in the security of my guns. It’s clear that Atripark prioritized both security and durability in the design.

Easy Assembly: Despite being unassembled, putting the safe together was surprisingly hassle-free. The included instructions were clear, and all the necessary components were provided. Within a relatively short time, I had a fully functional and secure gun safe ready for use.

Sleek Design: The safe’s design is both functional and aesthetically pleasing. It blends well with the decor of my home, and its unassuming appearance ensures that it doesn’t draw unnecessary attention. This is especially important for those who prefer a discreet security solution.

In conclusion, the Atripark Fingerprint Rifle Gun Safe delivers on its promise of providing secure and organized storage for firearms. Its advanced fingerprint recognition, spacious interior, LED lighting, sturdy construction, easy assembly, and sleek design make it an excellent choice for gun owners looking for a reliable and user-friendly storage solution.” – XennialLife

Grab it from Amazon now: $239.99


KAER – Adjustable Rifle Slots & Enhanced Security Features

Top-rated: 401 ratings

KAER - best safes for long guns

Highlight: Unique 180º Door Opening Angle for Enhanced Access.

Helpful review: “I bought this safe to house my first firearm. I didn’t need anything big like the expensive safes you find at sporting stores. This one looked like it would do the trick.

The light on the side is helpful since I keep mine in the basement. When you open up the safe a light will turn on to help you see inside the safe (battery operated. 4 AA batteries).

Having a code has been extremely convenient. I keep the keys safely stored but can access the safe with a code. You can have 4-8 digit combinations I believe. I like that you can have a longer code to make it difficult/impossible for kids to open.

Adjustable supports! You can adjust the height of the guides within the safe to match the barrel length of your firearm.

Included pistol holder. I don’t have any yet, but I like that there are holsters included.

I just wish this was a little bit taller, I knew the height when I bought it, but just double check. IF you’re going to have barrels longer than ~28″ you may have to remove the top shelf for it to work. I had to do this.

Overall, an incredible value for a sturdy safe with an electronic combination lock. This is a perfect starter safe, and everything it needs to do, it does well.” – Mark Watson

Trending review: This is a great value for what you get! The safe looks narrow, but it actually holds a lot more on the inside than you would expect. It comes with all the necessary hardware for wall installation. The installation is straightforward, requiring just 4 bolts, and it took me only about 15 minutes. The material of the safe is strong and durable, yet it maintains a sleek appearance that fits well in the home.

One of the best features is its compactness; it doesn’t occupy much space, making it easy to tuck away in a corner. The design is notably organizational. Inside, there’s a top shelf, three side shelves, and holster slots on the slides. Additionally, the foam inserts provided can be used to keep weapons straight and secure, but they can also be removed if not needed.

The built-in light on the side is a practical touch, ensuring I can easily see everything inside. While I primarily use the safe for weapons, it’s versatile enough to store other valuables as well, and everything is kept neat and orderly. The dual-lock mechanism is another highlight; you can set a combination, but there’s also a key for backup access. Overall, I’ve had zero issues with this product and am entirely satisfied with my purchase.” – Brad M.

  Grab it from Amazon now: $349.99 


Langger V – Ultra-Secure, Spacious Gun Cabinet

Top-rated: 892 ratings

Langger V- best safes for long guns

Highlight: Quick firearm access with updated electronic keypad.

Helpful review: I had no issues with the shipping of this safe. It was packaged well and arrived sooner than expected, which was a pleasant surprise.

The safe itself is more akin to a locker than a heavy-duty safe, with its relatively thin steel construction. This makes it light and easy to move, particularly useful for upstairs installation. Its size is ideal for a bedroom or closet, comfortably accommodating up to five rifles, though it gets a bit snug with rifles having longer side charging handles, like AKs.

The rifle racks are just okay; some of my guns fit snugly, while others are a bit loose. One of my ARs has a tall front sight, which hits the back of the safe, preventing it from sitting snugly in the rack. The shelf inside is a nice feature, quite handy for storing magazines and other items. However, the floor carpet is thin and tends to move around, especially with fewer guns inside.

I use the lock box inside the safe primarily for ammo storage. It offers ample space for several boxes of different calibers, which is quite convenient. Even though I didn’t particularly need an extra lock box, using it for storage works well for me.

Mounting the safe to the floor and wall significantly enhances its strength and stability, making it feel much more secure. The provided mounting hardware required drilling larger holes than I preferred, so I opted for lag bolts from a hardware store instead.

The interior of the safe is quite dark, making visibility a challenge. To remedy this, I installed some inexpensive battery-operated under-cabinet lights, which effectively illuminate the interior, including the lock box and shelves.

While the dimensions of the safe are generally good, it could benefit from being an inch wider. The depth is adequate, but due to the door, there’s a loss of about 2 inches of usable space. Thankfully, the depth is enough to store my magazines in the guns.

The locking mechanism is decent, but the plastic dial raises some concerns about its longevity. It functions well for now, opening and locking as it should.

This safe is effective for keeping children out and protecting guns in a quick burglary scenario, but it’s not impervious to determined thieves with time and tools. It’s also not fireproof, a trait shared with many other safes, even the so-called fireproof ones.

Overall, I’m satisfied with this purchase. The quality isn’t top-notch, but it’s not bad either. If you can get a free door organizer with it, it adds more value. The safe also comes with two backup keys and an external battery pack, which is a nice addition.

The sellers are responsive and helpful, and I wouldn’t hesitate to buy from them again.” – Ryan K Maule

  Grab it from Amazon now: $359.99  


Bafuska – Comprehensive Gun Security with Emergency Unlock Feature

Top-rated: 233 ratings

Bafuska - best safes for long guns

Highlight: Crafted with High-Level Thick Steel – For Ultimate Durability and Protection.

Helpful review: “I’ve been on the hunt for a large and reliable safe, and this is the perfect fit! Even with its size, it seamlessly tucked away into my walk-in closet. While the packaging had minor damages upon delivery, the safe itself was unscathed, a testament to its sturdy packaging.

Initially, the unit had a minor wobble. But the provided manual was clear – it offered solutions like anchoring it to the wall using the provided four screws or securing it to the floor without screws. After setting it up, I utilized the emergency key to access the interior and then inserted 4 AA batteries for the digital mechanism. Programming the lock was straightforward with the manual’s guidance. Just a heads up: always use new batteries to prevent any hitches.

Inside, it’s a marvel. The space can hold up to five shotguns, and there’s even room for a longer one on the side. Another feature I appreciate is the internal locker, perfect for stashing ammo, cartridges, or handguns. And if you’re looking to ensure your firearms remain steady, you can adjust the internal shelf to your liking. It might not be fire-resistant, but its solid construction is more than enough to safeguard my collection from potential burglars and curious children.

In sum, this safe has exceeded my expectations. It’s now a trusted storage solution in my household. I’ve been recommending it to friends and am eager to see its performance in the long run.” – Kyle W

  Grab it from Amazon now: $279.99  


RPNB – Advanced Secure Safe for Long Guns with Electronic Keypad Access

Top-rated: 490 ratings

RPNB - best safes for long guns

Highlight: Electronic keypad with customizable 3-8 digit code, backup key access, and safety timeout after 3 incorrect attempts.

Helpful review: “The technical data on the Amazon site says the package weight is 44.91 KG (99 lbs). So, I was assuming the safe would be more substantial than what it actually is. Assuming the packaging adds a small percentage of the total weight the Rife Safe should be pretty hefty. Not so, his RPNB rifle safe actually weighs about 40 lbs (including packaging). Far less than I expected. I think this is misleading, one would expect the rifle case to weight considerably more than it does based on the manufacturer’s technical data.

I attempted to call the manufacturer’s contact number, but no one ever answered. The person I spoke with was unable to address my primary question of “How much does the safe weigh?”.

Also, two versions of the safe are produced. Both use the 5-door bolts design, one having all 5-door bolts on the side of the door. One with three door bolts on the side of the door and also one door bolt on top, and one door bolt on the bottom (this is the configuration I wanted). I was told you cannot specify which configuration will be shipped, it is just a luck of the draw. Fortunately, I did end up with the configuration I wanted.

I have only owned the safe for about a month, but it does seem to be a reasonable rifle safe for the price. The foam piece that holds the barrel of the rifle is pretty cheaply made. The foam piece simply slides freely on two flimsy sheet metal L brackets. The lock mechanism is very straightforward and seems to work well so far. The handgun safe at the top of the rifle safe is useful.” – Matt B.

Trending review: “First, the good: Doesn’t sacrifice width for depth, which some cheap cabinets do. Fits in just about any closet and can actually fit 5 long guns as described, although, maybe not all with scopes. I can’t comment there. It might be deep enough. The wooden barrel holder is sturdier than some foam options. Solid hardware included for bolting the unit down. The PIN lock seems to work as advertised. No extraneous carpet materials lining the walls to absorb moisture. Just the floor and inner door panel.

Now the bad. Most of these apply to all similarly-priced cabinets, so keep that in mind. It’s not a safe, despite the product name. This will not keep determined miscreants away from your firearms if they have access to the cabinet and a pry bar. I would hope everyone shopping for a < $300 product knows this.

The door panel is quite thin, although, by all accounts, a bit thicker than some others at this price. The packaging wasn’t really sufficient to protect the contents. Major scuffing and rubbing on the corners. In my case, it was cosmetic only.

Don’t expect to store much ammo (or anything else) in the top lockable shelf. It would be better as an open shelf, really, but this is what everyone seems to make. Pre-drilled holes are all on a center line and therefore not ideal for security. Great for keeping the unit from tipping over with the door open, though.” – Mark S.

  Grab it from Amazon now: $299.00 


INTERGREAT – Quick Access Rifle Safe with Maximum Security

Top-rated: 747 ratings

INTERGREAT - best safes for long guns

Highlight: Dual Compartment Design with Adjustable Gun Racks.

Helpful review:Came in pristine condition, carefully packaged. Looks like quality construction for the price. As serious gun owners will say, it’s labelled a safe, but it’s more of a heavy-duty locking cabinet. My home is old with narrow doors, so no 3 or 600-pound behemoth is going to be able to make its way into my basement.

The rifle brace is sturdy, and the top compartment holds about 3 pistols give or take, depending on size. 5 rifles look doable but a bit tight. I leave the key in the lock on the top locking compartment. I see no need to remove them when the main door locks. I’d just lose them and have to break in.

The battery compartment cover is flimsy, the clip snapped the first time on, and I had to secure it with a piece of heavy-duty duct tape. Also, it will not feel super secure until it’s bolted to the floor, wall or both. It’s not something I’d leave free-standing, especially with kids in the house.

For me, it fit the bill perfectly, decent quality push button lock security for a long gun and a few pistols that doesn’t break the bank and will fit through my basement door.

Secures from curious kids and makes a casual burglar have to put some extra grunt work in to get at your weapons.” – Kristi H.

Trending review:I love this safe. It’s simple, light, and effective for lower-end safe gun storage. A sufficiently determined thief could get in it with relative ease, but it doesn’t claim it’ll stop multiple sledgehammer hits – so that’s not this product’s fault!

The only thing that brings this 230-dollar beast down is it does NOT accommodate rifles with pistol grips AT ALL. This means that if you have an M1 Garand or a shotgun, you’ll probably be fine to fit 4 in here, but if you have 3 AR-15s or AKs, GOOD LUCK! I’m stuck with two rifles and a shotgun because of the size constraints, but she technically fits 4 guns considering the pistol fits too. Good for the price.” – Antonio

Balanced Review:The safe was packed securely. The inside corners of the packaging had small metal plates to protect the corners, which was awesome. It was not heavy due to its size; otherwise, it would’ve been handled roughly during transit.

The predrilled holes and wall anchors were a good addition; it is not a stand-alone safe. It had to be anchored. My 4 rifles, 3 scoped, fit easily; the handgun pouches on the inside door are a plus.

The top shelf and door pocket shelves have plenty of space for ammo. For the price, this safe is a great option if you have limited space; unboxed 11x12x54.” – John C.

  Grab it from Amazon now: $198.98 


Paragon – Advanced Electronic Rifle Safe

Top-rated: 216 ratings

Paragon - best safes for long guns

Highlight: Enhanced Security with LED Lock and Manual Key Options.

Helpful review: “I read through LOTS of reviews before I ordered this safe, and so I was not surprised when it arrived. To reiterate what many others have said – this is a low-end unit that is more aptly described as a storage locker. That being said, it is more than capable of doing its job, and it looks pretty good for a storage locker.

Mine arrived with no damage to the exterior packaging, and the safe was immaculate once I removed it from the packaging.

On opening the safe I found that the rifle rack was missing the screw on the right and was hanging down vertically. This was not really an issue as my shotgun and rifle are both short weapons and did not come close to where the rack would have been. I am going to drill new holes for the rack and use the rack holes to add an additional shelf to make use of the empty space in the top half of the safe.

The available room in the lockable storage area at the top was something of a pleasant surprise, given the size of the door. The width and depth inside are as large as the main safe area so you can load it with more than you might expect.

As to installation – yes, you will need to secure the back of this to a wall to ensure it does not tip over. Also, they sent concrete bolts to secure it and not wood stud lag bolts, so I have to go and spend a couple of dollars on proper wood lag bolts, but this is no big deal.

If you do not like the rattling/banging of the door, a roll of stick-on weather stripping takes care of it, giving the safe a more secure feel.

All in all, I am happy with my purchase and with its performance out of the box.” – Warren H.

Trending review: “The Paragon Electronic 5 gun safe was an exceptional value and with FREE SHIPPING TOO! It easily accommodates my 3 shotguns and two rifles. There is extra room for ammunition and a smaller safe inside that handles two small handguns.

It is both electronic and key-operated as a backup. This came in handy when we forgot the combination we had set and simply used the key to open the safe and reset the electronic combination.

Installation was simple, with the predrilled holes that are perfectly set for anchoring to standard 16″ center wall studs. The small footprint allowed the safe to fit nicely into a clothes closet.

I would highly recommend this product for anyone wishing to store a small number of rifles and handguns.” – Hobart Cress

  Grab it from Amazon now: $423.64   


LANGGER V – Advanced Biometric Rifle Safe with Customizable Storage

Top-rated: 238 ratings

LANGGER-V- best safes for long guns

Highlight: Advanced Fingerprint Password Control for Quick Access.

Helpful review:It is definitely sturdy and well packaged out of the box. There is no chance of cutting the safe as you cut the box open to try to get it out. There’s loads of Styrofoam and cardboard covering every inch of it. Definitely a great product for the money.

I struggled big time with the passcode system and the fingerprint system, but I think it’s just because the control panel is very touchy and a bit of operator error on my part… that will take some getting used to, but everything functions as it should.

The door is very heavy, so while it does sit flat, it tries to fall over when you open it, so it does need to be bolted or screwed into a wall or floor, we had some difficulty doing that, but we found a temporary solution that is working for right now. It comes with two holes predrilled in the back of it and on the bottom of it to help.

The company service was Very sweet and sent me an indoor organizer for free that just clips on the interior padding of the inside of the door. Very easy to put in, it doesn’t exactly work, though… because the first two gun saddles, when you put guns in them, the handles will hit the Shelves at the top of the safe, preventing the door from being able to shut all the way… so you can’t use the gun pouches… or at least not the very top one, you can use the 2nd one (which velcros on) if you put it on sideways… which is awkward but it is what it is. It was a sweet gesture regardless, it’s very rare to get things for free. Very appreciated.

The customer service is so breathtaking, it’s not so much Immediate responses but holy cow, they are super nice, they answer your questions to the point and make sure whatever you’re having issues with is handled. Alan from the company was very kind and helpful to me; even though I had tons of questions and constantly bothered them, he was always there. Great customer service! they can definitely be relied on.” – William Johnson

Trending review: “Read all the reviews on many similar before purch and chose this one. Really didn’t want to mess with returning something of this size. I am very impressed with this unit for the price. I chose it because all reviews said the biometric reader works great. And because it has shelves. The front is heavy-duty with 5 bolts securing the door in place. Does not rattle around.

Yes, it’s basically a heavy-duty cabinet with an enforced door, so yes if a thief has a little time and tools they will breach the seals or sides. For the price, I’d buy this again. I really just need to keep the kids’ friends and baby sitters away from my items.

Only 2 beefs for me. The door only opens 90 degrees not a full 180 degrees. Only part of the build I don’t much care for. Like the reviews say, the instructions on programming the finger reader don’t accurately describe the required steps. But the video link on the website does. Once I saw what they were trying to say, I very easily had 20 prints registered in minutes. It has not failed to quickly open for me yet. And all my family members have tried to gain entry and failed.

If you need light duty security for a few pieces, I’d absolutely recommend this safe cabinet.

Lastly- the mounting holes. I’d like a couple more, and did so. There are 2 in the back and 2 in the floor. I drilled 1 in the back and 2 more in the floor. You absolutely must anchor this as it is front heavy and will fall over when you open the door if you don’t. The anchors they sent are concrete anchors, so I bought 3/8 inch lag screws instead and drilled 1/4 pilot holes. Easy peasy.

Again, for the price, I’ll probably order another for my dad. Go for it.” – Morgan M.

  Grab it from Amazon now: $229.99  


Gearmart – Comprehensive Gun Safety with Biometric Access

Top-rated: 133 ratings

Gearmart - best safes for long guns

Highlight: Easy Installation with Pre-Punched Mounting Holes.

Helpful review: “I’ve heard several comments regarding the fingerprint scanner on this safe, with some suggesting it accepts any fingerprint. That’s not my experience at all! I took the time to read the manual thoroughly and realized that the scanner requires you to place your finger just as you did during the initial setup for it to work.

Regarding the thickness of the safe walls, some have mentioned it’s no thicker than a filing cabinet. I was curious about this, so I measured it myself. It’s actually about 1/16th of an inch thick. To put it in perspective, that’s a tad thicker than a penny. I even have it positioned next to my own filing cabinet for comparison.

For its price, I genuinely believe this safe offers decent value. It’s not a high-end model, and if that’s what you’re after, you might need to look elsewhere. One thing I noticed is that it can be a bit wobbly. While it’s intended to be bolted to the floor and wall, I’m in a rental and can’t drill holes. So, I improvised by placing weights at the bottom and wedging it between my desk and the filing cabinet. It’s steady enough for my needs.

It’s important to remember that no safe is completely burglar-proof. I primarily got this to keep my kids away from my firearms. And while a determined thief might still find a way in, I feel more secure knowing I have a home security system equipped with both audio and visual surveillance. Should anyone try anything, I’ll be alerted instantly and can call the cops.

In conclusion, if you’re looking for a budget-friendly safe and are clear about its limitations, this one is a solid choice. However, if you’re hoping for top-tier security, you might want to explore other options.” – James

  Grab it from Amazon now: $289.99  

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