Best Range Bags For The Money In 2024: My Comprehensive Review and Rankings

In my extensive search for the best range bags, I have rigorously tested and scrutinized a wide array of options to find the perfect blend of value and functionality. My selections stand out as both practical and affordable, ensuring that your choice feels like a wise investment, not a regret.

Best Range Bags


DBTAC – Tactical 2-Pistol Bag

Top-rated: 6,802 ratings

DBTAC Tactical 2-Pistol Bag - Best Range Bags


Highlight:  Enhanced Durability and Security with 600D polyester construction, robust and waterproof, complemented by reinforced stitching at key points and sturdy dual zippers with a lock hole for added safety.

Helpful review: “I recently purchased this range bag that initially showed promise, but ultimately left me with mixed feelings. Here’s my detailed experience:

When the bag arrived, I was somewhat disappointed to find it a bit dirty and even showing some signs of mold. Fortunately, a quick cleanup with a Clorox wipe fixed the problem, but it wasn’t the best first impression. Additionally, the bag had a peculiar odor upon opening, which required me to air it out for 24 hours.

As a range bag, it initially met my needs quite well. It comfortably fit two handguns, several magazines, and ample ammunition. I particularly appreciated the molle straps for their convenience and flexibility, which allowed me to attach additional small bags for various accessories.

However, as my firearm collection grew, I found the bag becoming insufficient. While it’s somewhat flimsy, it managed to hold up for its intended use. The design and colorway of the bag were stylish, and the straps were notably strong and reliable.

In conclusion, this starter bag had its ups and downs. The cleanliness and odor issues were drawbacks, but its performance as a range bag was satisfactory initially. As my needs evolved, the bag’s limitations became more apparent, and its structural durability was a concern. It could be a suitable option for someone looking for an affordable starting range bag.

UPDATE: The company’s response to my experience was commendable. They reached out to me, showing a genuine commitment to maintaining product quality and customer satisfaction. They promptly replaced the bag, which speaks volumes about their customer service and care for their customers.” – Harold D.

Trending review: “I was hesitant about buying this range bag initially, which is why I felt compelled to write this review. I usually don’t write reviews, but the lack of detailed pictures and information when I was considering this purchase made it a bit challenging to decide. My main goal was to find a small bag that wouldn’t be cumbersome to carry to the range but still had enough space for all my essentials. To my pleasant surprise, this bag turned out to be the ideal size, offering more compartments and space than I initially anticipated.

The bag comfortably accommodates two pistols, several boxes of ammo, five magazines, two magazine loaders, and my eye and ear protection. Despite filling it with all these items, I still had an empty side pocket, which was perfect for storing personal items like my wallet, keys, and cell phone. The bag includes a universal hook & loop holster that attaches inside, as well as two carabiner clips for attaching extra items externally. The PALS webbing/straps on the outside are useful for clipping additional gear or pouches. There are also numerous pockets for smaller items like pens and markers, along with a couple of mesh pockets inside.

For its price, the quality of the bag is impressive. There were some loose threads that needed trimming, but that wasn’t a significant concern for me. The bag feels sturdy overall. However, as suggested in other comments, it could benefit from a hard bottom for added structure, perhaps something like cardboard. The USA patch is a nice touch, and although it was a bit of a squeeze, I managed to fit a lock through the zipper lock. The zippers themselves are somewhat stiff and can catch on the material, but this isn’t a major issue for me.

I was looking for a bag that wasn’t too flashy or excessively large, and this one fits the bill perfectly. I’m very satisfied with my purchase. It’s a good quality bag with ample space, and I would recommend it to anyone in need of a smaller, practical range bag.” – Vincent C. Serpico

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REEBOW Tactical – Gun Range Bag

Top-rated: 6,353 ratings

REEBOW-Tactical - Best Range Bags


Highlight:  Durable 600D Nylon Fabric Construction ensures water resistance and heavy-duty use, making it suitable for all weather conditions and rugged environments.

Helpful review: “I was in the market for a new range bag, and this one matched exactly what I was looking for. In a market filled with expensive and oversized options, this bag stood out for its affordability and practical size, priced at around $40. It surprisingly accommodates both a 5.11 single pistol case (8.75” x 11” x 1.75”) and a Plano “compact field/ammo box” (13.625″ x 5.625″ x 5.625″), still leaving extra space.

The size of this bag is just perfect for pistol shooting at the range. In addition to my 5.11 single pistol case, I managed to fit smaller 100-round Plano ammo holders. The bag can easily hold several pistols, around 500 rounds of ammo, along with ear and eye protection. I also packed in 8 magazines, a speed loader, a pocket knife, a multi-tool, a tourniquet, a trauma dressing, a small staple gun with staples, and a compact cleaning kit.

A useful feature of the outside pockets is that they open out and lay flat, which could potentially serve as a makeshift cleaning mat. The Velcro on the back side of the pocket flap does feel a bit cheap, but considering the price point, it’s not a major issue for me. The main compartment comes with a zipper lock, meeting legal requirements, though it’s not the most robust security measure. The shoulder strap is adequately functional.

Overall, I find this bag to offer good value for its price. It’s one of the smallest range bags I could find that still offers ample room for everything needed for a day at the range. It can accommodate multiple guns and several hundred rounds of ammunition. While it’s important to remember that this is a $40 bag, built to that price point with some compromises, I feel it represents a good value overall.” – Ryan Mitchell

Trending review: “I often start my reviews with “for the money,” and I believe this is a crucial point in today’s world where we are overwhelmed with choices across a vast price range for similar products. It’s too easy to either overpay for low-quality items that don’t meet our needs or overspend on something that could have been purchased for less. Like many, I don’t have extra money to waste, so finding a product that is both well-built and well-engineered at a reasonable cost is key.

In the past, I used repurposed tackle boxes for range visits, which worked to varying degrees of success, especially when I didn’t have the convenience of a tailgate to set up as a basecamp. This is my first purpose-built range bag, mainly because I couldn’t justify spending over $100 just for a brand name like Winchester or Colt.

I just packed this bag for its maiden trip to the range. It comfortably holds three pistols (a .38 and two .22s), eight large boxes of ammo, magazines, glasses, ear protection, targets, basic tools, range pads, a pad/pen, and towels. Surprisingly, there was still plenty of room left, making me wonder if a smaller bag would have sufficed. However, its size is comparable to a small backpack, which is quite manageable.

The outside pockets are well-designed, each with specific features. The Velcro dividers in the main compartment are effective, creating secure compartments for two of my pistols. I did find myself wishing for a third divider, but that might be me being a bit spoiled.

As for durability, I can’t yet speak to how it will hold up over time, but the material, stitching, and zippers appear to be of higher quality than what one might expect at this price point. The handles, both for hand and shoulder carry, are well-placed, padded, and seem sturdy.

I highly recommend this range bag. And a final note: I was initially taken aback by the small size of the box it arrived in, thinking I’d been sent a shaving kit bag instead. The bag was vacuum-sealed, and upon opening, it expanded impressively, much like a mail-ordered mattress. It’s a clever way to reduce shipping size!” – 2mtech

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Orca Tactical – Gun Range Bag

Top-rated: 1,770 ratings

Orca-Tactical - Best Range Bags


Highlight:  Ultra-Durable Construction, made from 600D polyester fabric with cross-stitched thread seams, double-stitching at all strength points, and rust-resistant nylon pull YKK zippers for unmatched durability.

Helpful review: “As a newcomer to the world of handguns, I based my decision to buy this range bag on other reviews. Though I may not have much experience, I found the insights on Amazon incredibly helpful. I was initially undecided between this bag and a cheaper alternative, but considering the investment in my 9mm gun, I didn’t want to compromise on the quality of a tactical bag.

The quality of this bag is impressive. It features heavy-duty zippers and an abundance of zippered and Velcro pockets, suggesting long-term durability. I’ve loaded it with three boxes of ammo, two guns (a compact .38 and a full-size 9mm), hearing and eye protection, several magazines, a magazine loader, and my personal items. The bag holds its shape well, with extra pockets still available.

However, I do wish it had a couple of additional features. A hardened inside pocket for eye protection would be useful, and the ability to fit the box of my 9mm case inside the bag would be convenient, though it currently doesn’t quite fit.

As this is my first tactical bag, I don’t have a basis for comparison. Yet, I believe in the principle that you often get what you pay for. This bag seems to be of high quality and durable, so I think it deserves a 5-star rating.” – V011

Trending review: “I recently switched from a 5.11 range bag, which tended to get very heavy, to this surprisingly spacious little bag. It’s amazing how this bag managed to fit about 95% of what I used to carry in a bag twice its size. There’s ample storage in the main compartment, complemented by two large side pockets and two smaller end pockets.

Currently, my bag houses an impressive array of items: 6 G19 magazines, 2 sets of electronic ear protection, 2 pairs of safety glasses, a Dark Angel D.A.R.K kit, a full cleaning and tool kit, a small Pelican case for batteries (containing 8 AA, 8 AAA, and a box of Surefire 12-123A batteries), a pen case, 3 chem lights, an LED headlamp, a Streamlight Stylus Pro, 150 rounds of 9mm ball ammunition, a pocket planner, a R.A.T tourniquet, travel-size Tylenol, a multipurpose screwdriver set from Walmart, a pack of assorted 12-inch wooden dowel rods, a backup G19, and a few other items. Despite all this, the bag still feels like it’s carrying only half of this stuff. I plan to upload pictures soon to demonstrate just how much this little yet huge bag can hold.

If you’re in the market for a new range bag, I highly recommend this one. It’s the best bag I’ve ever used. The only thing I couldn’t fit was a double-sided tackle box I used as a cleaning kit/tool kit. However, switching to a single one and removing unnecessary items was an easy fix. This bag is simply amazing!” – Davey

Get it from Amazon now: $64.99  


OSAGE RIVER – Tactical Range Bag

Top-rated: 4,776 ratings

OSAGE-RIVER - Best Range Bags


Highlight:  Secure Firearm Storage with two removable pistol pouches, ensuring your handguns are safely stored, coupled with versatile carrying options through a shoulder strap and a handle.

Helpful review: “I was in search of a range bag that wasn’t as unwieldy as a gym bag, something more compact yet capable of carrying everything I needed. The larger bags seemed excessive for my needs and too awkward to carry when filled. A key factor for me was the ease of carrying, but the bag also needed to accommodate two handguns, all the ammunition, and accessories for a range day. Organization was crucial as I wanted quick access to my items without prominent gun brand logos, and the ability to lock the bag was essential.

I was amazed at how much this bag could hold, and there was still room to spare. I managed to fit in one subcompact pistol, one J frame revolver, 400 rounds of 9mm and .38 special ammo, ear muffs, safety glasses, three magazines (though the bag has slots for 10), two speedloaders, three extra magazine springs, two sets of snap caps, and a small flashlight. I even had enough space left to add another 200 rounds of ammo or an extra handgun.

The bag’s construction is impressive. The zipper pulls and shoulder strap clips are sturdy coated metal, and every zipper has a locking ring. Most of them are double zippers, allowing the use of small padlocks for extra security.

Inside, the main storage compartment includes two adjustable velcro dividers. The pistol pouches are large enough for small to mid-sized handguns. Although they lack a closure mechanism, it’s a minor concession given the overall utility of the bag.

Padding is provided in every pocket and pouch, ensuring that my gear is well-protected and doesn’t rub against each other. The only branding is inside the central pocket flap, keeping the exterior nondescript and discreet.

In summary, this bag rivals much more expensive range bags. It’s well-made, affordable, and visually appealing. With a lifetime guarantee, it’s a great investment for anyone needing a functional and efficient range bag.” – kkcowgirl

Trending review: “This range bag is well-constructed with plenty of padding, a feature I really appreciate. A significant aspect for me is the absence of external markings, providing the discreetness I need when storing things in my truck. The bag can comfortably store two pistols and their magazines, and it has enough space to possibly fit an additional one or more in the main body.

The bag carries everything I need for a day at the range. It easily fits two pistols with magazines, potentially a third, along with safety equipment like ear muffs, eye protection, and a baseball cap. Other essentials like targets, a brass container, holsters, a stapler with staples, various accessories, ammo, and writing supplies also fit in neatly. Despite its capacity, it’s possible to overpack and make it too heavy.

However, there are some aspects of the bag that could be improved. The open top on the padded pistol bags poses a safety concern, as the weapons could fall out if the bag is placed on a bench. I addressed this by adding heavy-duty zippers to the pistol bags, which was a bit challenging as an aftermarket modification. The bag isn’t tall enough to hold standard NRA competition pistol targets without folding them, which is a bit inconvenient. I wish the two movable inserts in the main compartment were more customizable, perhaps with Molle straps or Velcro-like loop fabric, as the compartment currently feels like three separate dump zones.

Despite these issues, the bag represents good value, considering the quality of materials and the effort required to make it. Some after-market modifications can enhance its functionality. I’m still in the process of customizing it to better suit my needs. While I find this bag adequate and possibly excellent for most users, I can’t give it a full 5-star rating due to the safety concern with the open-top pistol pouches.” – Montana Hens

Get it from Amazon now: $54.99  


S&W – Tactical Range Bags

Top-rated: 1,722 ratings

S&W - Best Range Bags


Highlight:  Weather-resistant durability constructed with ballistic fabric to withstand challenging conditions, ensuring the longevity and safety of your shooting gear.

Helpful review: “I recently decided to upgrade from a box with a tray to a more suitable range bag, as I felt the box was too limiting for my needs.

Choosing the right range bag was a tough decision, as the market is flooded with options, and often products get overrated with five-star reviews. However, this particular bag genuinely deserves its high rating.

Size was a major consideration for me, and although this bag becomes quite large when loaded, I never feel like it’s too big. For those who are familiar with range bags, this one is a clone of a well-known brand’s bag, which you can deduce by adding 2+3, and 7+4.

The quality of the materials is impressive. It features heavy-duty nylon and zippers, metal clasps for the strap, and sturdy loops. The zippers have durable nylon pulls. A key feature of this bag is its heavy nylon construction and padding, providing a level of rigidity even when the bag is empty.

I recently used the bag on a shooting camping trip, and it was packed with a variety of items. I carried seven pistols, ranging in size, a canister of RemOil wipes, an aerosol can of CLP, two microfiber towels, four PMags (30-round size), two sets of Walker Razor Ear Muffs, four sets of safety glasses, various tools including small screwdrivers and an AR armorer’s tool, packets of foam earplugs, three bore snakes, and different types of lubricants.

For this trip, I carried the ammo separately, but for a standard range trip with 1-4 pistols plus ammo, this bag is incredibly practical and easy to use. Yes, it’s big, but I don’t find it excessively so, especially since I always take at least two pistols with me. If you only have a couple of pistols, this bag might seem a bit much, but for me, it’s better to have more space than needed. I prefer having the extra room and not needing it, and a smaller bag wouldn’t have suited my requirements.” – Patrick Gleason

Trending review: “The search for the perfect range bag led me to this particular S&W officer’s model, and it has proven to be an excellent choice. I carry a considerable amount of gear for my frequent shooting sessions, including tools like a large screwdriver set, hammers, cleaning kits, as well as pistols, ammo, magazines, and protective gear. My shooting schedule is intense, typically two to four times a week, necessitating a durable and robust bag.

Upon receiving the bag, the first thing I noticed was its weight, indicative of the quality materials used. The bag, made of extra thick material and equipped with heavy-duty zippers, has a reassuring heft to it, striking a balance between durability and portability.

The zippers glide smoothly along their tracks, and the sturdy material they are attached to minimizes movement, reducing the risk of jamming. The bag’s design includes ample compartments for several pistols, extra magazines, and all my gear, without needing to force anything in. The internal compartments are removable, making loading easier, and the dedicated pistol bags ensure that firearms are securely and separately stored.

An additional feature I appreciate is the ammo holder, reminiscent of a car’s cup holder. While it’s not as useful for smaller calibers like .22 due to its mesh bottom, it’s perfect for larger calibers I use in training, like .45 or .357.

After considering many bags ranging in price from $25 to $130, this one stands out as a great choice, offering quality, functionality, and at a reasonable price. I highly recommend this bag to anyone looking for a reliable and well-made range bag.” – William M.

Get it from Amazon now: $91.65  


TIDEWE – Tactical Range Backpack Bag

Top-rated: 1,841 ratings

TIDEWE - Best Range Bags


Highlight:  Waterproof and Durable Construction using 900D polyester fabric, a waterproof rain cover, durable buckles, reinforced stitching, and a sturdy rubber mat, making the TideWe range backpack resilient in various conditions.

Helpful review: “When shopping for a range bag or tactical bag online, relying solely on pictures and reviews can be insufficient. It’s important to remember that some people might have unrealistic expectations or may not thoroughly read product descriptions.

Having said that, I believe this is the bag you’ve been looking for. It offers ample space without being overly bulky and is sturdily constructed. Currently, I have loaded it with 20 Sig Sauer 9mm magazines in the top compartment, electronic ear muffs, three pairs of safety glasses, a Sig Sauer P365XL, and a P229 Dark Elite, with space left for at least three more firearms in the zippered padded gun storage area. The bag also accommodates a full medical kit with a tourniquet, magazine reloaders from various brands, a gun cleaning kit, a gun repair kit, and extra boxes of ammunition. It’s so well-equipped that I feel like I could be prepared for any scenario.

Additionally, the bag features a designated spot for a drink, along with Molle fasteners and Velcro for attaching patches. And that’s just the compartments I am currently using; there are several more that I haven’t even opened yet! If you’re in the market for a range bag, I strongly recommend considering this one. It’s an excellent choice with more features and compartments than you might initially realize. Just get it!” – Brian Schemenski

Trending review: “This bag has far surpassed my expectations, making it, in my opinion, one of the best on the market for the price. While some negative reviews focused on the size of the individual pistol pouches, my experience has been different. I own two full-size Walthers and an AR, and the main compartment comfortably accommodates both pistols with a 10 x 10 pluck and pull foam block. I use the pouches for my AR magazines, fitting two in each, which keeps them neatly organized.

It’s important to note that the bag is designed with pouches intended for subcompact to medium-sized pistols. If you have larger firearms or those with a Red Dot Sight (RDS), you won’t be able to use these pouches. If you need to carry larger pistols, it’s better to get a pouch that fits and consider the bag’s pouches as a bonus. The main compartment is spacious enough for five full-size pistols, but the pouches are not.

I absolutely love this bag! I’ve also added a foam square in the ammo compartment to provide extra stiffness, as it sits on top of the main compartment and can sag unevenly when loaded with ammo. If you understand what you’re getting with this bag, you won’t be disappointed. It’s a fantastic choice for anyone in need of a versatile and well-organized range bag.” – Whitney H

Get it from Amazon now: $65.99  


AUMTISC – Tactical Pistol Range Bags

Top-rated: 1,407 ratings

AUMTISC - Best Range Bags


Highlight: Robust and Water-Resistant Construction made of 600D polyester with thick padding and heavy-duty zippers, offering durability and protection against the elements while remaining lightweight.

Helpful review: “This pack is impressively well-crafted and solidly stitched. The material feels strong and durable, suggesting it will last for many years. In my younger days, hunting was a regular activity for me, but as I’ve gotten older and more frail, my focus has shifted to shooting at paper targets or gongs. This bag aligns perfectly with my current shooting needs.

I own several pistols but typically take no more than three with me for a shooting session, and this bag accommodates them along with ammo and targets quite comfortably. When I shoot at paper targets, I use “self-stick” targets that I place on a cardboard box, which I carry separately. So far, this setup has been working great for me!

I have high expectations for the longevity of this bag, but should any issues arise, I plan to update this review. So, if there are no further comments from me, it’s safe to assume that the bag continues to meet my needs excellently.” – ScottsMan

Trending review:This bag has not only met but exceeded my expectations; it’s truly everything one could ask for in a range bag and more. I’ve managed to fit an impressive amount into it: 5 magazines plus 2 in guns, 2 guns in cases (one of which is the sizable S&W range and carry), about 800 rounds of ammo (both 22 and 9mm), and a 10-pack of earplugs. Even with all this, there’s still room left in the bag.

Admittedly, it does get heavy with everything inside, but both the handles and the sling make it manageable to carry. The bag holds up incredibly well under the weight, which speaks volumes about its quality. Given its build and durability, I would have expected it to be more expensive.

The value for the price is unbeatable, and I wouldn’t hesitate to purchase it again. Additionally, the delivery was prompt and without any issues.” – E Moola

Reassuring review: “I’m really pleased with this range bag. It efficiently holds two ear muffs sets, two pairs of safety glasses, four handguns, eight magazines, 400 rounds of ammunition, my cleaning equipment and lubricant, a screwdriver, locks, cleaning rags, and a tactical knife, all without any space issues. The bag’s robust build has impressed me, particularly considering I’ve been using it consistently, around twice a week, since purchasing it in May 2020.

If I were to suggest improvements, one would be an additional pistol pouch. The bag has sufficient space for guns, but lacks protective pouches. Currently, I resort to wrapping the extra guns in old t-shirts for protection. Additionally, I would appreciate more space designated for tactical patches. The bag currently only has a single horizontal strip at the front for patches, and more options for personalization would be welcome.” – FMH

Get it from Amazon now: $28.99  


ProCase – Tactical Pistol Bag

Top-rated: 1,864 ratings

ProCase - Best Range Bags


Highlight:  Customizable MOLLE System on the front of the bag, allowing users to attach a variety of compatible pouches and accessories for tailored storage and easy access.

Helpful review: “This bag is well-constructed, and the clip holders efficiently accommodate my five magazines, making it a good purchase for the $22 I spent. However, the design is more suitable for two small pistols, which was a bit unexpected. I primarily wanted to use it for my Buck Mark 22 target pistol (5.5″ barrel with hooded sights), and while it fits in the center of the bag, the two flap sections designed for pistols remain unused. These sections, however, do provide some extra padding.

A significant limitation I found was that my Peltor Optime 105 ear muffs couldn’t fit in this bag. Initially, I considered returning it for a different one but then tried placing the entire bag inside an old laptop backpack. This setup worked wonderfully, with the backpack providing enough space for the ear muffs on top and side compartments for boxed ammunition and other range essentials.

I decided to keep the bag and use it in conjunction with the laptop backpack, which turned out to be an excellent combination. This arrangement saved me money, effectively repurposing an old item. I’m giving this bag 4 stars because the description led me to believe it was larger than it actually is. Nonetheless, it’s a quality item that serves my needs well when combined with my laptop backpack.” – Bob L.

Trending review: “I was in the market for a compact range bag to accommodate 2 or 3 small frame pistols. My smallest existing case could hold 4 firearms, but it lacked space for additional necessities like ammo, magazines, a loader, ear and eye protection, and personal items. After searching, I found that this particular bag is just perfect for my needs. It offers numerous pouches and, realistically, could fit 3 or 4 small frame semi-automatics. However, for carrying a larger load of firearms and accessories, I use my larger range bags, which tend to be quite heavy.

One minor improvement I’d suggest is adding Velcro closures to the handles for added convenience.

This bag is sturdy, well-designed, and ideal for anyone in need of a small gun bag. Impressed by its utility, I plan to purchase a few more as gifts for my friends who are also ‘range bag challenged.’ I’m confident they’ll be as pleased with the bag as I am, especially when I surprise them with it.” – REC III

Get it from Amazon now: $23.99  


Savior Equipment – Pistol Bag For Shooting Range

Top-rated: 8,117 ratings

Savior Equipment - Best Range Bags


Highlight:  Enhanced Security Features including lockable zipper sliders on the main compartment, prioritizing the safety and security of your firearms and accessories.

Helpful review: “This additional range bag has quickly become an indispensable and versatile accessory for my shooting activities. I initially acquired it for shorter range trips where I didn’t need to bring my entire collection of firearms, and it has exceeded my expectations in this role.

The bag comfortably fits two handguns, offering a secure and dedicated space for each. Beyond just accommodating the handguns, it also provides ample room for magazines and other essential tools, ensuring a well-equipped range session.

Its construction strikes a perfect balance between sturdiness and lightness. Despite being lightweight, the bag is clearly designed to endure regular use, making it both durable and easy to carry. This combination of durability and portability makes it an excellent choice for those who value practicality in their range gear.

The adaptability of the bag is one of its most commendable features. It’s the ideal option for days when I don’t need to bring my full arsenal. Whether it’s for quick range visits or as a handy companion on road trips, this bag ensures my essential firearms are safely and conveniently packed.

In summary, this range bag has become a valuable and versatile part of my shooting equipment. Its ability to comfortably hold essentials, combined with its durable yet lightweight build and adaptability, makes it an excellent choice for both short-range trips and travel needs. If you’re in search of a reliable bag for a few handguns or a dependable range companion, this bag is definitely worth considering.” – Harold D.

Trending review: “This bag comes very close to being perfect, yet there’s a notable limitation with the front storage. It’s quite small, and I find it a challenge to fit essential items like my hearing and eye protection, a speed loader, and a box of ammo in it. When these items are packed in, the front storage becomes difficult to zip and tends to bulge awkwardly, especially around my earmuffs. If you’re not concerned about storing ammo or don’t mind the odd bulge from large items like earmuffs, then this issue might not be a significant concern.

The storage for pistols and magazines, on the other hand, is excellent. It offers ample space and ensures that everything is secure. The handles on the bag are robust, and I appreciate the Velcro on the outside, which is a nice feature for attaching a name tag or team patch.

However, I’m skeptical about the product pictures showing eye protection fitting in the front pocket. In my experience, there’s no way my glasses could fit in that pouch, and I usually end up hanging them off it. It leads me to believe that the product image might be photoshopped rather than an actual photograph of the bag in use.” – Matt Stofko

Get it from Amazon now: $25.99  

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