Best IWB (Inside Waistband) Holsters for 2024: My Top Picks

Discover the Best IWB (Inside Waistband) Holsters of 2024 in this definitive guide. I’ve rigorously tested and reviewed countless models to identify the top picks that excel in comfort, concealability, and quick access. These elite choices stand out for their exceptional design and performance, ensuring a seamless and safe concealed carry experience. Join me as we explore these top IWB holsters, perfect for both seasoned carriers and those new to concealed carry.

Best IWB (Inside Waistband) Holsters

Alien Gear Cloak Tuck 3.5 – IWB Holster

Top-rated: 2,686 ratings

Alien Gear Cloak Tuck 3.5 - Best IWB (Inside Waistband) Holsters

Highlight: Designed for concealed carry inside the waistband, offering all-day comfort without sacrificing functionality.

Helpful review: “Upon receiving this holster, my immediate impression was its superior build quality. The craftsmanship is evident, showcasing excellent fit and finish. Adjusting it for fit and carry position, I was impressed by the strong grip of the belt clips on my belt and the secure hold on my sidearm.

For the past six years, I’ve carried a CrossBreed daily and encountered a few minor but annoying issues. It tended to squeak, even after oiling and breaking in. I managed to reduce this somewhat by placing furniture pads between the belt hooks and leather, but it never fully went away. Another concern was the rear hook occasionally detaching when crouching, risking exposure of the rig. Additionally, the retention pressure on my Colt 1911 Commander was minimal, causing me to worry about its security during more physical activities.

This new Alien Gear holster seems to address all my previous concerns with the CrossBreed. Its belt clips’ firmness and the holster’s overall retention inspire confidence that the issues I experienced with the CrossBreed won’t recur here.

After many months of daily use, I’m still rating this holster at five stars. The only minor issue was losing a couple of spacers and screws that attach the holster to its backing. It’s a good idea to periodically check these or apply removable lock-tight once you’ve found your preferred setup. The design and quality of this holster impress me greatly, and I’ve found the clip design ensures your rig remains securely attached to your belt—no worries about it unexpectedly detaching.

In summary, my initial experience and long-term use of this holster have been overwhelmingly positive. Its thoughtful design, quality construction, and reliable performance make it a standout choice. I highly recommend giving it a try if you’re in the market for a new holster.” – REP

Trending review: “The holster strikes a balance between quality materials and construction, all at a very reasonable price. Its thin profile ensures comfort for extended periods, especially when worn in the 4 o’clock position. However, for those with a smaller frame, such as myself with a 34” waist, it appears a bit wide for comfortable 3 o’clock wear, leading to the wings protruding somewhat awkwardly.

Adjustability and simplicity are standout features of this holster. The ability to modify cant and depth without needing any tools is a significant plus, offering flexibility and ease of use that I highly appreciate.

Retention and speed of draw are commendable, performing excellently even when I experimented with carrying it in the 12 – 2 o’clock positions. The holster offers ease of draw and satisfactory concealability, though it’s not without its limitations. Its footprint, somewhat large for appendix carry, doesn’t move as fluidly with the body. While it conforms and hugs the body well, this can lead to discomfort when crouching; the holster tends to stay in place and dig in, particularly if the cant is not optimally adjusted. Reducing carry depth can alleviate this discomfort but at the expense of concealability.

For those in search of a high-quality, lightweight holster that provides all-day comfort, particularly in the 4-5 o’clock position, this holster is an excellent choice. It’s designed with this purpose in mind and excels in that regard. While it’s possible to wear it in the 12-3 o’clock positions, be prepared for some compromises in comfort and concealability compared to other specialized options.” – YoboFett

Get it from Amazon now: $74.59 


Relentless Tactical – Leather IWB Holster

Top-rated: 7,903 ratings

Relentless Tactical - Best IWB (Inside Waistband) Holsters

Highlight: Handcrafted with genuine USA bullhide leather, combining classic American craftsmanship with durability.

Helpful review: “Upon initially receiving and examining this holster, my skepticism was piqued due to the exceedingly tight fit for my everyday carry (EDC) firearm. To the point, the pistol wouldn’t fully insert, prompting immediate thoughts of returning it. Yet, understanding that leather, being inherently natural, demands a break-in period, coupled with the potential stiffness from prolonged storage and cool delivery conditions, I decided to persevere.

The craftsmanship is evident in both the premium leather and meticulous stitching, promising durability. The belt clip’s robust construction assures secure placement, though the absence of a dedicated retention mechanism might concern some users. Nonetheless, the unparalleled comfort it offers convinces me to consider this less a flaw and more a characteristic to adapt to, especially when complemented by a quality gun belt.

To expedite the break-in process, I followed online advice: wrapping my pistol in a plastic grocery bag to ease it into the holster. This method, albeit unconventional, significantly softened the fit within a couple of days, rendering it a perfect match for my firearm.

My initial doubts have been thoroughly dispelled, leading to immense satisfaction with this purchase. The comfort it provides may well see it surpass my Kydex holster in usage frequency, although factors like the day’s activities, weather, and attire will naturally influence my choice.” – Lairdo

Trending review: “Delving into reviews often begins with the lowest ratings for many, myself included, to discern the root causes of dissatisfaction. The negative feedback for this product predominantly stemmed from mistaken purchases or delivery errors, which, in fairness, should not tarnish the product’s reputation.

Concerns regarding the leather’s quality initially made me hesitant. However, deciding to test the product firsthand, I was prepared to return it should it not meet my expectations. My apprehensions were quickly dispelled upon inspecting the holster firsthand. The leather is of commendable quality, justifying the $39 investment. While it may not rival the likes of Galco or Bianchi, its price point sets a different expectation. Additionally, the craftsmanship, evidenced by sturdy stitching and a robust steel belt clip, speaks to its durability and value.

Included in the package were thoughtful additions: stickers, a bracelet, and an informative note from the manufacturer. This note not only provided care instructions but also highlighted the lifetime warranty—a testament to the maker’s confidence in their product and dedication to customer satisfaction.

For its price, the holster exceeds expectations, meriting a strong recommendation. The manufacturer’s evident commitment to quality and customer service is a refreshing reminder of business integrity and customer care in today’s market.” – Chris R.

Get it from Amazon now: $39.99 

Rounded by Concealment Express – IWB KYDEX Holster

Top-rated: 4,296 ratings

Rounded by Concealment Express - Best IWB (Inside Waistband) Holsters

Highlight: Custom molded fit from .08 inch KYDEX material, combining durability with a lightweight design at only 2.5 oz.

Helpful review: “Having been in law enforcement for over 25 years, I’ve accumulated a fair share of holsters for various weapons and situations. My go-to off-duty carry is a Glock 43, for which I recently acquired this holster. Despite its affordability, it has quickly become my favorite for numerous reasons.

The holster’s security is unparalleled. The risk of the firearm accidentally falling out is nonexistent. Contrary to a review I stumbled upon, which mentioned the draw was too tight, I find the retention just right. The holster features an adjustable screw for retention, allowing for a personalized setup. My draw is firm yet not overly so, striking a perfect balance.

Comfort is a standout feature of this holster. The entire outer edge of the holster is rounded, preventing any discomfort or chafing. Despite some claims of it being bulky, I found it to be exceptionally slim and not intrusive at all.

Adjustability is another significant benefit, offering the ability to alter the cant slightly, which is especially useful for appendix carry. The ease with which the holster can be repositioned or removed, thanks to the intelligently designed clip and its rubbery grommets, adds to its versatility.

Its minimalist design covers the essentials without adding unnecessary bulk, ensuring that no part of the metal contacts your skin directly. This design choice effectively prevents sweat-induced corrosion on the slide.

Removing or repositioning the holster is straightforward, facilitated by the clip design that includes rubbery grommets for easier manipulation. The clip itself is designed to cling securely to your belt.

This holster doesn’t collapse when the firearm is drawn, allowing for easy re-holstering without the need to look down, a crucial feature for law enforcement officers.

It also comes with an unconditional lifetime guarantee (registration required on their website) and is proudly made in the USA.

And, it looks fantastic. Its appearance is as satisfying as its functionality. I’m already planning to purchase more of these for my other Glocks.

In sum, this holster exceeds expectations in every way, from its secure fit and comfortable wear to its adjustability and sleek design. It’s a remarkable product that I wholeheartedly recommend to anyone in need of a reliable holster for their Glock 43 or any other compatible firearm.” – Jason Bourne

Trending review: “The introduction of these kydex clip holsters has completely changed the way I carry my firearm. One of the most significant benefits is the elimination of the need to holster or unholster the weapon when putting it on or taking it off. This feature notably reduces the risk associated with handling the firearm, particularly with Glocks, which lack traditional manual safeties. The holster’s design ensures the trigger is fully covered, adding an extra layer of safety by preventing any accidental discharge.

The holster boasts an ultra-low profile, making it incredibly easy to wear and remove without adding noticeable bulk or weight to my carry configuration. Its adjustability is another plus, allowing me to set the cant of the firearm to my preference, aiding in concealment and comfort. During the colder months, this holster, paired with my Glock 27, becomes an indispensable part of my gear.

Comfort is always a consideration with any holster, and while no solution is perfect, this kydex holster strikes an excellent balance. It’s notably more comfortable than many alternatives, including hybrid holsters, which can be more cumbersome and less adaptable. The simplicity of clipping the holster onto my belt before tightening it makes for a seamless and discreet carry method, even under light winter clothing.

In essence, this kydex clip holster stands out for its safety, convenience, and comfort, making it an excellent choice for everyday carry. It addresses the common drawbacks of firearm holsters, providing a secure, low-profile, and comfortable solution for carrying a Glock.” – RenaissanceMan

Get it from Amazon now: $44.95 



Top-rated: 1,231 ratings

WARRIORLAND - Best IWB (Inside Waistband) Holsters

Highlight: Accommodates various optics and uses a claw to minimize printing, enhancing concealability without sacrificing functionality. Includes extra screws for versatility in carrying style.

Helpful review: “My experience with this IWB Kydex Holster for my Glock 43X has been overwhelmingly positive, far exceeding my initial expectations in every aspect. The holster’s precision fit for the Glock 43X ensures the firearm is securely held in place, offering peace of mind regarding its stability and safety. The adjustable retention feature allows for a tailored draw tension, balancing quick access with security.

A standout feature is the optic cut, catering to modern shooting needs by accommodating a Glock 43X equipped with an optic. This inclusion highlights the manufacturer’s foresight and commitment to adaptability, ensuring a hassle-free draw. Furthermore, the claw attachment enhances concealability significantly. By pressing the firearm’s grip closer to the body, it substantially reduces printing, even under lighter attire, allowing for discreet carry.

The craftsmanship of the IWB Kydex Holster is of the highest standard. The use of robust Kydex material not only protects the firearm but also maintains its form and function over time. The meticulous finish, with edges polished to perfection, speaks volumes about the quality and attention to detail invested in this holster.

Despite its sturdy construction, wearing the holster remains comfortable even for prolonged periods. The smooth Kydex surface and intelligent design prevent any skin irritation or wear on clothing, making it an ideal choice for everyday carry. The adjustable belt clips add another layer of versatility, supporting various carrying positions and preferences.

In conclusion, the IWB Kydex Holster with Optic Cut & Claw for the Glock 43X is an exceptional choice that I wholeheartedly recommend. Its superior fit, security enhancements, thoughtful features, and exceptional craftsmanship set it apart as a premium option for both experienced shooters and those new to concealed carry. Its value is undeniable, proving to be a worthwhile investment for any Glock 43X owner.” – Caleb Conant

Trending review: “I picked up this holster primarily due to its affordability and the reputable brand behind it, intending it for occasional use with my Glock 43 when I prefer a subtler option to my usual G19 carry. It’s important to clarify, contrary to some reviews, that this holster does indeed offer satisfactory retention and a secure “click” feel upon holstering the firearm. This is achievable through the adjustment of two screws fitted with rubber grommets, allowing for customizable tension—though it arrives somewhat loosely set for obvious reasons.

The construction and materials of the holster met my expectations, aligning with the product’s description.

I found the included claw attachment superfluous for my method of carry—appendix—so I simply detached it without any hassle.

Adjustability for cant is facilitated through an elongated mounting slot, which suits my needs perfectly, especially considering my body type. Initially, I experienced the screws loosening when not tightened adequately, but a dab of Loctite resolved this issue entirely; alternatively, one could simply secure them more firmly from the start.

The belt clip design, however, could use some refinement. Unlike spring-loaded models, this rigid clip requires some maneuvering to attach to a belt, particularly when the gun is already holstered—a minor inconvenience that could be mitigated by holstering the weapon after the clip is in place. Despite this, the clip proves to be dependable once fastened.

Overall, this holster stands out as an excellent option for those seeking a cost-effective solution without sacrificing functionality. While there are undoubtedly more luxurious and feature-rich holsters available at a higher price point, the value and performance of this model prompt me to consider purchasing additional units for my other firearms.” – Heetor Wald

Get it from Amazon now: $33.99 


We The People Holsters – Kydex IWB Holster

Top-rated: 3,102 ratings

We The People Holsters - Best IWB (Inside Waistband) Holsters

Highlight: Adjustable for ride height, cant, and retention, allowing for a personalized fit and draw preference, enhancing comfort and accessibility.

Helpful review: This holster won’t let you forget it’s there, especially since it’s not the comfiest on the market. The discomfort mainly comes from the channel designed to fit the takedown lever of my Springfield XD-M 9mm. It’s a snug fit that allows for a smooth draw, although I’ve had to resort to using thread locker to prevent the lockdown screw from loosening.

Carrying on the hip can be uncomfortable due to the clasp’s factory position, but adjusting the cant to a forward rake significantly improves comfort — a position I prefer. However, the wing holster claw, often recommended by others, loses its effectiveness in this configuration, as it sticks out above the belt line.

Despite the comfort issues, the holster excels in fit and security when used with a solid belt. It offers excellent fitment without any slack, and there’s no need for adjustments when transitioning from standing to sitting. My four-star rating might seem odd considering my gripes, but the holster’s forward cant is exactly where I need it to be for easy access.

While I’ve experienced more comfortable options, they come at a significantly higher cost and longer wait time. Finding a good holster for a discontinued model like mine has been challenging, so I appreciate what this one offers and wouldn’t hesitate to purchase another.” – John Lewton

Trending review: The fit of this holster for my CZ P01 is impeccable; it’s evident that it was specifically designed for this model, providing a secure and snug fit that gives me peace of mind.

The affordability of this holster is a major plus for me. It delivers exceptional value without breaking the bank, perfectly aligning with my budget while meeting all my needs.

I encountered a small issue with the retention screw loosening, causing a slight mishap with my firearm. However, a quick adjustment fixed the problem, and it hasn’t recurred, marking it as a minor inconvenience in an otherwise positive experience.

Comfort is somewhat mixed; initially, it wasn’t the most comfortable holster I’ve tried, but it has become more tolerable over time. The material’s softness and the adjustability of the straps contribute to making it more comfortable with prolonged use.

The holster excels in ease of use, offering a smooth draw and effortless reholstering. The retention system, once adjusted, provides a reliable balance between keeping my firearm secure and ensuring it’s readily accessible when needed.

Durability is another strong point of this holster, which appears to be built to last. Its robust construction reassures me of its longevity and capability to handle daily wear and tear.

Style-wise, the holster boasts a sleek, low-profile design that remains discreet under various clothing options, effectively concealing my firearm without drawing unwanted attention.

In conclusion, this holster is highly recommended for its perfect fit, affordability, and functionality. Despite a minor hiccup with the retention system and a short period of adjustment for comfort, it fulfills all my requirements for an everyday carry holster. It’s a great investment for anyone in search of a reliable, cost-effective holster solution.” – Wyatt

Get it from Amazon now: $53.99 


POLE.CRAFT Taurus G2C – Kydex IWB Holster

Top-rated: 4,377 ratings

POLE.CRAFT Taurus G2C - Best IWB (Inside Waistband) Holsters

Highlight: Crafted from durable .08” KYDEX, offering a lightweight, sweat-proof, and waterproof holster for everyday carry.

Helpful review: “This holster offers a snug fit for my firearm, ensuring it remains secure even when held upside down—tested with an unloaded gun and over a soft surface for safety. It allows for smooth drawing and reholstering, making it both practical and reliable for daily use. The true highlight is its concealability; during a recent family gathering, my firearm remained unnoticed, demonstrating its effectiveness in keeping my gun discreetly by my side.

A notable feature is the coverage of the mag release button, adding an extra layer of safety by preventing accidental releases. The only downside I encountered was a slight abrasion on my side, likely due to the grips of my Taurus. This was a minor issue, easily remedied by wearing an undershirt or adjusting the holster’s position. The tightness of my belt, necessitated by recent weight gain, might have also contributed to the holster pressing closer against my skin.

Overall, this holster represents a worthwhile investment for those seeking a secure, easily concealable option for their firearm. It successfully blends functionality with discreetness, making it a valuable accessory for responsible gun owners.” –  DAndre

Trending review: “Embarking on the search for an IWB kydex holster for my Taurus PT111 G2, I aimed for value that mirrored the gun itself—exceptional quality without breaking the bank. Many alternatives seemed steep in price, so when I stumbled upon a more wallet-friendly option, I decided to take a chance, hoping it would live up to my Taurus’s standard of delivering the best bang for my buck.

To my relief, the gamble paid off. The clasp is robust, though it initially struggled to secure onto my 1.25-inch military belt without some manipulation. A switch to a standard-width leather belt, however, resolved the issue completely, providing a perfect fit. For those a bit on the heavier side, be mindful that there might be slight discomfort from pinching between the holster and the gun during the reholstering process.

Carrying appendix at the one o’clock position, this holster has proven exceptional. Retention is reassuringly firm, ensuring the firearm remains securely in place, while drawing and re-holstering are both smooth and safe. This holster has significantly enhanced my carrying experience, making it a delightful addition to my gear. I’m thoroughly pleased with this purchase.” – S. Martin

Get it from Amazon now: $25.99 


GUN & FLOWER – IWB Holster

Top-rated: 2,721 ratings

GUN & FLOWER - Best IWB (Inside Waistband) Holsters

Highlight: Equipped with an audible click retention system that secures your firearm in place, providing quick and smooth draw and re-holstering.

Helpful review: “Having carried concealed for about seven years, I’ve accumulated quite the assortment of holsters from brands like Bianchi, Alien Gear, and Tier 1, experimenting with different styles from small of the back to 3 o’clock carry, and ultimately finding appendix carry to be my preferred method. I’ve particularly appreciated single clip holsters for their ease of use, allowing quick attachment and removal, a practical feature for any daily carry. My Glock 43, typically housed in a Bladetech Klipt holster, prompted a search for a similar solution for my G19, aiming for something that would accommodate an optic without adding unnecessary bulk. This search led me to a surprisingly affordable holster on Amazon, which, despite its low price, has far exceeded my expectations in terms of comfort, concealability, and functionality.

The comfort it offers is unparalleled, avoiding any discomfort even when sitting or bending over, thanks to its smooth finish and rounded edges. Its minimalist design ensures it adds minimal bulk, making concealment easy under a variety of clothing. Additionally, the holster maintains a secure grip on the firearm, adjustable retention, and is compatible with both Gen 4 and Gen 5 Glock models based on my experience. It doesn’t collapse upon drawing, facilitating easy re-holstering.

However, it falls slightly short for my G19 equipped with an optic, due to a small protrusion that prevents a perfect fit. Although it seems a minor modification could solve this, I’ve hesitated to alter the holster. Nonetheless, the overall quality and performance have impressed me enough to purchase a second one for potential adjustments.

Notably, this holster is made from injection-molded plastic rather than Kydex, which might be a consideration for some. Despite this, its exceptional performance at such an affordable price point has made it an invaluable part of my carry setup, proving that you don’t always have to spend a lot to get a high-quality holster that meets all the essential criteria for daily concealed carry.” – Joshua W.

Trending review: “Having become a first-time gun owner earlier this year, I initially found myself navigating the unfamiliar territory of carrying a concealed weapon. My choice of holster for my Glock 19, a firearm that treads the line between being neither too large nor too small, was my first step into this new aspect of ownership. Initially, my experience with this holster was less than comfortable, a challenge I attributed to two primary factors.

Firstly, the discomfort stemmed largely from my inexperience with carrying concealed, particularly inside the waistband (IWB). The sensation of having a substantial object like a Glock 19 pressed against me was something I needed time to acclimate to. Secondly, I hadn’t optimized the holster’s adjustments to suit my needs. It wasn’t until I began experimenting with the cant adjustment that I experienced a significant improvement in comfort. By positioning the holster at 2 o’clock on my abdomen, I found a sweet spot that balanced accessibility with comfort.

This adjustment period led me to reconsider my initial thoughts of investing in a more expensive, brand-name holster. The modifications I made to the cant and retention settings of my current holster—achieving a satisfying ‘click’ when the firearm is securely holstered—have significantly enhanced its functionality. The heavy-duty single plastic clip has proven to be remarkably secure on my standard belt, further solidifying my satisfaction with this product.

In summary, after adjusting both the cant and the retention, I’ve come to really appreciate the quality and functionality of this holster. It comfortably secures my Glock 19, staying firmly in place without the need for a specialized gun belt. My journey from initial discomfort to genuine satisfaction underscores the importance of personalizing one’s carry setup, a lesson invaluable for any new gun owner navigating the complexities of concealed carry.” – Michelle

Get it from Amazon now: $18.99 


Concealed Carrier – Universal IWB Holster

Top-rated: 12,666 ratings

Concealed Carrier - Best IWB (Inside Waistband) Holsters

Highlight: Comes with an additional neoprene belt clip holster for extra magazines, folding knives, or non-lethal equipment like pepper spray or tasers, enhancing versatility and preparedness.

Helpful review: “I recently purchased this holster, inspired by its mix of positive reviews, though I was mindful of the criticisms too. My experience, albeit brief, aligns with some of the sentiments shared by others regarding its suitability for concealed carry.

The delivery was impressively swift, arriving just a day after placing my order. This promptness is certainly a plus. However, after spending a few hours with it, I’ve observed that while it’s a comfortable fit and accommodates my Glock 19, Ruger SR9e, and S&W M&P Shield 9 well, it’s not without its flaws. My Ruger, which is set with a larger back strap, fits snugly, albeit the button clasp is noticeably tight. A notable limitation is its incompatibility with attachments like the tactical light TLR-1 on my G19, suggesting that accessories could pose a challenge for fit.

Comfort and low profile are strong points of this holster when worn on the belt. Yet, it demonstrates some looseness during draw from both appendix and hip positions, and I find the thumb clasp somewhat cumbersome to disengage quickly. Wearing it at the 4 o’clock position only exacerbates this difficulty, particularly in releasing the thumb clasp, making it awkward in practice. Furthermore, reholstering doesn’t match the ease and stability offered by my usual CYA Supply Kydex holster, although it avoids the complete folding or collapsing seen in other models.

In essence, while this holster is not without merit—boasting comfort, a degree of universality, and an additional mag holster that adequately fits my magazines—it falls short of being a staple in my everyday carry setup. The mag holster functions well with my G19 and SR9e magazines, and adequately so with the M&P Shield 9 mags, despite a slight looseness.

Will this holster become a mainstay in my EDC? Unlikely. But as a supplementary option for the range or outdoor activities, it has its place. Given its adherence to advertisement claims, rapid shipping, and the assurance of a lifetime warranty, I consider it a 4-star product. It’s a viable option under certain conditions, but for those in search of an EDC holster, it might not meet all expectations.” –  Josh C.

Trending review: “The holster is truly outstanding, meriting a full five-star rating.

I carry a full frame 5” 1911, and this holster accommodates it perfectly. It’s snug yet exceptionally comfortable, feeling neither awkward nor cumbersome, just genuinely comfortable. The magazine holster mirrors this excellence, sharing the same attributes of comfort and fit.

Pros include its remarkable comfort, the ease of donning and removing it, its secure fit when worn, and its effective concealment capabilities. Even under a shirt that fits just right, the holster remains invisible, achieving its primary goal of concealment with aplomb.

As for the cons, there simply aren’t any. The only potential issue I’ve noticed, which I don’t actually consider a drawback, pertains to the speed of reholstering. It’s not as swift as with other types of holsters, such as shoulder, hip, or leg holsters, because it’s designed to be worn inside the pants, making access slightly more challenging. However, this is more a matter of personal physique than a fault of the holster or its design. The holster’s removal and reattachment are straightforward, allowing for quick action when needed.

The core function of this holster is not rapid holstering and reholstering but rather concealment paired with the ability to draw swiftly when necessary. It excels in these areas without fault.

Overall, the product offers fantastic value, delivering on comfort, security, and concealment, all at an excellent price point.” – ESkillz

Get it from Amazon now: $18.95  


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