Best Home Safes I’ve Tested and Ranked for 2024: My Expert Selections

After thoroughly testing and comparing various models, I’ve ranked the best home safes for 2024. Join me as we explore top picks that provide reliable protection and fit seamlessly into your home, helping you secure your most important items with confidence.

Best Home Safes

SentrySafe – Fireproof and Waterproof Home Safe

Top-rated: 9,039 ratings

SentrySafe - Best Home Safes

Highlight: UL classified for fire endurance, offering 1 hour of protection at 1700ºF to safeguard documents and valuables.

Helpful review: “I recently purchased this safe, and I’ve figured out a crucial aspect of its operation. When you input your code, it’s essential to wait a full second before turning the handle. This pause is necessary for the mechanized internal lock to disengage. If you turn the handle too quickly, it won’t open, as this interrupts the unlocking process. Despite the green light indicating readiness, that one-second wait is vital for successful access. This feature, though slightly inconvenient, effectively deters unauthorized access, even from those who might guess the code.

I previously owned a similar safe from the same company for nearly 20 years, which never failed and maintained consistent performance. The build quality of this new safe for my new home seems comparable to my old one. In contrast to other budget-friendly “fire and water proof” safes that lack actual water resistance due to visible gaps, this safe impresses with its water-tight and smoke-tight gasket around the door. Additionally, its fire insulation is notably superior, featuring thick, concrete-like material inside its walls and door, unlike the mere 1/4″ steel of cheaper safes. This heavy, insulating material effectively maintains a lower internal temperature, akin to a cooler’s functionality but for heat resistance.

It’s important to note that this safe, like most in its price range, is designed more for protection against casual theft and environmental damage, rather than being a foolproof barrier against skilled thieves. For truly theft-proof safes, you’d likely have to invest over $1,000.

This safe is ideal for safeguarding essential items like passports, firearms, and important documents from fire or water damage. However, I’ve noticed that the door design could be improved. My two-decade-old safe from the same manufacturer appears to have been crafted with higher quality, reflecting the adage that newer isn’t always better.” – T. Perry

Trending review: “I recently purchased a large safe with a digital keypad, which proved to be quite large and extremely heavy. Even as a big guy, I struggled to carry it upstairs and unpack it. Thankfully, the packaging was robust enough to ensure its safe arrival.

The safe included a bolt down kit for secure installation, along with a large hanging file drawer and a smaller drawer, about the size of a shoebox. Inside, it had two or three disposable bags of dessicant, but I chose to buy metal cans with dessicant from Amazon for better moisture control.

A crucial feature is the 5-digit security code that comes with the safe; it’s a permanent master code that needs to be guarded carefully. You can add up to two additional customizable 5-digit codes, but the master code remains unchanged.

Interestingly, the safe comes with two keys for an additional physical lock. However, these keys don’t override the digital codes. A convenient aspect is that the safe’s batteries can be replaced from the outside.

Online research and videos suggest that the safe’s security isn’t impenetrable. For instance, I saw a video where someone broke into a similar safe with a circular saw in about 30 seconds. So, while it’s not ideal for protecting highly valuable items from professional thieves, it’s sufficient for keeping valuable documents safer from fire and casual theft.

I use the safe to store two cloth-bound notebooks containing essential household documents like passports and wills. These fit perfectly into the bottom of the safe, allowing the smaller top drawer for other items like jewelry and weapons. In summary, this safe is great for keeping important documents safer from fire and deterring casual theft, but it’s not designed for ultra-high security needs.” – elaY

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TIGERKING – Heavy Duty 2.05 Cub Home Safe

Top-rated: 4,269 ratings

TIGERKING- Best Home Safes

Highlight: Constructed from highly durable thick steel with 6 live-locking bolts for robust protection against forced entry.

Helpful review: “After using this product for about six weeks, I’d like to share my experience. It’s more akin to a safe box than a true safe. The quality control, particularly in the interior, could be improved. The inside covering at the bottom was peeling off on arrival, which indicates a lack of attention to detail in its craftsmanship.

An unexpected feature of this safe box is that the door can actually come off. This happened when I tried to fix the loose covering. The door is designed to be removable, held in place by its own weight. While it snapped back easily, it was surprising and something to be aware of.

Although it weighs about 60 pounds, the safe box is light enough to be carried by two people. It’s not a foolproof security solution for very high-value items but is suitable for keeping things away from casual intruders. Bolting it down is a must for added security.

The safe box’s capacity impressed me. It’s spacious and even has a hidden compartment under the bottom shelf, adding extra storage space. The price is reasonable for the storage capacity it offers.

The locking mechanism is decent, though the plastic dial for the digital code raises some durability concerns. The safe includes a bolt-down kit, a file drawer, and a smaller drawer, which enhances its utility.

I recommend understanding its limitations before purchasing. It’s a good compromise between price, capacity, and security, especially for those living in apartments or homes without high crime rates. It’s perfect for storing documents and moderately valuable items, but I wouldn’t suggest it for storing firearms or extremely valuable belongings.” – Mo Lacourse

Trending review: “The TigerKing burglary safe I received today has several noteworthy features. Pros include its tight tolerances, sturdy design, effective packaging, straightforward programming process, solid LED keypad, and an emergency external battery pack in case the primary batteries fail. However, there are a few cons to consider. The interior light is somewhat weak, and the interior lining’s adhesive could be stronger, as it’s slightly loose. I’m also uncertain about the usefulness of the small lockable box in the top section with a plastic door.

Programming the safe’s codes was a breeze, contradicting some reviews about the difficulty of following the instructions. The safe was well-protected during shipping, with ample cardboard and styrofoam, arriving without any damage.

Concerns about the reset button being visible through the door’s crack seem unfounded in my case. The door’s tight tolerances make it nearly impossible to see inside, let alone access the button without specialized equipment.

The safe’s setbacks are minor and don’t detract significantly from its overall utility. I plan to reinforce the interior lining’s adhesive for better durability. While the interior light’s brightness is not ideal, it’s a minor issue, considering it shares power with the combination pad.

I would recommend this safe, but advise keeping the instructions handy for future reference regarding resets or manual entry.” – Will W.

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RPNB – Deluxe Safe and Lock Box

Top-rated: 3,455 ratings

RPNB - Best Home Safes

Highlight: Reinforced solid steel wall structure with a double-cylinder latch for enhanced safety and resistance against forced entry.

Helpful review: My recent purchase of RPNB deluxe safe, specifically designed to fit within my storage cabinet for spare gun parts, ammo, and accessories, has proven to be an effective addition to my security setup. Although I already own a larger ten-gun safe, this compact 1.5 cubic feet safe is ideal for storing my additional pistols. For enhanced security, my plan involves using high tensile strength wire to anchor the safe by threading it through the safe’s pre-drilled holes and securing it to the inner part of the cabinet.

In order to maximize the space within the safe, I opted for two three-pistol upright stands. This decision was made to accommodate the safe’s opening dimensions, which couldn’t fit a single holder for six pistols. The safe’s upper shelf is now effectively utilized for storing my high-end ammunition.

This safe is not fire-resistant and might not withstand a determined thief’s effort, which is why it’s anchored for extra security. It’s more of a deterrent than a fully burglar-proof option. The room where the cabinet and safe are located is always locked and equipped with a motion sensor, monitored by a security company for additional protection.

Its sturdy build, coupled with an easy setup process and manageable weight of about 30 lbs, facilitated its installation within my cabinet without much physical strain. I ensure all my firearms and ammunition are securely locked, except for my everyday carry pistol, which remains either on me or on my bedside nightstand while I sleep for quick access.” – Jimmy S

Trending review:My experience with the safe has been remarkably reassuring, especially after a recent break-in attempt. The intruders made a significant effort to breach the safe – hammering its exterior, yanking off the keypad, and trying forcefully to pry it open. Despite their intense efforts, the safe remained secure and intact, effectively protecting my valuables inside.

I’m incredibly relieved and satisfied that the safe lived up to its purpose, keeping my belongings safe. However, the incident highlighted the importance of additional security measures, like installing a tracking device inside the safe. This would be crucial in case the safe is physically removed from my premises.

In the aftermath of the break-in, although the safe was recovered with all contents intact, I realized the potential benefits of a concealed tracker. If the safe had been taken, a discreetly placed tracker would have been invaluable for its recovery.

Overall, based on my experience, I believe this safe offers excellent value for its price, demonstrating resilience and reliability against forced entry. My intention now is to purchase another one, firmly believing in its efficacy as a reliable safeguard for my possessions.” – Arvvie

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SentrySafe – Fireproof and Waterproof Home Safe

Top-rated: 5,447 ratings

SentrySafe - Best Home Safes

Highlight: Preset dial combination lock with a secondary key lock, reinforced by 4 live-locking bolts and pry-resistant hinge bar.

Helpful review: When my safe arrived, I was thrilled but quickly realized the challenge of moving it. It’s definitely a two-person job, and we ended up needing a sort of forklift device to get it into place.

Opening the safe for the first time (upside down, by my mistake), I found that it was locked, but not secured, with all the paperwork including a lifetime warranty and manual outside the safe. The safe’s code is fixed, printed on a sticker in the manual, and cannot be changed. This feature is explained as a benefit by the company, as they can retrieve your code if you register the safe with them. Additionally, it comes with two keys which don’t override the combination lock but add another layer of security, which I appreciate.

A point of contention for some might be the external hinges of the safe. However, I found these hinges to be solid and well-bolted. Even if these hinges were to be compromised, the design of the safe’s interior prevents the lid from being removed without unlocking the metal bars of the door.

The safe can be bolted to the floor with the included bolts and nuts, though I didn’t find this necessary. Given its weight, I recommend placing it under a desk or shelf, or among other items to make it harder to move. Adding items to the safe increases its weight significantly, enhancing security.

Pros of this safe include its heft, security features, adjustable shelf racks, waterproof and fireproof capabilities, and overall value for money. It also includes an absorbent pouch. The main con is the interior shelf’s limited weight capacity (15-20 pounds), and the fact that the password cannot be changed. However, Sentry Safe’s policy for code and key retrieval could be reassuring for some users, as it requires filling out a form with detailed information, including a unique ID number found inside the safe.

There might be an issue with the safe sitting unevenly, which I attribute to my uneven floor. I simply adjusted it by placing the provided screws under one corner.

In conclusion, while there may be more robust options out there, this safe offers great value for its price and meets my needs effectively.” – Eli

Trending review: “Living in an upper-class neighborhood, I’m aware that the type of thief likely to target my home would be more professional. They would probably know when I’m gone for an extended period and might find a way to bypass my security system. In such a scenario, unless one has an extremely heavy and sophisticated safe, the risk of theft remains high.

This safe, while not ideal for deterring a professional burglar in an affluent area, is quite suitable for most middle-class neighborhoods. Here, the typical burglars are looking for a quick in-and-out job and are less likely to crack a safe’s combo or spend time sawing through it. The safe’s additional key lock is a bonus in case the combination is compromised. However, its weight (around 100 lbs) could tempt a bold thief to carry it out, especially if they find a dolly and a blanket in the garage. Parking in the driveway, a strong individual could feasibly lift and transport the safe quickly.

To mitigate this risk, I’ve bolted the safe to the floor of my home. It was a straightforward process with masonry anchor bolts and an impact drill, which I rented from Home Depot. Now, the safe is securely anchored, reducing the likelihood of it being physically removed unless the thief is exceptionally skilled or equipped.

The safe’s interior is adequately spacious for storing cash, jewelry, documents, and other valuables. The locking mechanism is basic yet reliable, fitting for a safe in this price range. One must ensure the handle is fully upright before turning the dial for proper operation. However, the use of a plastic handle on the safe is a bit disappointing, even considering its affordability.

Overall, while it’s not the most robust option on the market, this safe offers reasonable security and peace of mind for its price point, especially after being securely bolted down.” – TJ Dixon

Get it from Amazon now: $219.64 


Amazon Basics – Steel Home Security Safe

Top-rated: 27,709 ratings

Amazon Basics - Best Home Safes

Highlight: Programmable electronic keypad for secure and straightforward operation, with a backup key for emergencies.

Helpful review: The safe has been a satisfactory addition to my home, offering a convenient size and functional design. Its height, just above the frame of my sleep number bed, makes it an effective makeshift nightstand. The top shelf is easily accessible, ideal for storing items that I need to reach from the bed.

The electronic lock system has been reliable thus far, complemented by two sturdy mechanical backup keys. The safe’s construction features single-layer steel walls, more robust than standard car sheet metal. The oversized locking bolts seem disproportionally large compared to the rest of the structure, which I consider a positive attribute for added security. The electronic pad, which can accept 3-8 digit codes, operates with audible beeps that can be silenced and has helpful, non-obtrusive visual feedback. It also includes a lockout feature for added security measures.

However, it’s essential to manage expectations regarding the level of security, considering the price point of the safe. While the locking mechanism is solid, the single-wall construction on the door may be vulnerable to penetration with heavy tools like a sledgehammer. The safe’s weight is manageable for one person, suggesting the necessity of bolting it down to prevent potential theft. The pre-drilled mounting holes are larger than necessary, and there’s no mechanism provided to seal them, which could be a concern for those wary of prying eyes.

My primary concern with the safe is the door fitment, particularly the noticeable rubbing at the bottom. This friction causes a distinctive noise when opening the door, which might be undesirable in a situation requiring quiet and quick access. Additionally, the package included only three anchor bolts for the four holes on both the back and the bottom of the safe, and one bolt was inconveniently lodged under the door frame, possibly affecting the door’s alignment.

Overall, the safe’s size, accessibility of the top shelf, and affordability make it a worthwhile purchase for specific needs. It may not offer fireproof protection or withstand determined break-in attempts, but it serves well in keeping children and casual intruders at bay. The safe’s capacity to stop a projectile is questionable, but for its price, it adequately fulfills its role as a basic security measure.” – Andrew Z

Trending review:This safe serves its intended purpose well, although it’s important to recognize its limitations. It’s not designed to be fireproof, waterproof, thief-proof, or particularly heavy. Essentially, it’s a basic safe suitable for securing valuables, documents, and personal items from casual intruders or those seeking a quick theft opportunity.

The locking mechanism functions effectively, and setting up and using the electronic combination is straightforward. For enhanced security, the safe offers the option to bolt it to the wall or floor, which I highly recommend. Its light weight makes it susceptible to being carried away, so securing it in place is a wise precaution.

While it may not withstand a determined thief or survive a significant drop, it provides adequate security for everyday use. It’s not impervious to all break-in methods, but it does offer a decent level of protection against quick, unprepared attempts at access. The safe has enough space to store essential items like jewelry, a handgun, important papers, etc., and features a shelf that divides the storage space for better organization.

Overall, despite its limitations, I view this purchase positively and would make it again. The safe meets my basic security needs and performs as advertised. For its price point, it’s a good choice for anyone looking for a simple, no-frills safe. Amazon has done a commendable job with this product, offering a practical solution for basic safekeeping needs.” – Paul

Get it from Amazon now: $129.93 


Kavey – 1.6 Cub Fireproof Safe Box

Top-rated: 993 ratings

Kavey - Best Home Safes

Highlight: Advanced Access Technology featuring a backlit touchscreen keypad for quick and reliable entry, even in low light conditions.

Helpful review: I was really impressed with the quality of this safe, especially considering its price. The interior is surprisingly spacious, allowing me to comfortably store my Ruger Super Redhawk .44cal with its 9.5 inch barrel. The accurate representation of its size in advertisements was a significant plus for me, as it’s common to find safes that are smaller than they appear.

The adjustable shelves in the safe are a game changer for me. They offer various configuration options, which I found very convenient for storing different items. The flexibility to organize the safe to my preference makes it highly practical for my needs.

The three unlocking methods – a key, a standard keypad combination, and an electronic box for emergency power – are standout features for me. The emergency power option is particularly reassuring, ensuring I can always access the safe even when internal batteries fail.

The locking mechanism is robust, with the heavy-duty lock bolts providing a sense of security every time I close the door. The automatic locking feature is convenient and adds an extra layer of security.

The only minor issue I faced was with the internal LED light. It’s not as effective as I hoped, especially when the shelves are installed. However, I found an easy fix by adding some inexpensive, battery-powered LEDs from a dollar store, which solved the visibility problem inside the safe.

Overall, I’m very satisfied with this purchase. It’s an excellent safe for someone like me who needs a reliable, spacious, and secure storage solution for valuables and firearms. The combination of space, versatile shelving, and robust security, all at an affordable price, makes it a valuable asset for my storage needs.” – Benji

Trending review:I recently needed a secure lock box for my home, which is up for sale, to safely store my company laptop, jewelry, and other valuables from potential buyers and realtors. This safe is essentially a large lock box rather than a heavy-duty, fireproof safe. It includes a small fireproof pouch, but it’s the only fireproof element of the safe.

The door of the safe is notably thick, adding to its security, but the rest of the safe’s construction isn’t as robust. It could be vulnerable to drilling. The lock’s programming is user-friendly, allowing up to two passwords, and the touchscreen is highly responsive. However, I was a bit disappointed that the knob is made of plastic rather than metal. Given its importance in unlocking the safe, a more durable material would have been preferable.

The interior LED light is somewhat inadequate, barely illuminating the contents. I found it more practical to keep a small LED flashlight inside for better visibility. The inclusion of two adjustable shelves adds to its versatility, though I’d recommend covering them with a light-colored felt material for added protection.

Two keys are provided as an alternative to the passcodes, and there’s a backup battery pack in case the main AA batteries fail. The safe’s weight, around 35 pounds, makes it relatively lightweight. This means it could be easily carried away unless bolted down.

In terms of appearance, the safe’s shiny black enamel paint gives it a less premium look. A matte finish might have been a better choice. For anyone looking for a high-security option to protect extremely valuable items, this might not be the best fit. However, for my basic needs of deterring opportunistic theft, it serves its purpose well.” – Brent

Get it from Amazon now: $149.99 


TIGERKING – Biometric Fingerprint Home Safe

Top-rated: 2,172 ratings

TIGERKING - Best Home Safes

Highlight: High-level Biometric Fingerprint Sensor for quick, secure access using registered fingerprints or PIN code.

Helpful review: My experience with this safe has been absolutely five-star. When it arrived, I initially had concerns due to the outer box’s condition, but my worries were quickly allayed by the inner box’s excellent craftsmanship and sturdiness. I found the safe inside in perfect condition.

The biometric scanner on the safe is efficient and user-friendly. Both my wife and I have registered multiple fingerprints for access. In addition to the biometric scanner, the safe can be accessed with two number passcodes and comes with two keys. However, we’ve primarily used the biometric scanner, which has proven fast and reliable in opening the safe.

Internally, the safe offers ample storage space. It comfortably accommodates my two handguns, their cases, ammunition, and even my large hunting knives. We’ve also begun storing important documents like social security cards, passports, and birth certificates in it, with room to spare.

The safe provides options for securing it, with holes in both the back and the bottom. While it’s not fireproof, it meets our security needs perfectly. After seeing this safe, my son, who recently acquired a nightstand lockbox for his firearms, expressed a preference for this model.

I continue to be impressed with the safe’s enduring performance. It remains as secure and functional as it was on the day I unboxed it. I’m particularly impressed that the battery is still going strong, defying my expectations of needing a yearly replacement. For anyone looking for a reliable safe for handguns and important documents, and for whom fireproofing isn’t a necessity, I wholeheartedly recommend this safe.” – ROB

Trending review: “Having extensively researched biometric safes, I chose this handgun safe primarily for its ample size and the poor reviews of other biometric safes. The installation process was straightforward, thanks to the included bolts and anchors, and accessing the stored handgun is facilitated by the safe’s generous dimensions.

Programming the unlock code and the fingerprint reader was a breeze. The instructions provided were clear and easy to follow. The fingerprint reader efficiently recognizes programmed fingers while reliably rejecting unregistered ones. As I’ve only had this product for a few weeks, its durability over time remains to be seen, but I plan to update on this aspect in the future.

The safe’s solid construction and ease of bolting down are commendable, offering effective access controls. However, my concern lies in the potential ease with which these security measures might be bypassed. There are several methods demonstrated online for circumventing the lock, including one involving a rare earth magnet, though it’s unlikely for a typical intruder to have such a tool.

Overall, I am satisfied with this purchase. It meets my needs well and is reasonably priced. However, two drawbacks are the lack of a silent access feature and the fact that it’s manufactured in China. Aside from these points, the safe serves its intended purpose without any significant issues.” – Timothy P. Brown

Get it from Amazon now: $158.99 


Amazon Basics – Steel Security Safe

Top-rated: 38,991 ratings

Amazon Basics - Best Home Safes

Highlight: Versatile mounting options with four included bolts, allowing for secure attachment to walls, floors, or shelves.

Helpful review: “I purchased this safe, knowing it wasn’t designed for high-security purposes but rather as a basic measure to keep items out of sight and deter opportunistic theft. However, one significant downside I noticed is the loud beep it emits with each keypad press. This noise can be heard throughout the house, making it impossible to open the safe discreetly.

To address this issue, I discovered a way to mute the beeping sound permanently. By removing the back panel of the door where the batteries are housed, you can access the internal components. Here, you’ll find a black cylinder module in the lower right corner of the beige panel with wires. This module is the source of the beep. Using a thin tool like a pocket knife, you can gently pry this module out, effectively silencing the safe.

It’s important to test the keypad and lock mechanism afterward to ensure they still work correctly, albeit silently. This modification successfully eliminates the loud beeping noise, making the safe’s operation much more stealthy. For those who may find this information helpful, I recommend trying this solution if the noise is an issue for you.” – Lucas Pastuszka

Trending review:After extensive research and comparison of various safes, I decided to purchase this one due to my positive experiences with Amazon and its attractive price point. I installed it yesterday and am impressed with its size and functionality. The safe is larger than expected, easily accommodating more than one handgun, along with ammunition and other items.

I have it securely bolted inside a large, solid wood wardrobe. While no safe is entirely impenetrable, it would require significant effort and time for a burglar to access it. This is a common attribute for most safes. Given its affordability, I’m even considering purchasing additional units for different locations in my home. It’s an effective deterrent against unauthorized access, particularly from children or guests.

To enhance its security, I went to Home Depot and purchased heavy-duty bolts. I drilled holes in the wardrobe’s back and shelf, ensuring that the safe is now an integral part of the furniture. This setup adds an extra layer of protection, as a burglar would have to first destroy the wardrobe to get to the safe.

I’m very satisfied with this purchase and believe it’s a great choice for anyone in the market for a similar product. One minor drawback is that the keypad is not lit, so a small flashlight is needed for access in the dark. The keypad emits a beep when pressed, which I haven’t yet figured out how to disable. This could potentially alert an intruder, but it allows for quick access, which is a critical feature for a home defense handgun safe. Overall, I highly recommend this product for its balance of security, size, and affordability.” –  Jordan Charles

Get it from Amazon now: $94.08 


Stalwart – Electronic Steel Safe

Top-rated: 3,571 ratings

Stalwart - Best Home Safes

Highlight: Strong and Secure Design featuring an LED keypad for programming master and guest codes, and two manual override keys for emergency access.

Helpful review: This safe offers good value, especially considering its affordability. While it’s not the strongest safe available and weighs slightly less than advertised, it still has several commendable features. One can bolt-mount it to various surfaces, including tables, floors, or walls, thanks to the pre-drilled holes in the back. This feature enhances its versatility and security.

It’s crucial to remember that for the utmost security, a safe deposit box is the best option. However, for storing items like a gun or keeping personal items away from prying eyes around the house, this safe serves its purpose well. Bolting it down is strongly advised. I have securely attached it to a small two-drawer file cabinet, making it less easy to move.

The safe provides ample space, and its digital keypad is straightforward to use for setting access codes. An additional security measure is the hidden keyway, which is concealed behind a plastic tab and can be used in case of battery failure. The hidden nature of the keyway adds an extra layer of security, as it’s not immediately apparent that the safe can also be opened with the two provided keys, which I keep safely hidden.

In summary, this safe is suitable for low-security needs like storing important papers, modest jewelry, or a firearm. It effectively keeps unwanted snoopers out. For someone in need of a basic security solution, this safe is a recommendable choice.Joeycaps

Trending review: “Sending a young adult off to college comes with the need for secure storage solutions for their valuables like wallets, laptops, and other personal items. This safe offers an excellent solution, with its key combo being notably easy to set up. The internal space is ample, fitting the expected requirements perfectly.

However, it’s important to recognize that the safe’s security needs to be enhanced in certain situations. Due to its size and weight, the safe can be physically carried away, necessitating additional security measures, especially in dorms or rental accommodations where permanent mounting isn’t feasible. To address this, pairing the safe with the Master Lock Python Keyed Cable Lock is an effective strategy. This approach cleverly places the actual Master Lock inside the safe, safeguarding the cable lock from being tampered with or compromised.

It’s crucial to have realistic expectations regarding the safe’s construction. While the door is robust, the walls are comparatively thin. This design choice reflects the safe’s price point, as it is not intended to offer the impenetrability of high-security options like Fort Knox. However, the construction is sufficient to deter casual theft attempts. Standard tools like hammers and screwdrivers won’t be effective in breaching the safe. Instead, more sophisticated tools or shop equipment would be required to forcibly access it. This makes the safe more suited to deterring opportunistic thieves rather than determined burglars equipped with specialized tools.

In summary, for a college student needing to secure everyday valuables in a dormitory or rental setting, this safe, especially when used in conjunction with a cable lock, is a practical and effective choice. It offers a good balance between accessibility, space, and basic security for the price.” – R. Forbes

Get it from Amazon now: $86.23

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