Best Gun Safes For Rifles And Shotguns I’ve Personally Tested and Ranked In 2024

After thoroughly testing and reviewing various models, I’ve compiled a list of the best gun safes for rifles and shotguns in 2024. These top picks stand out for their superior security, durability, and ease of use, ensuring your firearms are safely stored and protected.

Best Gun Safes

KAER – 3-5 Gun Safes for Home

Top-rated: 472 ratings

KAER - Best Gun Safes

Highlight: Constructed from cold-rolled steel with a 14-gauge thick door and three 20mm locking deadbolts for enhanced security.

Helpful review: “I recently purchased this safe for my first firearm, seeking something more manageable and cost-effective than the larger, high-priced safes typically found in sporting stores. It turned out to be a great fit for my needs.

The light feature on the side is incredibly useful, especially since my safe is kept in the basement. When I open it, a light turns on, powered by 4 AA batteries, which helps me see inside clearly. This feature has been particularly beneficial in the dimly lit environment of my basement.

Having a code for access has been a game-changer. While I keep the keys in a secure place, the electronic code allows for quick and easy access. The safe supports 4-8 digit combinations, adding an extra layer of security that’s especially important if kids are around.

The adjustable supports inside the safe are another aspect I’m really pleased with. They can be modified to match the barrel length of different firearms, which shows a thoughtful design consideration. Additionally, the inclusion of pistol holders is a nice touch, even though I don’t currently own pistols.

My only minor issue is the height of the safe. It’s a bit shorter than ideal. If you have firearms with barrels longer than about 28 inches, you might need to remove the top shelf to make them fit. I had to do this, and while it’s not a major inconvenience, it’s something to keep in mind.

In summary, this safe represents incredible value for its price, blending sturdiness with the convenience of an electronic combination lock. It’s perfect as a starter safe, doing everything it needs to efficiently. Just be aware of the height if you have longer firearms.”Mark Watson

Trending review: “This product strikes a balance between a gun locker and a safe, which suits my needs. It’s not designed to withstand a high-security breach but is sufficiently robust to deter casual intruders or curious kids. This level of security is ideal for most people who don’t need an ultra-secure vault.

The construction is solid enough to prevent on-the-spot break-ins, yet it’s not overly cumbersome. It’s a practical choice for keeping firearms away from unauthorized access without the need for a more elaborate setup. The weight and build provide a reasonable deterrent against theft.

The functional aspects, like keys, locking mechanism, door, and hinges, operate smoothly, adding to the overall user-friendliness of the product. The combination pad is particularly user-friendly, contributing to a hassle-free experience.

Size-wise, it’s quite accommodating. It can hold up to five long guns, though four fit more comfortably. Additionally, there’s room for two handguns, along with their ammunition and magazines, offering ample storage for an average firearm collection.

A note on the instructions: The settings button, crucial for programming and adjustments, is conveniently located inside, near the door’s hinge side. This might be confusing initially, but once located, it facilitates easy customization and setup.” – Todd.

Reassuring review: “My first gun safe arrived quickly and was impressively well-packaged. Despite the thorough packaging, there was a minor ding on the top edge, but it wasn’t significant enough to be a concern. The safe appeared smaller than expected in person, but it’s ideal for a beginner’s gun safe.

I found that the door pockets are quite small. When I stored two boxes of bullets (20 each) in the door, the safe tended to tip forward due to the weight imbalance. This made it somewhat unstable on the carpet. To stabilize it, I placed a strip of cardboard under the front edge. However, mounting the safe is recommended for added safety, especially if there are pets or small children around.

Initially, I thought the top shelf was missing, but I later found it cleverly hidden on the underside of the top part of the safe.

The setup of the keypad was initially confusing. The settings button is located on the inside edge of the door jam. To program it, you need to press and hold this button until it beeps and the blue light on the keypad illuminates. Then, press the “#” key, enter your desired PIN, and press “#” again. Remember to hit “#” before and after entering your PIN for it to work.

Overall, I’m happy with this purchase. It’s a good buy for someone looking for a basic, functional gun safe.” – Christine.

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Atripark – Rifle Safes for Home

Top-rated: 563 ratings

Atripark - Best Gun Safes

Highlight: Re-programmable digital access with an electronic lock for quick firearm access in emergencies, including backup keys and all necessary mounting accessories for a complete setup.

Helpful review: “The item arrived early, packaged extremely well with thick cardboard, metal and cardboard corner guards, and foam spacer blocks, ensuring minimal damage to the packaging and no damage to the item itself. It was relatively easy to open.

The item is not quite a thick safe nor a thin metal cabinet, but more like a solid heavy-duty locker with a safe-like door. It has a good overall weight, solid walls with little flex, and a smooth hinge. The handle and lock mechanism are smooth, with five bolts that engage smoothly. There’s a little play in the handle, but it’s solid and consistent in action.

The door opens to about 125 degrees but is limited by its thickness, offering around 8 inches of opening. It’s ideal for storing 3-4 guns and some ammo or accessories. The dimensions are accurate, and the appearance is pleasing.

The electronic keypad is responsive, powered by 4 AA batteries (not included). Setting the code is simple, with lights indicating when batteries need changing. An external battery pack allows access if the batteries die. An alarm sounds if the code is failed 3 times or if the handle is shaken/jiggled, which can be disarmed with the code.

Auxiliary barrel-style keys are included for easy access, along with a velcro pouch for keys, bolts, washers, nuts for installation, and a hex key for the keyhole plate.

The shelf inside is removable for longer barrels but doesn’t come with screws to secure it. There’s no internal lock box, just a shelf for ammo or small accessories. The shelf hooks onto metal cleats and is stable.

The interior is not carpeted except for a thin layer at the bottom. The foam block from packaging can be used to support gun stocks. There’s no internal light, so adding a motion-activated light could be beneficial.

The instructions are not very helpful and poorly translated.

Overall, for the price, this item offers excellent quality, durability, gun protection, and deterrence against unauthorized access, barring those with heavy-duty tools. The price is highly competitive for the features and quality provided.”BZ

Trending review: “I am extremely pleased with my recent purchase of this gun cabinet. The item arrived completely assembled and was impressively packed. It was enclosed in 1” thick corrugated cardboard, safeguarded on all sides and the bottom, and even had metal protection for the corners. The impeccable packaging ensured that my cabinet arrived in perfect condition, without any scratches or dings.

I noticed, like some others have, that the battery compartment door had fallen off and was at the bottom of the cabinet. This issue was minor for me and was quickly resolved by wedging a bit of firm foam into the door catch, a simple and effective solution that didn’t detract from my overall satisfaction.

Programming the personal and master code for the lock was straightforward and user-friendly. I found the lock to be very responsive, and the interior light, which turns on and off automatically, added a practical touch. Although the light provided is sufficient, I could easily install an additional small LED light if more illumination is needed.

It’s worth noting that this cabinet is sturdy but not as heavy-duty as some safes, which suits my needs perfectly. It was relatively easy for me to install on an upper floor, a task that would have been much more challenging with heavier safes. I secured it in a corner and anchored it to the wall, using a wood spacer to match the baseboard and ensure stability. The result was a rock-solid installation.

I highly recommend this cabinet to anyone looking for a reliable and secure way to store their guns and ammunition. The cabinet effectively keeps firearms out of unwanted hands without being overly cumbersome or difficult to install. My experience with this cabinet has been very positive, and I am very happy with my purchase.” – Trent Satterfield.

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BARSKA – Biometric Gun Safe

Top-rated: 2,397 ratings

BARSKA - Best Gun Safes

Highlight: Biometric access with silent mode option, offering discreet and secure storage for firearms, enabling quick and noiseless access.

Helpful review: “I was initially hesitant to purchase this safe due to negative reviews, but the combination of an attractive price, free Prime shipping, and the simplicity of what I needed the safe for led me to take a chance. Despite my concerns, the safe arrived in excellent condition, thanks to robust packaging that protected it from any potential shipping damage. This was the first positive aspect of my experience.

Upon unboxing, everything appeared in perfect order – no loose screws, no interior damage, and all parts and pieces were included. Setting up the fingerprint scan was straightforward and it worked flawlessly for me and my older sons, a definite plus. The safe’s carpeted interior and shelving added a nice touch, enhancing its overall functionality.

My main requirement was to securely store 4-6 rifles, magazines, ammo, and a few handguns, and this safe met that need perfectly. While not an impenetrable vault, it provides a significant deterrent to potential burglars, especially considering my existing home security measures. Its semi-heavy build (requiring two people to lift) adds to this sense of security. Removing the bottom shelf created enough space to comfortably store the long rifles, though the capacity is limited to around six.

However, it’s important to recognize the safe’s limitations. It’s not fire-resistant and doesn’t have the capabilities of a high-end vault. It’s a practical solution for keeping weapons away from unauthorized access and adding an extra layer of security. The lack of a built-in light means you’ll need to purchase a motion sensor light for the interior.

In summary, I’m satisfied with this purchase and would consider buying the same model again. The safe effectively meets my needs for a secure storage solution at a reasonable price point.Jill M.

Trending review: “After encountering many negative reviews, I decided to give this biometric safe a try, mainly for its digital combination and fingerprint unlocking system. My wife struggles with remembering combinations, so a biometric safe seemed ideal. Despite the wear and tear on the shipping box, the safe itself was in perfect condition, thanks to the protective foam padding.

However, setting up the safe proved challenging due to outdated instructions. The manual failed to mention the hidden emergency key access behind a Barska label. After some frustration and a call to customer service, I discovered the key access and was able to set up the biometric lock without further issues.

The safe’s interior space is suitable for a couple of guns and ammunition. Its pistol holder didn’t fit all my firearms, especially the longer grip ones. The shelves were useful, but I had to remove the lower one to accommodate my rifles. My scoped rifle didn’t fit well, so I had to position it at an angle.

Despite these limitations, the safe meets my primary need of keeping firearms away from my children and adding a layer of theft deterrence. It’s not fireproof, but that wasn’t my concern when purchasing it. Overall, I’m content with this safe. It’s perfect for storing a small collection of firearms and ammunition securely. While the instructions need updating, the safe is reliable, and I recommend it, especially for families looking for a simple and effective way to secure their firearms.” – David Schwind.

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RPNB – Large Rifle Safe

Top-rated: 500 ratings

RPNB - Best Gun Safes

Highlight: Heavy-Duty construction with 14-gauge carbon steel and five 20mm solid steel bolts.

Helpful review: “I recently ordered this safe as I was seeking secure storage at an affordable price, and it has turned out to be an excellent investment. The safe arrived swiftly, although it’s quite heavy, around 120 pounds. Despite rough handling during shipping, the robust packaging ensured it arrived in almost perfect condition, save for a minor dent which was hardly noticeable.

The quality of the safe impressed me. It’s well-made, with no visible seams and a smooth functioning electronic lock that was straightforward to program. The steel construction is sturdy, though not as thick as some higher-priced models, it’s significantly stronger than many gun cabinets I’ve seen. This was exactly what I was looking for in this price range.

Another great feature is the additional smaller safe included in the package, enhancing the overall value. Both safes were easy to secure to the floor and wall using the included bolts, although I added larger washers for extra security. The main safe comfortably accommodates up to five long guns, even with scopes, and can also hold a couple of handguns on the velcro-covered inner door.

I appreciate the recessed door design, which makes it very difficult to pry open. Even if the hinges were somehow compromised, the door would still remain securely closed due to its design.

There was a minor issue with the lock on the inner compartment of the larger safe, but RPNB’s customer service was quick and highly satisfactory in resolving this. Their responsive and helpful customer service added to my positive experience.

For those seeking a balance between security and affordability, this safe is an ideal choice. It’s not fireproof or as heavy-duty as some more expensive safes, but it offers much better quality and security than standard gun cabinets. It’s perfect for keeping firearms away from children and unauthorized persons, and it serves as a reasonable deterrent against theft.

After using it for over a year, I can vouch for its durability. It has sufficient space for a 28″ barrel shotgun with a little room to spare, as well as for another shorter shotgun, three rifles, and four handguns in velcro holsters on the door. This capacity and flexibility make it a highly recommendable safe for anyone looking for effective gun storage without breaking the bank.”Brad M.

Trending review: “I recently acquired a gun cabinet, which has turned out to be a satisfactory investment for its price. However, it’s crucial to acknowledge that while it is marketed as a ‘safe’, it resembles a secure cabinet more than a traditional safe. It offers reasonable protection but might not meet the security expectations of a higher-priced safe.

The cabinet is designed with a smart balance of width and depth, unlike some cheaper models that compromise on width. This design choice ensures it fits easily in most closets. It adequately accommodates up to five long guns, although it’s yet to be tested with scopes on all of them. The barrel holder is crafted from wood, which feels more durable than the foam variants commonly found in similar products. I appreciate the inclusion of solid hardware for bolting the unit securely to the floor. The PIN lock system operates effectively, and the cabinet avoids the use of excessive carpet material on the walls, which can trap moisture – it’s only present on the floor and inner door panel.

On the downside, the cabinet, despite its name, doesn’t provide the high level of security one might expect from an expensive safe. It’s not equipped to withstand determined break-ins with tools like a pry bar. The door panel feels somewhat thin, although it’s thicker than some competitors in the same price range. When it arrived, the packaging seemed insufficient, leading to cosmetic damage, such as scuffs and rubbing on the corners. The storage capacity for ammunition or other items, especially in the top lockable shelf, is limited. The shelf might have been more functional as an open one. Additionally, the pre-drilled holes for bolting the cabinet are all aligned in the center, which is not ideal for security, though it helps prevent tipping when the door is open.

In conclusion, while the cabinet has its limitations, most of which are common to safes at this price point, it’s a reasonable value for money. It’s a suitable choice for those needing secure storage but without the high security of more expensive safes. Potential buyers should have realistic expectations about its capabilities.” – Mark S.

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BBRKIN – Large Rifle Safe

Top-rated:1,918 ratings

BBRKIN - Best Gun Safes

Highlight: Alarm System and Silent Mode, alerting on incorrect access attempts and offering the option to silence operation for discreet use.

Helpful review: “I recently purchased the BBRKIN Large Rifle Gun Cabinet and have been using it for about a month. After extensive research and comparing various options, I found this cabinet to be the best value for its price and functionality. The interior dimensions, accurately listed in the product details, were a significant factor in my decision. This cabinet comfortably accommodates 5 – 6 long rifles, even with optics or other accessories attached.

The quality of the materials is satisfactory. The metal used for the sides and back of the cabinet is similar to that of a school locker. While it’s not the thickest, it’s adequate for the price. The door of the cabinet, however, is impressively solid and thick, featuring robust security bars and deadbolts. The lockbox included in the cabinet, although not of significant value to me, is also well-made.

I appreciate the foam support frame inside the cabinet, which ensures that the rifles stay securely in place without any unwanted movement. The keypad for the cabinet is reliable and responsive, providing quick access when needed. The initial issue with the provided batteries was quickly resolved by replacing them with new ones.

I also added some personal touches to the cabinet, such as a custom-built bottom shelf and magnetic spice shelf for additional storage, along with plans to install magnetic LED lights.

The cabinet was delivered on time and was well-packaged, arriving without any damage. The customer service from BBRKIN, especially from Alan, was commendable. He reached out to inquire about my experience and even offered a complimentary door panel organizer, which I found to be a very thoughtful gesture.

Overall, my experience with the BBRKIN Large Rifle Gun Cabinet has been very positive. It meets my expectations, and I would consider purchasing another one as my collection grows. Despite some negative reviews, my personal experience aligns more with the positive feedback I found during my research. This cabinet has proven to be a wise choice for my needs.Marcus Aiello

Trending review: “I recently purchased the BBRKIN gun safe for my upstairs bedroom, aiming for a balance between security and convenience. Living in a rural area with limited local purchase options, I explored various safes, including a $900 Steelwater and a $500 option from BJ’s, but the latter’s high shipping cost and heavyweight were deterrents. The BBRKIN’s free shipping via Amazon and its manageable weight of 80-90lbs made it an appealing choice.

The safe arrived well-packaged, with only a minor ½ inch paint scrape on a back edge corner, which I found completely acceptable. It required no assembly and had convenient mounting holes for both floor and wall installation. I opted for wall mounting, using a wood spacer and toggle bolts to accommodate my baseboard. Drilling larger holes for the bolts was challenging, indicating the container’s robust construction.

I appreciated the practical additions I made to the safe, such as an inexpensive motion-sensitive light and adhesive bumpers on the door frame to minimize noise. The adjustable gun rack efficiently accommodated my rifles. However, the keypad, despite functioning well, felt a bit flexible and didn’t inspire complete confidence. A light backlighting for the keypad or perhaps a biometric version might have been better options.

The safe’s sturdy handle and lock knob, as well as the internal lock box, add to its functionality. Despite some minor issues, I am highly satisfied with this purchase for its price point. It effectively meets my needs for a gun safe, providing a good balance of security and practicality without being overly cumbersome or expensive. I would recommend the this safe to others in similar situations.” – Jooset.

Get it from Amazon now: $359.99 


Langger V – Gun Safe for Rifle

Top-rated: 919 ratings

Langger V - Best Gun Safes

Highlight: Easy to Install with pre-drilled holes and included mounting hardware, suitable for floor or wall mounting.

Helpful review: “I recently purchased the gun safe and was pleasantly surprised by the quality, given the reasonable price point. Initially, I encountered a minor issue as the safe did not include a shelf. However, the customer service was excellent; they responded to my email within just 1.5 hours, which is incredibly fast and much appreciated.

This safe is suitable for regular home use, designed to store multiple weapons and valuables. It’s not built to withstand a determined break-in attempt, so it’s important to have realistic expectations about its capabilities. The digital lock is user-friendly and effective in keeping unauthorized users out. Additionally, the safe comes with two sets of keys – one for the main door and another for the smaller lockbox inside.

A thoughtful feature of this safe is the backup battery pack, which comes in handy if the main batteries for the lock die. This allows you to bypass the need for a key in such situations. The safe comfortably holds 4 to 5 long weapons, depending on attachments, and uses a simple foam insert for protection. While the foam is basic, it serves its purpose well and is a cost-effective solution.

It’s important to note that this safe is not designed to deter criminals equipped with tools and ample time. Its primary function is to prevent access by children and unauthorized individuals. For added security, the safe includes mounting screws to secure it to a wall. It’s advisable to attach it to a support beam for increased stability.

There are a few minor drawbacks. The safe came with small rubber dots to prevent the metal door from clanging against the frame, but these were insufficient. I added additional rubber dots for a quieter and more secure door. The bottom of the safe is bare metal, so I purchased rubber adhesive feet for better stability and to protect the floor.

My only small complaint is the lack of a handle on the smaller door, which requires using a key to open. To address this, I added a magnetic handle for convenience.

In conclusion, if you need a basic yet reliable safe with a digital lock, a shelf, and a built-in lockbox, this is a great choice, especially for the price. However, if you require a high-security safe for a large collection of weapons or for protection against serious threats like fires or break-ins, you might want to consider a more robust option.” Augustus

Trending review: “Upon receiving the gun safe, I was immediately struck by the quality of its packaging. Despite its substantial weight, around 120 lbs, the safe was well-protected, arriving without any significant damage, save for a minor dent likely caused during shipping.

The safe’s construction is more akin to a sturdy locker than a high-security safe. Its steel build, though not exceptionally thick, strikes a balance between security and manageability, making it relatively easy to move to my desired location. The dimensions are ideal for home use, fitting neatly into a bedroom or closet space.

Inside, the safe comfortably accommodates up to five rifles. It’s worth noting that rifles with longer side charging handles, like AKs, might fit more snugly if placed next to each other. The rifle racks, while functional, could be improved as some firearms fit loosely. For example, my AR’s tall front sight limits how snugly it can fit into the rack.

The safe also features a useful shelf for storing magazines and other accessories. The floor carpet is a bit on the thin side and tends to shift if the safe isn’t fully loaded, but it’s more stable when several guns are stored.

The lockbox included within the safe is a nice touch. It’s spacious enough for several boxes of ammo and adds an extra layer of security for smaller items.

Mounting the safe to both the floor and wall transformed its stability significantly. The mounting process was straightforward, although I opted to use my own lag bolts for a more secure fit.

One challenge with the safe is its dark interior, which makes it hard to see inside. To resolve this, I installed some budget-friendly, battery-operated lights, which made a significant difference.

The dimensions of the safe are generally adequate, but an extra inch in width would have been more convenient. The depth is sufficient, although the thickness of the door reduces the usable depth slightly.

The locking mechanism functions well, though the plastic dial on the lock does raise some durability concerns. Regardless, the safe locks and unlocks reliably.

While this safe isn’t designed to withstand a determined break-in with tools, it effectively serves its purpose of keeping firearms away from children and casual intruders. It’s also not fireproof, a common limitation among safes in this price range.

Overall, my satisfaction with this purchase remains high. The safe offers a good balance of security and affordability. The customer service from the seller has been excellent, adding to the positive experience. I would definitely consider purchasing from them again.” – James W.

Get it from Amazon now: $279.99 


Paragon – Electronic Rifle Safe

Top-rated: 215 ratings

Paragon - Best Gun Safes

Highlight: Includes Mounting Hardware for secure installation to walls or floors, featuring heavy-duty anchor bolts to ensure stability and safety.

Helpful review: “Upon receiving this gun safe, my initial impressions aligned with what I had read in other reviews. It’s true, as many have noted, the safe does have a tendency to rattle, but I found this issue can be easily rectified by adding some felt pads around the door.

When the safe arrived, it had a dent, which was a bit disappointing. However, the dent was minor enough that I decided against the hassle of returning it. I suspect the damage occurred during shipping, given the safe’s substantial size and weight, which likely makes it prone to rough handling in transit.

A crucial aspect to consider for potential buyers is the necessity of mounting this safe to a wall or floor. This step is vital to prevent the safe from tipping over when the door is open. Even after loading it with four large guns and ammunition, the safe was barely stable when standing alone. Once properly secured, however, its sturdiness is markedly improved.

Comparing it to other safes I’ve seen, like those at Academy, this one feels significantly more robust. I’m confident that once it’s fixed in place, it will offer a decent level of protection against burglars.

Another factor that influenced my decision to purchase this safe was my positive experience with a similar keypad and locking mechanism on a smaller wall-mounted safe I’ve owned for eight years. Despite frequent use, it has never failed me.

Overall, if I could, I would rate this product 3.5 stars for its blend of sturdiness and the minor issues I encountered. However, leaning towards generosity, I’m inclined to round up to 4 stars.”Inferno

Trending review:This gun safe has proven to be an excellent choice for my needs, resembling more of a secure locker. Its weight was a decisive factor in my purchase decision. I found that in this case, the heavier weight did indeed contribute to a heightened sense of security.

I’ve had the opportunity to see other lock boxes in person and also own a more traditionally shaped safe. However, this particular gun safe surpasses them in terms of the locking mechanism and the robustness of the bolts on the doors. It gives me confidence that it would be a significant challenge for any average thief, especially one under time constraints, to breach this safe.

Of course, there’s always the possibility that someone with specific knowledge could crack it open quickly, but I consider that to be an exception rather than the norm. This safe adequately secures my carbine, shotgun, and a few handguns, providing a safe storage solution away from children who might visit.

I appreciate the additional security provided by the separate locking box inside the safe, which comes with its own set of keys. To enhance the safe further, I made some modifications, such as using different hardware for anchoring it to my foundation and installing battery-powered motion lights for better visibility inside.

Overall, I believe this gun safe is the best option within its price range. Should any issues arise in the future, I intend to update my review accordingly.” – Vincent.

Get it from Amazon now: $421.99 


BBRKIN – Quick Access Long Gun Safe

Top-rated: 1,170 ratings

BBRKIN Quick Access - Best Gun Safes

Highlight: Quick Access for Home Defense, enabling immediate unlocking with a reliable 2.5-second scan, with memory retention for codes and fingerprints during battery changes.

Helpful review: “This safe has been a fantastic purchase for me. Despite some reviews questioning its sturdiness, I find it adequately robust for its intended use. It’s not designed to safeguard exceptionally valuable or rare firearms like those in movies such as “Lock, Stock, and Two Smoking Barrels.” For those kinds of items, one might consider investing in a more high-end safe.

The primary purpose of this safe, which it fulfills excellently, is to keep firearms out of reach from children and houseguests. It also acts as a significant deterrent to thieves. While a determined burglar might eventually break into it, the safe effectively prevents a quick grab-and-go theft of the guns.

Regarding the fingerprint reader, I agree that it sometimes struggles with dirty fingers. However, this is easily remedied with regular cleaning. Besides the biometric option, the safe includes a keypad and manual keys, both of which are completely reliable. I think concerns about the fingerprint reader not working instantly every time are somewhat exaggerated. It’s important to note that there are alternative access methods.

This safe isn’t something I’d rely on for quick access in an emergency. I keep it in my closet for general storage, while I have another gun within easy reach for immediate defense needs. The idea of needing to sprint to this safe during a critical situation seems impractical.

Its construction is solid, the price is reasonable, and the setup process is straightforward. The safe comfortably accommodates 5-6 average-sized long guns, and if you contact the seller for the door organizer, you can also store several handguns. There’s an additional lockbox for sensitive documents or ammunition.

While it’s not the ultimate fortress to guard against the most skilled thieves (and let’s be honest, most of us don’t own items as precious as the Crown Jewels), it serves its purpose well within a reasonable budget.”Calvin Bagley

Trending review:This safe has been a game-changer for me, particularly due to the convenience of the fingerprint access feature. My previous safe was a bit cumbersome, often leaving me fumbling for keys and occasionally forgetting to lock it. Now, with this new system, locking up is effortless and a part of my routine.

It’s important to note that while this safe is sturdy, it’s not akin to a bank vault. I managed to move it by myself, though I wouldn’t necessarily recommend that. Its construction is more reminiscent of a robust locker, featuring a heavy door and thick bolts, making it nearly impossible to pry open. Of course, a professional with the right tools might have a chance, but for an economically priced safe, it offers a solid level of security.

One of the best parts of this purchase was using the packing foam to customize the interior, providing additional protection for my valuables. The door organizer, which was included for free, has been incredibly useful for quickly accessing smaller items.

A crucial tip for new users is to bolt the safe down immediately. If it’s empty or not adequately secured, it has the potential to tip over. While I don’t really use the keypad (the buttons feel a bit flimsy for my liking), it’s essential to change the factory code to something more personal and secure.

So far, I’m thoroughly satisfied with my purchase. The safe meets my needs perfectly, and I’m eager to see how it holds up over time. For now, it’s doing a great job of keeping my belongings secure and easily accessible when I need them.” – Edling Gruffud.

Get it from Amazon now: $309.99 

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