Best Gun Belts for Concealed Carry: Tested and Ranked for 2024

Explore the best gun belts for concealed carry in our latest guide. I’ve personally tested and curated a list of top-performing belts that excel in durability, comfort, and support for a secure and discreet carry. Perfect for both newcomers and experienced carriers, this guide highlights choices that combine functionality with style, ensuring your concealed carry needs are met with the best on the market.

Best Gun Belts for Concealed Carry

Relentless Tactical – CCW Leather Gun Belt

Top-rated: 10,086 ratings

Best Gun Belts for Concealed Carry 01

Highlight: Proudly handmade in the USA with a lifetime warranty, ensuring unmatched quality and customer satisfaction.

Helpful review: “I’ve had my Relentless Tactical Ultimate Concealed Carry Belt for nearly four years, wearing it every single day. It’s been through daily wear and the constant pressure of sitting for 12-14 hours as a truck driver, yet it hasn’t shown the common issue of rolling over at the front sides—a frequent problem for me due to a slight gut and the extensive time I spend seated. This belt’s durability outshines other, more expensive name-brand belts I’ve owned, which couldn’t handle this level of use for even a week.

The belt’s performance, especially under the rigorous conditions of my job, is truly impressive. Moreover, as someone who carries concealed, I’ve found this belt to be the best support for both concealed and open carry. It’s rigid enough to securely hold a firearm while being versatile in style to complement any outfit, from casual to business formal.

I strongly recommend Relentless Tactical products, not just for their remarkable durability but also for the lifetime warranty they offer on their leather goods—a rare commitment to quality. My positive experience extends to their IWB leather holsters and mag carriers as well. My endorsement comes from genuine satisfaction with their craftsmanship, making these belts my preferred choice for everyday wear. Their quality and aesthetic appeal make them standout items for anyone looking for reliable, stylish gear.” – Neil Anderson

Trending review: “After an exhaustive 15 hours of research spread over five days, I settled on the Relentless Tactical belt and received it just yesterday. The difference in quality between this and any belt available in regular stores is astounding. The belt’s thickness, height, and slight flex balance perfectly, providing enough rigidity to support a full-size stainless steel 1911 and extra mags without any movement, yet it doesn’t feel like a restrictive powerlifting belt.

Sizing was a major concern for me due to numerous reviews highlighting issues. However, my experience suggests a simple rule: for IWB carriers, measure from the buckle to the most-used hole and add two sizes; for OWB, order the exact size measured. This approach should clarify sizing concerns, as IWB requires extra space, unlike OWB.

I’m curious about the long-term durability of this belt, particularly whether the minimal flex present will increase over time. Despite these considerations, the belt’s comfort level was unexpectedly high, making me question whether a thicker and stiffer belt would be preferable. Yet, considering its thick leather construction and lifetime warranty, it’s unlikely to stretch or warp significantly.

The comfort and quality of this belt have exceeded my expectations, making it an exceptional choice for anyone in need of a CCW belt. Given its price point and the quality it delivers, I found it to be an unbeatable value—I was prepared to pay more for something of this caliber. Relentless Tactical has truly impressed me with their offering.” – Joseph P Davulis

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KORE Tactical – Gun Belt X7

Top-rated: 786 ratings

Best Gun Belts for Concealed Carry 02

Highlight: Innovative ratchet buckle technology allows for precise adjustments and locks at your exact waist size for unparalleled comfort.

Helpful review: “After years of concealed carry and competitive shooting, gathering a variety of gun belts has become something of a hobby for me. My preferred carry positions are either appendix or 4 o’clock, depending on the firearm and the situation. I’ve always leaned towards thin belts with low-profile buckles to minimize printing and allow for easy adjustment without removing the belt entirely. The Trayvax Cinch used to be my go-to due to its stiff yet comfortable build, but I decided to explore other options after hearing about potential changes in their newer models’ stiffness.

Upon researching, I stumbled upon the Kore belt, highly praised in numerous reviews. With a recent update to my gear, including a Tier1 Axis Elite holster, giving the Kore belt a try seemed like the next logical step.

The belt’s price felt reasonable for its offerings, coming with clear instructions, an allen key, and extra hardware. It’s lightweight yet remarkably high quality, with a stiffness that excellently supports the weight of the gun, ensuring it stays in place without adding bulk or discomfort. The rigidity of the belt is comparable to my Wilderness Instructor belt, which also features a stiffening insert.

The ratcheting buckle system of the Kore belt is notably secure and allows for an extensive range of adjustment. This feature is particularly useful for quickly loosening the belt tension, such as when sitting down to drive, making it a standout aspect of the belt’s design.

While the belt’s appearance isn’t entirely discreet, it’s less overtly tactical than some other options, potentially fitting in well with hiking attire or a casual outfit.

However, the belt’s stiffness, while beneficial for supporting holster claws and reducing printing, can feel slightly overkill for carrying compacts, subcompacts, or even some full-size polymer pistols. The belt’s straight design without a natural curve can cause the tail to stick out and print if not positioned perfectly, which is mitigated by using the provided belt keeper.

Despite these minor issues, the Kore belt performs exceptionally well with a good, rigid belt, offering excellent fitment and no need for adjustment between standing and sitting. While it might not be the most comfortable option I’ve used, its precision in forward cant placement and overall functionality make it a valuable addition to my collection. It’s been challenging to find a suitable option for discontinued models like mine, and I’m grateful for the solution provided by the Kore belt. If a future revision further enhances comfort for IWB carry, I wouldn’t hesitate to purchase another one.” – Cruiser

Trending review: This belt has completely exceeded my expectations and has become my all-time favorite, transcending beyond just gun belts to being the best belt I’ve ever owned. Its robust construction confidently supports a weight rating of 8lbs, although I’ve only tested it with about 2-3lbs; it handles the load effortlessly. The buckle’s mechanism is a standout feature, offering both solidity and smooth operation, making adjusting the belt a breeze. The innovative notched system allows for precise adjustment without the usual struggle of finding the right fit between notches, a feature I believe every belt should incorporate.

Carrying my g19 in a hefty holster has always been a challenge with my previous belts, often resulting in uncomfortable sagging. Adding suspenders to the equation only complicated matters further, pulling the belt in conflicting directions. However, this Kore belt has been a game-changer, maintaining its position and offering unmatched support. Its buckle is notably more compact than traditional options, reducing the risk of scratches or snags, which is especially beneficial in tight spaces or when navigating around obstacles.

I’m genuinely impressed with this belt’s quality and functionality, so much so that I felt compelled to share my experience with others. My decision to purchase was influenced by a recommendation from a ccw instructor, a testament to its reliability and performance. Despite the limited number of reviews on this listing, I can confidently say that opting for this Kore belt is a decision you won’t regret. It’s a rare find in a market filled with subpar alternatives, and its craftsmanship is truly commendable.” – Dakota

Get it from Amazon now: $59.95


Nexbelt EDC – Belt for Concealed Carry

Top-rated: 1,289 ratings

Nexbelt EDC - Best Gun Belts for Concealed Carry

Highlight: Features PreciseFit ratchet technology for a perfect fit and quick, easy release with a push-button trigger.

Helpful review: “I decided to try the Nexbelt after reading numerous positive comments online, intrigued by the ratcheting mechanism that allows for incremental tightening. Having previously owned several ratcheting belts from another company, I was curious to see how the Nexbelt compared.

The buckle’s size is immediately noticeable and a significant advantage, measuring 1.5” both in front and back, making it particularly suitable for appendix carry. The belt’s outer material boasts a higher quality feel than the mil-spec nylon of other brands, lending it a more everyday carry (EDC) appeal. The black and red ratcheting mechanism not only looks good but also emits a mechanical click that’s more refined than the industrial noise typical of other belts. Designed to fit up to a 50″ waist, it accommodates up to 46″ waists for those carrying a firearm, considering the space required for the gun.

However, there are a few drawbacks. The belt’s rigidity doesn’t match that of other well-known ratcheting belt brands, requiring me to tighten it more than usual initially to prevent it from slipping by the day’s end. The absence of a belt loop for the excess can be problematic, especially for conceal carry users who might experience size fluctuations throughout the day. While not a deal-breaker, it’s a minor inconvenience that can be remedied by purchasing simple velcro loops from another brand.

The price point is another consideration; I purchased mine for $69, though it has fluctuated on various platforms. It’s competitive with other brands, with the choice between them coming down to personal preference rather than a clear advantage in quality or price.

After six months, my view of the Nexbelt has significantly improved. It’s become my go-to belt, surpassing other options in comfort and buckle size, though it’s still not as rigid as some competitors. The initial issue with slipping seems to have been a matter of adjustment, as it hasn’t been a problem since. If I were to replace it, I wouldn’t hesitate to choose the Nexbelt again, further evidenced by my purchase of a tan one as a backup.

Unfortunately, nearly a year and two months after purchase, the belt’s button snapped off, highlighting a potential durability issue. Despite this setback, the belt’s daily performance over the year has solidified my preference for it over other brands. I’m currently in the process of seeing if Nexbelt will address the buckle issue, underscoring the importance of a reliable warranty and customer service in evaluating the longevity and value of such products.” – James

Trending review: “Exploring the world of reinforced CCW belts, I ventured away from traditional dress and cloth belts to try the Nexbelt. My goal was to find a belt that could support a consistent draw during training and handle the weight of larger firearms I’ve recently integrated into my regimen. Compared to my previous setups, the Nexbelt has been a game-changer.

The belt’s construction is notably sturdy and well-crafted, evident from daily wear that’s testing its longevity both as a CCW and an everyday belt. It provides a stable platform for a consistent draw, unaffected by the heft of larger weapons, and its slim buckle design is compatible with all my appendix holsters.

Even when not carrying, the belt’s comfort throughout a day’s work is comparable to, if not better than, my standard dress belts. Its rigidity, a key feature for its purpose, presents a slight challenge in certain situations like using the restroom, requiring a bit of maneuvering due to its all-around stiffness.

The belt’s aesthetic strikes a balance between tactical functionality and everyday wearability, though its unique look might stand out in environments where traditional dress belts are the norm. The rigidity, while essential for its function, can be slightly cumbersome in specific scenarios, notably during restroom breaks, necessitating a workaround to avoid discomfort.

The most distinctive aspect might be the ratcheting mechanism’s audible clicks during adjustment, potentially drawing attention in quiet settings. However, I’ve found a technique to minimize the sound by holding the release button during adjustments, significantly reducing noise and making it more discreet for daily wear.

For anyone serious about their CCW training or seeking a robust belt capable of supporting larger firearms without sacrificing draw consistency, the Nexbelt is an excellent choice. Its blend of durability, comfort, and discreet design, despite minor quirks, makes it a recommendable accessory for the discerning carrier.” – Brandon Kim

Get it from Amazon now: $59.95


KORE Tactical X2 – Buckle & Reinforced Tactical Belt

Top-rated: 764 ratings

KORE Tactical X2 - Best Gun Belts for Concealed Carry

Highlight: Patented ratchet buckle technology ensures a perfect fit with 40+ sizing positions for unparalleled comfort and support.

Helpful review: “Initially, I was hesitant about this belt, yet my decision to give it a shot turned out to be a great one. I’ve been impressed with its performance. Here’s a detailed look:

The size customization feature of this belt stands out. Unlike traditional belts, it comes with a unique sizing mechanic where you trim the belt to your desired length, ensuring a perfect fit. This adaptability makes it exceptionally versatile.

In terms of durability, the belt has proven its worth. Despite some fraying on the outer fabric which required occasional trimming, the belt’s integrity remained uncompromised. It’s been subjected to heavy use, carrying holsters, flashlights, knives, and various tools, which has tested its resilience. Remarkably, the buckle has sustained over 100lb without any sign of failure, a testament to its robustness.

However, the belt’s stiffness, while beneficial for carrying heavy items, has led to some discomfort, particularly when new. Over time and with use, it becomes more comfortable, although I’ve heard that leather variants might offer a more pleasant initial experience. Despite this, it has become my go-to belt for all occasions—personal, work, and fashion.

The buckle mechanism initially seemed unconventional but quickly revealed its excellence. It allows for effortless adjustments with just one hand and has demonstrated remarkable strength. The ‘zip tie’ design of the mechanism contributes to its reliability, showing no signs of slippage since my purchase.

I wholeheartedly recommend this belt. It offers a blend of durability, functionality, and adaptability that is hard to come by, making it a valuable addition to anyone’s wardrobe.” – Jurrien Arevalo

Trending review: “I’ve noticed there’s quite a bit of criticism surrounding this belt, which puzzles me because it embodies exactly what I look for in an EDC gun belt. There are five key qualities I prioritize, and this belt checks off each one, making it stand out among others I’ve tested.

Firstly, the stiffness and rigidity of this belt are unmatched. It’s the most solid EDC belt I’ve come across, a stark contrast to others that claim rigidity but fall short, feeling no different than a standard dress belt. I believe this is where some of the discomfort complaints originate from, which I find surprising. In my experience, the belt is exceptionally comfortable. However, I can envision it being less so for those with a more pronounced belly.

The width is exactly right. I’ve found that many EDC gun belts are too narrow, allowing holster clips too much leeway to shift. This belt’s width perfectly accommodates standard clips without being overly broad, ensuring it’s not a hassle to thread through belt loops.

The ratchet system is another highlight, featuring both excellent durability and a discreet, low-profile lever. It’s a system that’s easy to adjust and reliable over time.

In terms of durability, this belt outperforms any other EDC belt I’ve tried. Its robust construction suggests it’ll last a long time without showing significant wear and tear.

Lastly, it manages to look good while being highly functional, resembling a regular belt while meeting all the requirements of an EDC gun belt.

Overall, this belt is a superior choice for anyone in need of reliable, everyday carry support. It successfully marries form with function, proving to be a practical yet stylish option.” – James

Get it from Amazon now: $59.95 


Nexbelt Titan Nylon – Tactical Belt for Concealed Carry

Top-rated: 1,339 ratings

Nexbelt Titan Nylon - Best Gun Belts for Concealed Carry

Highlight: 100% Nylon material with a sweat-resistant backing for durability and comfort in all conditions.

Helpful review: “Embarking on the quest for the perfect belt, I’ve ventured through nearly every option available, from the esteemed Blue Alpha EDC belt, Area Gear Aegis belt, to the robust Spec Ops Riggers belt. Each, unfortunately, fell short of my requirements. The Aegis belt’s plastic buckle deteriorated aesthetically too soon, the Spec Ops belt, at 1.75 inches, proved incompatible with most holsters and irritated my skin above the pant line, and the Blue Alpha belt’s Velcro lost its grip in under six months.

Given my daily carry routine, which includes both IWB and OWB with a mag carrier, the necessity for a reliable belt is paramount. Moreover, my need for quick adjustability to accommodate the comfort demands of sitting versus standing, due to my physique, has long since steered me away from traditional leather belts with conventional buckles.

Despite initial skepticism over its seemingly gimmicky nature, I decided to give this belt a try, spurred by dissatisfaction with previous brands. While I typically reserve judgment until after extensive use, this belt compelled me to break my own rule due to its immediate impression of being “the one.”

Right out of the box, the presentation is impressive, coming in a sleek plastic case accompanied by instructions and a novel bracelet designed to hold the belt together—a packaging quality surpassing belts that are double the price. The material strikes a perfect balance between firmness and flexibility, unlike the SOE and Blue Alpha belts, which lack firmness, or the Aegis, which, despite its rigidity, sacrifices comfort.

The belt’s adjustment mechanism is notably more user-friendly than its predecessors, which rely on noisy Velcro. The sound of loosening a tactical belt in a quiet diner is a scenario I’m keen to avoid.

Durability is the final frontier for this belt, and though time will tell, the quality of materials gives me confidence in its longevity. I’m so satisfied with its design and build that even if it lasts only a year, it will have been worth the investment.

My hope is that this review will spare others the belt-buying odyssey I endured, leading them directly to the right choice for their needs.” –  Ixchel Glen

Trending review: “I’ve never been one to write reviews, but the moment I experienced the quality and craftsmanship of this belt, I felt compelled to share my thoughts for the first time. As someone who carries every day and works as a plumber, the challenges I face are unique. Despite living in a state where open carry is allowed, maintaining professionalism around customers means keeping my firearm concealed is a constant struggle. Not to mention, the infamous plumber’s crack is a very real issue, especially with the added weight of a pistol and the constant movement from bending and carrying tools in every pocket.

This belt, however, has been a game-changer. It’s as sturdy and rigid as any gun belt or mechanic belt I’ve owned, but what sets it apart is the ratchet and locking system—it’s simply unparalleled. Now, I can carry my subcompact, a couple of wrenches, screwdrivers, random drill bits, and whatever else ends up in my pockets throughout the day, and my pants and belt stay put. I’ve only had it for a short while, but I’m convinced this is the last belt I’ll ever need.

When it comes to price, I’ve seen some say it’s a bit high, but considering the value, it’s entirely justified. As someone who has spent money on countless gun belts, battle belts, and holsters—some costing upwards of $250—the price range of $60-$100 for this belt is a bargain. In fact, I was so impressed that I bought three, two from Amazon and one directly from the manufacturer because I just had to have the black camo version.

If you’re on the fence about this belt, don’t hesitate. It’s worth every penny, and my only regret is not discovering and purchasing it sooner.” – Monet

Get it from Amazon now: $50.59 


WOLF TACTICAL – Heavy Duty CCW Gun Belt

Top-rated: 2,056 ratings

WOLF TACTICAL - Best Gun Belts for Concealed Carry

Highlight: Features an upgraded slim-profile hybrid buckle for convenient, instant attach-detach capability, enhancing ease of use.

Helpful review: Opting for a larger size when carrying a weapon is sound advice. The Velcro on this belt wraps extensively around to almost my spine, allowing for considerable adjustability. This means downsizing is also viable, offering a snug fit even as I work towards shedding pandemic-induced extra weight.

In an experiment, I found that even if the Velcro were to fail, the buckle’s bar holds steadfast, eliminating concerns about the belt accidentally unbuckling. However, quick removal might pose a challenge, though thankfully, the buckle fits through the loops of finer jeans and dress shorts, a happy coincidence likely shared with khakis from the same manufacturer. The buckle itself is lightweight, serving its primary function without the heft of more cumbersome designs.

This belt may not support the weight of heavier armaments like a kukri or a 10 mm 1911 due to potential imbalance, but it handles an EDC knife and a compact sidearm with ease. Its stiffness rivals that of a high-quality leather belt, suggesting no issue with in-pants carry, barring unusual circumstances like exposure to fabric softener.

Concerns about a car accident leading to injury from the belt were unfounded; it feels safer than previous belts I’ve used. A variety of colors would be beneficial, as I’d eagerly purchase multiple units for versatility and as a precaution against future modifications.

While “Made in the USA” is my usual preference, this belt’s craftsmanship rivals that of high-end products, suggesting longevity and durability despite its overseas manufacturing.

The only notable downside is the buckle’s design, which doesn’t allow for replacement. I anticipate the possibility of wearing out the buckle’s locking mechanism long before the belt itself shows signs of wear, presenting a potential longevity issue.” – Anthony

Trending review: Considering its price point, this belt is an excellent investment. It might not be as robust or stiff as some higher-end options, yet it supports gear or a duty belt adequately without significant flexing or the need for frequent adjustments. It comfortably accommodates my CCW or a duty belt, demonstrating sufficient stiffness.

The design is notably user-friendly, incorporating a smaller female end that simplifies the process of threading through belt loops without needing to remove the buckle. This feature significantly enhances convenience. However, a minor design oversight with the Velcro positioning does exist. On my everyday carry pants and shorts, the Velcro ends just before the loop, causing the tail to occasionally catch on the loop during certain movements. This could potentially lead to the tail’s tip curling over time, which might catch on objects. Adjusting the belt’s position or choosing a different size could easily mitigate this issue.

Overall, I’m pleased with the belt’s functionality and the outstanding customer service received. My belt was initially shipped rolled in the opposite direction, which could have potentially affected its shape. However, the customer service team reached out proactively with an apology and advice on rectifying the shape. Wearing the belt corrected its form as advised, affirming the minor nature of this issue and its straightforward resolution.” – Rudy Ramirez

Get it from Amazon now: $34.99


Kmioc Concealed Carry – Leather Gun Belt

Top-rated: 2,603 ratings

Kmioc Concealed Carry - Best Gun Belts

Highlight: Made from 100% full-grain Italian leather without fillers, ensuring durability and a premium look.

Helpful review: “I approached this purchase with some skepticism, given its affordable price point, but I was quickly proven wrong and pleasantly surprised by its quality. This belt has earned a rare 5-star rating from me due to its exceptional value.

The comfort level of this belt is outstanding, far surpassing that of my regular belts, which had a tendency to break. It’s incredibly sturdy, constructed like a tank yet with a pleasing finish. Wearing it, I hardly notice the weight of my Glock 19 in my paddle holster; the belt handles the load effortlessly without any sign of flexing. It also provides robust support for my radio on the left side, ensuring the clip stays firmly in place.

Buckling the belt is a smooth and seamless experience, a testament to the high-quality materials used and the attention to detail in its design. The buckle itself is solid, and the entire belt is free of any loose threads or imperfections in the stitching. The fact that the leather is folded over and attached with screws rather than rivets might raise some concerns about potential weak points over time, but it also offers the flexibility to swap out buckles if desired.

My satisfaction with this product is complete, and I wholeheartedly recommend it to others. While the finish might not match the standards of a luxury dress belt, it’s not priced like one either. In terms of fit and finish, it rivals belts that cost upwards of $100, making it an incredible deal. If you’re hesitant as I was, I encourage you to give it a try; you won’t be disappointed.” – Matt S.

Trending review: “This is the best gun/carry belt I’ve found, making it my second purchase from Kmioc. After receiving my first one in brown as a birthday gift from my wife and wearing it daily, I didn’t hesitate to buy another in black due to the outstanding quality of the first.

These belts are exceptionally well-crafted from top-quality leather, and I confidently compare them against any other gun/carry belt manufacturer. As someone who carries every day, and not just light handguns but full-sized, relatively heavy sidearms like the 1911 (approximately 42-48 oz), Sig P229 (approximately 32 oz), and Sig P250 Full-size .45 (approximately 30-32 oz), I can attest to the capability of Kmioc belts. They handle the weight of these firearms without any twisting or sagging, making for a comfortable carry all day long, whether IWB (inside the waistband) or OWB (outside the waistband).

For reference, I have a 33-inch waist, and following their size chart to get a belt size 37 was spot-on for a perfect fit. With an OWB holster, I use the 5th hole, and with an IWB holster, I’m on the 3rd hole.

When the time comes to purchase another gun/carry belt, I won’t consider any brand other than Kmioc. They are unequivocally some of the best available, and I highly recommend them to anyone in need of a reliable carry belt.” – Rambo, John J.

Get it from Amazon now: $34.55 


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