Best Ear Protection For Shooting I’ve Personally Tested and Ranked for 2024

Embarking on the quest for the best ear protection for shooting in 2024 has led me to meticulously evaluate a variety of options, focusing on critical factors such as noise reduction, comfort, and usability. In this guide, I will share my top picks that stand out for their exceptional ability to safeguard your hearing, ensuring your shooting experiences are both safe and enjoyable. Join me as we explore these leading ear protection solutions, designed to meet the needs of shooters seeking the best in auditory defense.

Best Ear Protection For Shooting

Peltor Sport RangeGuard – Electronic Hearing Protector

Top-rated: 3,146 ratings

Best Ear Protection For Shooting 01

Highlight: Clear Voice Tracking technology enhances speech intelligibility by actively filtering out background noise, ensuring clear communication.

Helpful review: “As a regular at the shooting range, I’ve tried various ear protection headphones, but none have impressed me as much as this particular model. They are, without doubt, a cut above the rest.

The comfort these headphones offer is exceptional, crucial for my extended sessions at the range. They fit snugly and comfortably, showing no sign of discomfort, thanks to their ergonomic design. The large volume control buttons are particularly handy, allowing for easy adjustments.

A standout feature for me is the Bluetooth functionality, allowing me to listen to music while practicing. This addition has brought a new level of enjoyment to my shooting sessions. Also, the investment in gel pads was a game-changer in terms of comfort.

Yes, they can get a little sweaty on hot days, but it’s a minor trade-off for the significant benefits they provide. Sound dampening is where these headphones really shine, offering unparalleled protection to my hearing, which is absolutely crucial for me.

Overall, I enthusiastically recommend these ear protection headphones to my fellow shooters. Their perfect blend of comfort, ease of use, Bluetooth capability, and excellent sound dampening make them an ideal choice. The minor inconvenience of them getting sweaty is easily overshadowed by their overall quality and effectiveness. They’ve definitely enhanced both the enjoyment and safety of my range visits.” – Harold D.

Trending review: “I recently got my hands on this remarkable set of ear protection headphones, and I’m quite impressed. The compression and Bluetooth features are outstanding, and the ear cups are exceptionally comfortable. However, I noticed that the headband, while suitable for larger heads like mine, could use some improvement in comfort. To enhance this, I added a padded headband from my passive earmuff collection, which made a significant difference.

Pairing the device with Bluetooth is a breeze, and I appreciate the ease of shuffling songs using the jack cord. The headset also allows me to answer, reject, and end calls simply by pressing the Bluetooth logo on the earcup. Another feature I’m fond of is the compatibility with HY80 ear seals. I personalized mine further by adding fleece.

One of the standout features of these headphones is the excellent microphone quality. It picks up my voice clearly during calls without needing anything in front of my mouth. Additionally, the little LED indicator is useful for showing the current function, and the voice assist feature is a nice touch. I like the flexibility to turn on or off certain features by pressing a combination of the Bluetooth logo and power button.

I plan to test these headphones further at work and while shooting my .40 caliber and shotguns. From my experience so far, they’re worth every penny, and I highly recommend them. Despite the headband’s slightly uncomfortable feel, it’s easy to switch it out with a Philips head screwdriver. This headset is a must-have for a variety of applications like shooting, mowing, and industrial work. It’s efficient at picking up background noise, a feature that’s absent in models like the Alert and ProTac XP. The only area for improvement, besides the headband, is the handling of background noise.” – Butch

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Sordin Supreme Pro-X – Ear Protection For Shooting

Top-rated: 360 ratings

Best Ear Protection For Shooting 02

Highlight: Equipped with 4 levels of sound amplification, ensuring quiet sounds are enhanced for clear auditory perception in various environments.

Helpful review: “I’ve been a frequent visitor to the shooting range for years and have always relied on budget ear protection options like Howard Leights, Walkers, orange foam plugs, and Decibullz. While these were adequate considering their cost, I’ve longed for higher-quality ear protection, especially since my range sessions often span several hours. I recently decided to upgrade to the Sordin Supreme Pro X and I must say, the difference is phenomenal.

The comfort and quality of the Sordin Supreme Pro X are outstanding, but what really sets it apart is its sound suppression capabilities. Compared to the Howard Leights and Walkers active hearing protection I’ve used before, the Sordin’s sound suppression is in a league of its own. It attenuates noise in a way that feels more natural and less jarring. Moreover, it enhances my hearing to a remarkable degree. I find myself able to pick up subtle sounds that were previously inaudible, like the recoil and hammer springs of my pistol as it cycles. It’s an intriguing and somewhat surreal experience.

When deciding between the behind-the-neck and over-the-head models, I was initially hesitant. Many reviews suggested that the behind-the-neck version was designed primarily for use under a helmet or for tactical operations. However, I often wear a hat and found that this version suits my needs perfectly. It’s extremely comfortable and doesn’t exert any excess pressure on my ears. The Sordin Supreme Pro X has not only provided me with superior hearing protection but also significantly enhanced my shooting experience at the range.” – Aaron Roth

Trending review: “I recently got my hands on this ear protection headphones, and I must say, they’re nothing short of magical. The comfort level is unparalleled – they are the most comfortable ear protection I’ve ever worn, and they could easily double as the most comfortable headphones too. They’re incredibly lightweight, and the clamping force is just right, avoiding any instant headache or jaw ache, a common issue with many other ear protectors.

The stability of these headphones is impressive. Despite their light feel, they stay securely in place, even if I were to headbang. As for their primary function of ear protection, they excel outstandingly. Without even turning on the electronics, they isolate external sounds so effectively that all I can hear is the tinnitus in my ears. For someone without tinnitus, it would probably be quiet enough to hear their pulse.

Turning on the electronics initially introduces some electronic noise – a bit of static and an emphasis on high frequencies – but once you lower the volume to the minimum, the difference between wearing them and not wearing any ear protection at all is negligible. Their sound reproduction quality is so natural that I often forget I’m wearing them, even in an indoor range.

What really stands out is how these headphones help you maintain situational awareness. If you play video games with headphones, you’re familiar with being able to locate sounds around you. These headphones replicate that experience; I can easily identify and locate the sounds in my environment. They’ve truly enhanced my shooting experience. If you’re in the market for ear protection, these are definitely worth considering.”Parker Bobb

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Walker’s FireMax Earmuffs – Electronic Hearing Protection

Top-rated: 230 ratings

Best Ear Protection For Shooting 03

Highlight: Offers 4 adjustable frequency modes, including Universal, Power Boost, Clear Voice, and Hi-Frequency, for tailored sound amplification and clarity.

Helpful review: “I’ve been a frequent visitor to an indoor shooting range, going there about 1 to 2 times a week. For a long time, I used my AOSafety over-ear muffs, originally purchased for woodworking, which offer an impressive 30db noise reduction. While they’re excellent at reducing noise, their effectiveness comes with a downside – I can’t hear anyone talking to me on the range, which is quite inconvenient when shooting with friends.

In search of a solution, I decided to try out the Walkers ear muffs. To my delight, they’ve been fantastic. These headphones have a remarkable ability to let me hear conversations clearly, even from people five lanes away, as if they were standing right next to me. When it comes to suppressing the sound of pistol and rifle shots, they do a great job. Although they don’t quite match the noise reduction level of my AOSafety muffs, they provide more than adequate protection for indoor shooting.

Another significant advantage is their comfort. Wearing them for extended periods is no issue, which is crucial for those long sessions at the range. While they aren’t the cheapest option on the market, their performance justifies the price. One minor drawback is a slight hiss that comes through the headset, but it’s hardly noticeable, especially amidst the activities at the range.

I didn’t miss having Bluetooth capabilities on these headphones, as listening to music isn’t my priority when I’m focusing on shooting. If your primary concern is effective hearing protection that doesn’t isolate you from your surroundings, these headphones are an excellent choice. I haven’t compared them to less expensive alternatives, but after reading many reviews, I felt confident these would best meet my needs – and they haven’t disappointed.” – Aaron Roth

Trending review: “These ear protection headphones are, without a doubt, the finest I have ever used. What sets them apart is the elimination of disposable batteries, their USB-C rechargeability, and the ability to double as headphones with an auxiliary input.

In comparison to other types of ear protection I’ve used, including other Walkers models, these headphones excel in comfort. The hassle of changing batteries at the range is now a thing of the past. The ease of keeping them charged or using a portable battery for backup is a game-changer.

The comfort level surpasses that of the Razor muffs. They’re softer, more comfortable, and don’t cause my ears to heat up, even after prolonged use. As electronic ear protection, they’re equipped with two microphones to capture external sounds. They feature four selectable filters: “Clear Voice,” “High Frequency Boost,” “Power Boost,” and “Universal.” I mainly use the default “Clear Voice” setting and haven’t experimented much with the others.

An intriguing add-on is the optional walkie-talkie microphone that connects to the USB-C port. I’ve purchased this accessory, appreciating the added functionality it provides. These headphones offer not just superior hearing protection but also versatility and comfort, making them an essential item for any shooting enthusiast.”Brian Wolfe

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Walker’s Silencer – Hearing Protection Earbuds

Top-rated: 967 ratings

Best Ear Protection For Shooting 04

Highlight: Features a user-friendly control app for personalized settings, including separate volume control for each earbud, sleep modes, and sound quality adjustments.

Helpful review: “My experience with these noise-isolating headphones during a 3-gun competition was exceptionally positive. The competition involved shooting with a 12 gauge shotgun, an open pistol, and an AR-15 equipped with a substantial compensator. Throughout this high-decibel environment, my eardrums remained comfortably protected. The ability to use these headphones without the fear of them being dislodged by my stock, potentially causing ear damage, was a significant relief.

The sound amplification feature of these headphones also impressed me. While I only tested them in the normal mode, I found their performance comparable to my MSA Supreme Pro X. The sound quality was satisfactory, ensuring I didn’t miss any crucial auditory cues during the competition.

The comfort these headphones offer is another noteworthy aspect. I wore them throughout the day without experiencing any discomfort, and they felt considerably cooler than traditional earmuffs.

However, there are a few aspects that could be improved. The separate adjustment for left and right ear sound amplification puzzled me. Although it’s possible to link them via an app, I believe this should have been the default setting. Additionally, I encountered connectivity issues when paired with my phone, experiencing random disconnections and reconnections. In the future, I’ll avoid connecting them to my phone, which might also extend their battery life. Lastly, considering it’s a new-generation product with Bluetooth 5.0, the lack of a USB-C connection was a slight inconvenience, requiring me to carry an extra cable.

Overall, I’m quite impressed with these headphones. They deliver on all their promises, providing excellent noise isolation, satisfactory sound amplification, and outstanding comfort, making them a valuable accessory for any shooting enthusiast.” – Tianyu Yang

Trending review: “Discovering these ear protection headphones was a revelation for me, especially during my hunting trip in Colorado. Wearing them all day wasn’t an issue due to their comfort, and their battery life was impressive. The carry case’s rapid recharge capability added to the convenience. The Bluetooth functionality was flawless with my Moto G7 running Android 10, keeping me connected throughout the trip.

The most remarkable feature of these headphones is their gunfire suppression ability. Shooting a .338, which is quite a powerful rifle, usually poses a significant challenge for ear protection. However, these headphones dampened the sound effectively, making my shooting experience much more comfortable compared to previous instances without protection.

At the shooting range, their performance was equally impressive. I was able to leave them on for the entire session, engaging in conversations and being aware of my surroundings without the hassle of removing foam plugs from my ears.

Despite their excellence, there are areas for improvement. The wind noise, while not terrible, did cause the microphone to cut in and out occasionally. This was a minor inconvenience, but something to be aware of. Another point for improvement is the availability of ear foams. Currently, they offer variety packs, but it would be more convenient and less wasteful to purchase foams in the specific size needed, once you know what fits best.

A pleasant surprise was how well they functioned during fall, as I used a leaf blower while listening to music. They allowed me to remain aware of my busy street surroundings, which was a significant safety advantage.

If you’re contemplating whether to buy these ear protection headphones, I’d say go for it. Purchasing them from Amazon gives the added benefit of easy returns if needed. But in my experience, they exceeded my expectations, and I wholeheartedly recommend them for their remarkable features and performance.Nick

Get it from Amazon now: $149.99 


GLORYFIRE Ear Plugs – Shooting Ear Protection

Top-rated: 419 ratings

Best Ear Protection For Shooting 05

Highlight: Equipped with long-lasting battery life of up to 8 hours, complemented by a portable charging case providing an additional 24 hours of power.

Helpful review: “I recently made the switch to these electronic hearing protection devices, choosing them over more expensive, well-known brands, and I have been thoroughly impressed. These devices stand out not only for their affordability but also for their remarkable functionality, making them an excellent investment for anyone concerned about long-term hearing health.

The key feature that impressed me the most is their ability to amplify regular conversations with incredible clarity, even amidst the quiet whispers in a duck blind. At the same time, they proficiently dampen loud gunshots and other high-decibel noises, ensuring a well-balanced auditory experience. The added convenience of a charging case, capable of multiple recharges, enhances the overall practicality of these devices.

While these hearing protection devices offer around 25 dB of noise reduction, which is slightly lower than the typical 30 dB reduction provided by standard foam earplugs, their performance is still commendable. Notably, they allow me to accurately discern the direction of sounds, enhancing my situational awareness significantly. They might not enable me to hear the faint wingbeats of distant ducks, but they do allow me to hear and pinpoint the direction of approaching ducks by their whistles.

One aspect that truly sets these devices apart is their compact design, which offers a clear advantage over bulky earmuffs. They comfortably fit with hats or beanies and don’t interfere with my cheek placement while aiming a rifle, a common issue I faced with my previous earmuffs.

The directionality of sound these devices provide is remarkable. Unlike many earmuffs that tend to muddle sound direction, these devices excel in accurately conveying where sounds are coming from, an essential feature for hunting.

I was also pleasantly surprised by the secure fit of these devices. They stay firmly in place through various activities, including walking, climbing, and even eating – a stark contrast to the regular earplugs I use for work. The USB-C rechargeable nature of these devices, aligning with my other electronic gadgets, adds to their convenience by eliminating the need for constant battery replacements.

In conclusion, if you’re looking for reliable hearing protection that doesn’t compromise on quality or functionality, these electronic hearing protection devices are an outstanding choice. Their affordability, superior directionality, comfortable and secure fit, and easy rechargeability make them a standout option in the market. I highly recommend them to anyone seeking effective hearing protection that enhances rather than hinders your outdoor activities.” –  Ed Geoffrey

Trending review: “I recently embarked on a quest to find the perfect set of electronic earbuds for my shooting practice, leading me to extensively research various options. After reading numerous reviews, I decided to try out the Gloryfire earbuds, and I must say, I’m thoroughly impressed with their performance.

One of the most notable features of these earbuds is how well they fit in the ears. The snug fit is so effective that I haven’t even needed to use the additional strip provided in the set. This secure fit also proves beneficial during my runs, as the earbuds stay firmly in place, adding to their versatility beyond just shooting practice.

When it comes to sound muffling, these earbuds excel. They effectively dampen loud noises, making them ideal for use at the shooting range. Simultaneously, I can comfortably hear and engage in conversations. However, I did notice that the earbuds tend to amplify the tone of conversations a bit louder than expected. While this isn’t a major issue, it’s something I’m keeping an eye on, and I plan to update the review if this changes over time.

The battery life of these earbuds is another strong point. They hold a charge for a long time and can be recharged multiple times within their case, depending on usage. This endurance is particularly convenient, as I don’t find myself constantly needing to recharge them.

Additionally, the absence of Bluetooth connectivity is a feature I appreciate. It simplifies the usage, allowing me to focus on my shooting practice without the distraction of pairing with my phone.

I’m genuinely pleased with my discovery of these earbuds. In the past, I’ve used both electric and non-electric overhead earmuffs, but they often resulted in headaches and excessive sweating during warmer months. Plus, as a bonus, these earbuds don’t mess up my hair too much, which is a small but welcome advantage!

In summary, the Gloryfire electronic earbuds have been a game-changer for me. They combine comfort, effective noise reduction, and ease of use, making them a highly recommended choice for anyone in need of quality ear protection for shooting or other noisy activities.”Kay M.

Get it from Amazon now: $125.99 


Walker’s Razor Slim – Earmuffs

Top-rated: 20,912 ratings

Best Ear Protection For Shooting 06

Highlight: Equipped with sound amplification technology, utilizing two hi-gain omnidirectional microphones for enhanced, clear, and natural sound recognition.

Helpful review: “As someone with heightened auditory sensitivity and difficulties processing speech amid background noise, I’ve found these ear protection devices to be a remarkable solution. I often joke about having almost superhuman hearing abilities, as I can perceive volumes and pitches usually undetected by most. Additionally, my condition makes it challenging to discern speech when there’s overlapping dialogue or significant ambient noise. Based on these aspects, I’d like to share my experience with these ear protection devices.

On the range, I’ve primarily used these devices while handling a variety of firearms, including a Glock .22, an HK VP9 (9MM) pistol, and a sniper rifle. They excelled in allowing me to clearly hear my companion, even amidst simultaneous firing and conversation. Some wind noise and minor distractions like buzzing flies were audible, but they never became overwhelming or excessively loud.

While the devices offered adequate protection with pistols, I found that additional dampening, like foam earplugs, was necessary for prolonged sessions with the rifle. By increasing the volume on the ear protection, I could still hear surrounding sounds through the earplugs. Their design doesn’t interfere with the cheek rest, ensuring accuracy in shooting, as demonstrated by my ability to hit a target dead center at 700 yards.

The level of comfort these devices provide is impressive. As an audiophile with experience using various high-end headphones, I was pleasantly surprised that these ear protection devices didn’t cause the usual discomfort or pressure pain, even after extended wear. Despite getting a bit sweaty at times, a simple wipe down suffices to refresh them. Their compact design and AAA battery operation add to their convenience.

Given their affordability, I’ve purchased additional sets to ensure I always have spares for others who might need them, as well as a pair for my husband to accompany the firearm I’m gifting him for our anniversary.

In conclusion, for individuals like me with unique auditory needs, these ear protection devices are an excellent investment. They effectively balance noise dampening with the ability to converse clearly, are comfortable for extended use, and offer practicality at an accessible price point.” –  B. Murray

Trending review: “As a newcomer to the shooting scene, my experience with these ear protection devices has been nothing short of a revelation. Prior to this, my only exposure to hearing protection was the standard issue at shooting ranges. I hadn’t considered the possibility of hearing ambient sounds while blocking out gunshots. But now, owning a concealed carry firearm, I see the importance of having personal, high-quality ear protection.

The sound and ambient noise pass-through of these devices are like having a new sense. The ability to adjust the volume of ambient noise and its sensitivity is remarkable. At its maximum setting, I could hear distant conversations, the reloading of a magazine several stalls away, and even my own fingertips rubbing. However, this heightened sensitivity also meant I could hear background noises like air conditioning and foot shuffling. I’ve found a minimal setting for ambient noise pass-through suits me best.

The comfort of these headphones is remarkable. During prolonged sessions at the range, I felt no need to readjust them for comfort. The ear cups seal perfectly and provide adequate cushioning.

The build quality is impressive with a reassuring heft. They feel solid, well-constructed, and durable.

These ear protection devices come with AAA batteries, but I chose to use my rechargeable batteries. It’s easy to accidentally leave them on, leading to the original batteries draining quickly. Using rechargeable batteries seems more sustainable and less wasteful.

Would I buy these again? Absolutely! After getting my first pair in black, I couldn’t resist buying another in OD green. The combination of their sound management, comfort, and build quality make them an essential item for any shooting enthusiast, especially for someone new to the sport like myself.”Vond

Get it from Amazon now: $37.48 


Howard Leight by Honeywell – Electronic Shooting Earmuff

Top-rated: 39,255 ratings

Best Ear Protection For Shooting 07

Highlight: Amplifies ambient sounds up to a safe 82 dB, enhancing listening while offering automatic noise blocking for sudden loud noises.

Helpful review: “These Impact Sport hearing protection earmuffs have been with me for about three years, serving diligently through various demanding conditions. I’ve employed them in heavy equipment operation for extensive hours and on numerous construction and demolition projects. Despite not being the pinnacle of technological advancement, the utmost in comfort, or offering the highest degree of sound dampening, their performance across the board, coupled with an attractive price point, earns them my full endorsement.

In contrast to some of my colleagues who have opted for pricier, feature-rich models from brands like 3M, these earmuffs strike a balance between functionality and durability without necessitating overprotective handling. They’ve survived the rigors of a construction site, the chaos of small arms fire, and even the curious hands of my children, all the while maintaining excellent audio clarity and amplification. This amplification feature, in particular, has spoiled me, enhancing my hearing without feeling restrictive or unnatural.

The comfort level allows for prolonged wear without issue, and their battery life is impressively long, enduring through countless hours of use at full amplification. Their low-profile design is another highlight, ensuring they never hinder movement or become an inconvenience, even in dynamic work environments.

I’ve tested them against the intense noise of firearms like the compensated 308 Win and 10mm Auto, and they’ve provided sufficient protection without any subsequent ringing in the ears. They’re also invaluable in noisy environments like equipment cabs, where they protect my hearing while allowing me to remain aware of essential sounds like voices, horns, and engine noises.

However, it’s worth noting that while they offer substantial protection, those accustomed to higher NRR (Noise Reduction Rating) earmuffs might find them a bit lacking. To me, they strike the perfect balance, meriting a five-star rating.

After years of dependable service, they’re still performing as well as day one, despite the visible signs of wear. Their durability through extreme conditions, from sub-zero temperatures to daily rugged use, confirms their exceptional value. Once it’s time for a replacement, I’ll undoubtedly opt for another set of the same. These earmuffs are not just a tool but a reliable companion for anyone in need of quality hearing protection.” – Vex520ak

Trending review: “Having been thoroughly impressed with my first pair, I didn’t hesitate to acquire a second set of these electronic hearing protection earmuffs. Their comfort is unparalleled, fitting perfectly without straining your head, and they’re incredibly effective with rifle stocks, provided you know how to achieve the right cheek weld.

A memorable experience with these earmuffs was during a dusk shotgun session. Alone and wrapping up, the sound of footsteps caught me off guard. Despite not seeing anyone initially, my flashlight revealed a coyote about 100 yards away, though it sounded much closer due to accidentally setting the earmuffs to maximum sensitivity.

The sound quality these earmuffs offer is astonishing, creating an illusion of not wearing any protection at all. They’re designed to automatically mute when encountering loud noises, ensuring your hearing remains protected without isolating you from your environment. Adjusting the volume does require a bit of patience due to a slight delay, but the clarity and directionality of the sound they provide are worth it.

On the range, these earmuffs make communication effortless, a stark contrast to the typical shouting necessitated by inferior ear protection. Their natural sound reproduction has made them a favorite among Range Safety Officers, facilitating easier communication during long shifts.

Though I haven’t used them for hunting, my brother’s glowing endorsement for their effectiveness during elk hunts has convinced me of their versatility. Based on my experience, I believe they could significantly enhance the hunting experience.

Overall, these earmuffs have earned a perfect score from me. Their exceptional balance of protection, comfort, and natural sound amplification sets a new standard for hearing protection. I highly recommend them to anyone looking to enhance their shooting or hunting experience while safeguarding their hearing.”J. Franklin

Get it from Amazon now: $59.66 


Walker’s Razor Quad – Electronic Ear Protection

Top-rated: 3,490 ratings

Best Ear Protection For Shooting 09

Highlight: Equipped with four high-gain omnidirectional microphones for 360-degree sound capture.

Helpful review: “I’ve relied on Walker’s Alpha Muffs for a decade, but recently considered an upgrade, leading me to choose between these and the XCEL 500BT. Drawn by the allure of Bluetooth technology and swayed by the price, I opted to try these first. I’m a regular shooter for work and wanted something for yard work and occasional events like Monster Jam.

These headphones are impressively slim and comfortable, a significant improvement over my old ones that interfered when shouldering a rifle. They’re compatible with eye protection, thanks to a neoprene top that sits comfortably. Setting up Bluetooth was a breeze with my iPhone 7, and the sound quality is satisfactory, with crackling only when the volume is pushed to extremes. The ability to fold them neatly for storage is another plus, and their Noise Reduction Rating (NRR) of 23 is decent for this type of ear protection.

However, there are drawbacks. The directional amplification isn’t great; it’s hard to pinpoint sound origins despite having four mics. Bluetooth functionality is basic; you can’t isolate it from the sound amplification feature, and it disconnects if the volume is minimized. Phone call quality is mediocre, with low volume and noticeable echo. I’ve also experienced both the earmuffs and my phone playing music simultaneously, which was unexpected.

Despite these issues, I see these as a substantial upgrade from older models. The Bluetooth, while not perfect, is a nice addition for the price difference. These are worth considering in the $50-$80 range but not at the full MSRP of $130. If Bluetooth isn’t a priority, the Walker Patriots might be a more suitable and cost-effective choice.

I’ve decided to keep them and am overall satisfied. It’s crucial to remember that these are primarily hearing protection devices, not high-end noise-cancelling headphones. They’ve proven effective for shooting and loud environments, and the battery compartment is an improvement over my previous pair. I can’t yet speak to the battery life, but I’m hopeful given my positive experience with Walker products.” – Mike Lembo

Trending review: “I’ve found these earmuffs to be a top choice for under $100, particularly impressed by their electronic amplification, comfort, and compact storage capability.

The electronic amplification of these muffs enhances sound better than my natural hearing, which is quite sharp thanks to consistent use of hearing protection. This feature even allowed me to hear deer from 25 yards away. They fold down compactly, and I’ve found a travel case sold separately for just $10 that fits them perfectly. The comfort level is notable; while they’re not as plush as high-end headphones like Bose QC, for slim earmuffs, they exceed expectations. The controls are straightforward and effective, with one knob for power and volume and another for Bluetooth adjustment.

However, the Bluetooth feature leaves much to be desired. The connection is fragile, and audio playback quality significantly lacks, making music listening less enjoyable. Despite this, the ease of Bluetooth pairing is commendable. The muffs auto-pair quickly and efficiently, handling phone connections seamlessly without needing to physically manage my phone.

The Bluetooth’s audio quality may not satisfy audiophiles, but it’s adequate for phone calls or listening to podcasts where fidelity is less critical. For noise blocking, these muffs perform well outdoors but may fall short in indoor ranges with louder calibers like 9mm or .556, where I still prefer using earplugs for enhanced protection. Luckily, they’re spacious enough to comfortably wear earplugs underneath, and with the amplification turned up, conversation remains easy.

Despite some drawbacks, I view these earmuffs as excellent value for the price, having recommended them to friends who’ve also been pleased. I’m even considering purchasing an additional pair for guests. Overall, they’re recommendable for those seeking effective, budget-friendly hearing protection.”Taylor C

Get it from Amazon now: $67.52 


Awesafe – Electronic Ear Protection for Shooter

Top-rated: 8,117 ratings

Best Ear Protection For Shooting 08

Highlight: Features a Noise Reduction Rating (NRR) of 24 dB, with a volume control button for electronic noise reduction and sound amplification customization.

Helpful review: “I’ve found this headset to be quite comfortable, with soft padding around the ear cups and a fit that doesn’t squeeze my head. The batteries impressively last for days, and its slim design avoids marking the gun stock, making it ideal for shooting practices.

However, I’ve encountered a significant issue related to Bluetooth interference. Being a Ham Radio Operator for six decades, I’m well-versed in radio frequency transmission interference. When activating Bluetooth on any of my Android devices, I immediately experience static and buzzing in the headset, stemming from the Bluetooth signal operating in the 2.4 gigahertz range. Turning off the Bluetooth on the device ceases the interference, indicating a clear correlation.

Unfortunately, adjusting the headset’s volume doesn’t mitigate this issue, suggesting a missed opportunity by the engineers to include a simple 2.4 gigahertz blocking filter, which could have solved this problem for a minimal cost.

Moreover, when the volume is maxed out, there’s a noticeable hiss alongside the amplified audio, a trade-off with its analog audio technology. Despite this flaw, if you’re not planning to use Bluetooth remote devices, the headset performs admirably, especially considering its attractive price point.

It’s worth noting that this isn’t an isolated issue; my other electronic headsets, including those priced over $100, also suffer from Bluetooth signal interference, pointing to a broader oversight in design considerations across manufacturers. Nonetheless, for its comfort, battery life, and value, I would still recommend this electronic headset to those looking for reliable ear protection, with a caveat about potential Bluetooth interference.” – Rodney Davis

Trending review: “While browsing shooting headsets on Amazon, I found these. There’s a wide price range, but having used Peltor Comtac 3s in the Marine Corps without issues, I wasn’t keen on spending a lot this time. I discovered the Awesafe headset for around $37 and decided to try them, despite expecting to compromise on comfort and reliability at this price. However, I was pleasantly surprised right from the unboxing, which felt like opening a luxury item, complete with two gifts and the headset snugly fitted in custom foam that doubles as a case.

These headsets function as well as my previous high-end Comtacs, except for their compatibility with a tactical helmet, which I haven’t tested. They even offer the option to play music, enhancing the shooting experience with added versatility. The sound pickup is excellent, clearly capturing conversations and instructions, while effectively dampening gunfire noise for comfortable shooting.

Impressed with their performance, I’m planning to buy an extra pair as a backup. Although it’s too soon to comment on their longevity, their quality makes me eager to hit the range just to wear them. I’ll update this review after a few months to share how they hold up over time.”Shane

Get it from Amazon now: $36.99 


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