Best Concealed Carry Holsters for 2024: Reviewed and Ranked

Is it possible to find the top concealed carry holsters that blend comfort, style, and affordability? I’ve taken on the challenge to answer this question. Here’s my personal ranking and hands-on reviews of the best concealed carry holsters to guide you in making the right choice for your needs.

Best Concealed Carry Holsters

Concealment Express – IWB KYDEX Holsters

Top-rated: 28,410 ratings

Concealment Express - Best Concealed Carry Holsters

Highlight: Adjustable Retention Pressure and Carry Angle (0-15 Degrees).

Helpful review: “I recently purchased a holster with the intention of using it for appendix carry. As a 6′ tall, 190 lb individual, I found that the holster, as it initially came, wasn’t suitable for my needs. It might work for someone who wears their pants higher, but it wasn’t working for me. So, I explored other options like a belly band, even considered making my own kydex holster, and delved into research and videos.

Many people criticized the affordability of the holster, suggesting that a higher price equates to better quality. However, I wasn’t willing to spend $100 on a holster for a $280 gun. The holster was close to what I wanted but needed some adjustments. So, I decided to modify it, and now it’s the most comfortable AIWB (Appendix Inside the Waistband) holster I’ve ever worn. It doesn’t dig in when I sit or stand, I can bend over comfortably, and it’s discreet enough under a t-shirt. In fact, for the first time, I forgot I was even carrying it.

Here are the modifications I made, turning it into a highly functional holster:

I drilled additional holes for the belt clip, creating a long vertical groove. This allowed me to adjust the clip downwards towards the barrel of the gun, avoiding any scratching on the slide.

I swapped out the rubber insert for trigger retention with one from the belt clip. Tightening the trigger retention is often recommended, and using a thicker rubber insert helps push the butt of the gun closer to the body, reducing printing.

I sanded down the excess kydex around the front sight and all edges to eliminate any pointy parts that could cause discomfort during appendix carry.

I crafted a ‘raven’s claw’ out of kydex or aluminum. This small curved piece, attached to the trigger retention screw, pushes against the inside of the belt to keep the gun close to the body. It’s a personal preference modification, but I found it aids in concealment.

Despite needing these modifications, I give this holster 5 stars due to its affordability and the ease of making these adjustments. With a little effort and minimal tools, this holster can stand up to much more expensive options on the market.

I hope these tips help others looking for a comfortable, affordable appendix carry option!” – jhundley

Trending review: “My second purchase of a Concealment Express IWB holster has only reinforced my satisfaction with the brand, and I anticipate it won’t be my last acquisition from them.

Initially, I opted for a Concealment Express IWB Kydex holster for my Glock 26, mainly due to the prohibitive costs and long delivery times of other holsters I was considering. While I initially “settled” for Concealment Express, I was pleasantly surprised by the quality. However, there were some drawbacks: the clip was slightly larger than 1.5″, the hardware had sharp edges that could potentially scratch the firearm, and the conspicuous “Concealment Express” logo on the belt clip wasn’t to my liking. Despite these issues, I used this holster for my G26 for nearly a year before needing a new holster for a different firearm.

When searching for a holster for my new purchase, I considered more expensive and non-Amazon options but eventually returned to Concealment Express. Their competitive pricing, quick Prime shipping, and my previous positive experience influenced my decision. I was delighted to find that Concealment Express had addressed all my earlier concerns in their latest IWB Kydex holster. The belt clip size was perfect, the hardware was smoother and didn’t scratch the gun, and the belt clip was thinner and no longer bore the company logo.

This updated holster is exceptional, especially considering its price. It features high-quality kydex, a sturdy clip that maintains the right angle, smooth draw and reholstering, adjustable retention, and a design that thoroughly covers the trigger area for maximum safety. Its low profile also aids in effectively concealing my firearm, despite my thin frame.

I highly recommend this Concealment Express holster to anyone seeking an affordable, simple, yet highly functional holster. It’s an excellent choice whether you’re on a budget or just prefer a more straightforward holster compared to a hybrid one.” – Craig

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ComfortTac – Belly Band Holster

Top-rated: 48,801 ratings

ComfortTac - Best Concealed Carry Holsters

Highlight: Flexible Wear Options including appendix, hip, and cross draw.

Helpful review: “I’ve experimented with various holsters and found this one to be particularly well-designed, especially for carrying my Sig 365 macro pistol and a spare magazine. It conforms closely to my body, which is essential as I prefer appendix carry. This position often raises concerns about printing, but this holster keeps the gun snug against my body, significantly reducing the visibility of the grip. However, I still make it a point to check my appearance and choose my clothing carefully before heading out.

The holster features a snap closure that is intuitively designed for easy, one-handed draw. Unlike the V… holster with a magnetic closure, which I also tried and found the snap to open from the less convenient side, this holster unsnaps as I lift my thumb, moving the restraining strap out of the way efficiently. The V… is a high-quality product and molds slightly more to the body, and I’ll continue using it too. My only issue with the V… is the orientation of the snap closure; I prefer a design where I can lift my thumb to unsnap rather than going over the top to unsnap it from the inside out.

Both holsters use excellent Velcro for adjustments, and the guns are well-protected inside. This is a stark contrast to a generic belly band holster I tried, which didn’t secure the gun adequately. Both this holster and the V… are made from high-quality materials. I’ve tried three different holsters, and I believe this one, along with the V… holster with its optional magnetic snap closure, are solid choices.

The only disclaimer is that I haven’t tested this with a full-sized pistol, just my Sig 365 macro and 365X. The 365X, with its 17-round magazine, tends to show the grip a bit more due to the extra weight. Overall, I don’t think anyone would regret purchasing this product. It’s a reliable and well-thought-out holster for those who prioritize comfort and concealment.” – David

Trending review: “I recently purchased the ComfortTac belly band holster to carry my Beretta 92 FS, with moderate expectations given its resemblance to standard back support belts. Upon receiving and unboxing the product, my initial reaction was mixed, particularly concerning the width of the belt. As a larger individual, I felt that an additional few inches to the belt’s width, which is currently about 4 inches, would have been more accommodating. However, the length was quite sufficient for my 44-inch waist, leaving about 10 inches of extra belt, which was easily managed due to the comfortable velcro overlap.

Testing the spare magazine pouch was less satisfactory. I rate it a 2 out of 5 stars, as fitting a 15-round magazine required significant effort to stretch the elastic strap to its limit. My concern was the durability of the material, especially the neoprene part, which felt quite soft. Nonetheless, it managed to hold without tearing. I plan to keep it stretched for a few days to hopefully ease future use.

The primary test was fitting my Beretta 92 FS into the holster. The belly band proved inadequate for front carrying of the pistol due to its weight. The pistol tended to flap forward and bulge noticeably under a loose shirt. Additionally, the belt tended to slide down to my navel due to the pistol’s weight and the smooth neoprene material. However, carrying the pistol on the hip was more successful. It didn’t bulge as much, and the position was comfortable even while sitting, like at my computer desk. This setup, including three magazines (one in the pistol, one in the pistol compartment, and one in the spare mag pouch), proved more comfortable than my previous Sam Brown belt-style holster. The belly band’s softness and lightness are definite advantages.

I’m keen to see how durable the material is with daily use. So far, the belly belt has been enjoyable to use, and if it lasts a year, I’ll be quite satisfied with the purchase.” – Manuel Villalpando

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Rounded by Concealment Express – IWB KYDEX Holster

Top-rated: 4,274 ratings

Rounded by Concealment Express - Best Concealed Carry Holsters

Highlight: Adjustable Retention Pressure and Carry Angle from -5 to +20 Degrees

Helpful review: “I’ve been in law enforcement for over 25 years and have tried numerous holsters. Recently, my Glock 43 has become my everyday carry (EDC) off-duty pistol. I ordered this particular holster without high expectations due to its reasonable price, but it has surprisingly become my favorite. Here’s why:

Firstly, the holster’s security is top-notch. There’s no chance of the gun accidentally coming out. I noticed a review mentioning the holster was too hard to draw from, but I believe a good level of retention is necessary. The holster includes an adjustable tension screw, and I’ve found the retention to be perfect. It requires a firm grip to draw, but it’s not excessive.

As a left-handed person, I appreciate that the holster doesn’t unintentionally release the magazine. This issue was raised by another left-handed user, but I haven’t experienced it with my setup. The company even custom-made a holster for that individual, demonstrating their exceptional customer service.

The holster is comfortable, thanks to the rounded edges. This might seem minor, but it’s significant when carrying for extended periods.

Despite some reviews saying it’s bulky, I find it quite slim and minimalist. It’s flat and adds minimal bulk, which is inevitable with any IWB holster.

Its adjustability is another great feature. The ability to change the cant slightly makes a significant difference, especially when carrying in different positions like Appendix or Side.

I also value the ease of moving or removing the holster. The large, rubbery grommets on the clip facilitate easy adjustments without compromising the holster’s secure attachment to the belt.

The holster maintains its shape when drawing, allowing for easy re-holstering without having to look down – a crucial aspect for law enforcement officers.

The unconditional lifetime guarantee and its American manufacturing are major pluses.

Lastly, its aesthetic appeal is a bonus. Based on my positive experience, I plan to order more of these holsters for my other Glocks.” – Jason Bourne

Trending review: “I’ve been on the hunt for a low-profile, inside-the-waistband holster that met my specific needs: minimal bulk, secure firearm retention, safe holstering and reholstering, comfort, minimal printing, and a fair price.

This holster has impressively met all these criteria. It’s particularly effective for carrying a larger, chunkier pistol concealed, as it adds minimal bulk. The pistol snaps securely into place and remains firmly positioned, with an adjustable retention feature that I haven’t yet needed to tweak. The holster’s solid build eliminates any worries about the material interfering with the trigger well.

While it’s not the most comfortable without an undershirt, it becomes quite bearable with one. The price point is reasonable for the quality it offers.

I’ve experimented with various other holsters, including more comfortable kydex options that turned out to be too bulky and soft holsters that posed reholstering challenges and tended to come off the belt during the draw. As someone who sweats easily, leather options for IWB were not preferable.

Concealment Express has successfully created a holster that strikes a perfect balance between all my requirements without being overly expensive. I’m thankful for a product that excellently fulfills its intended purpose.” – XAE289

Get it from Amazon now: $44.95 


Relentless Tactical – Leather IWB Holster

Top-rated: 7,845 ratings

Relentless Tactical - Best Concealed Carry Holsters

Highlight: Designed for Inside the Waistband (IWB), Left Side Carry.

Helpful review: “When researching this product, I initially focused on the negative reviews, as I find they often reveal the most about potential issues. However, it appeared that many of the poor ratings were due to customers mistakenly ordering the wrong item or shipping errors unrelated to the product itself.

My primary concern before purchasing was regarding the leather’s quality, a point mentioned in several reviews. Despite these apprehensions, I decided to proceed with the purchase, keeping in mind the option to return if it didn’t meet my expectations.

To my pleasant surprise, upon examining the holster, I found that the concerns about the leather quality were unfounded. The leather was of impressive quality, especially considering the holster’s price point. It’s worth noting that while it doesn’t match the luxury of brands like Galco or Bianchi, its affordability makes it an excellent value for money. The craftsmanship was evident in the strong, well-done stitching and the robust steel belt clip that firmly attaches to the holster.

An added bonus was the inclusion of thoughtful extras in the package – stickers, a bracelet, and an informative note from the manufacturers. This note included care instructions and information about a lifetime warranty, showcasing the company’s confidence in their product and dedication to customer service.

In summary, this holster exceeded my expectations, offering great value for its cost. The company’s commitment to quality and customer satisfaction is commendable, making this holster a product I can confidently recommend.” – Anaheim

Trending review: “I bought this holster based on its reviews and because it seemed like what I was looking for. As someone with a larger midsection, I often find it challenging to find holsters designed for bigger builds. Most seem catered to slimmer figures. To my pleasant surprise, this holster fit very comfortably. Initially, I tried wearing it at the 1 o’clock position, but it proved uncomfortable while sitting. However, when I shifted it to the 4 o’clock position, it was a perfect fit for both sitting and standing. Additionally, my larger midsection didn’t hinder the ease of drawing the weapon.

As my first CCW/IWB holster, I’ve been quite satisfied with its performance. I plan to provide an update after more extended use.

UPDATE: The holster has shown remarkable durability, with very little wear despite frequent use. I am incredibly satisfied with it and am even considering purchasing another as a gift.

UPDATE #2: I encountered an issue where I accidentally bent the metal clip beyond repair. I reached out to the seller to purchase a replacement, but they sent me a new one at no cost. This gesture has left me extremely impressed with the company’s customer service. The holster continues to hold up well, and I’m now contemplating buying another gun just to have an excuse to buy another one of these holsters!” – Chris

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AIKATE – Deep Concealment Shoulder Holster

Top-rated: 7,380 ratings

AIKATE Deep Concealment - Best Concealed Carry Holsters

Highlight: Breathable Neoprene Material for extended comfort.

Helpful review: “My wife recently surprised me with a new holster, knowing my extensive collection and my ongoing quest for a comfortable shoulder holster suitable for a subcompact firearm. Although I have a range of shoulder holsters for larger guns, finding one for subcompacts that’s worth the investment has always been a challenge. Despite my experience with firearms and having several non-shoulder holsters for subcompacts, this particular need remained unfulfilled.

Upon receiving this new holster, my initial reaction was one of disappointment. It appeared flimsy and cheaply made, not at all what I had hoped for. But, after unrolling it and fitting my Shadow Systems CR 920 into it, my opinion shifted dramatically. I’ve been wearing it daily for a week and am genuinely impressed by its well-made, comfortable, and flexible design.

One minor drawback is the heat buildup under the chest band during the summer, but given its minimalist design, the discomfort is manageable. The holster has proven to be highly functional while riding my motorcycle and working in my shop.

A point to note is that drawing quickly from this holster requires significant practice, as the gun’s position perpendicular to the chest band and floor differs from a typical shoulder holster’s parallel alignment. This aspect affects the speed of drawing the firearm. However, the Velcro has held up impressively well so far, although I anticipate putting it through more rigorous testing.

Given my positive experience, I’ve decided to purchase a second holster as a backup for my M&P 2.0 40 Cal. In terms of speed, comfort, and concealment, this shoulder holster has far exceeded my expectations.” – Probie

Trending review: “I’ve experimented with numerous holster styles, including pocket concealments (both front and rear), IWB, leg, ankle, and frame clips. However, as someone with a slimmer build who doesn’t wear baggy clothes, I’ve found most of these options unsuitable.

The first day I used this holster with a .380, it was so comfortable that I forgot I was wearing it within a few hours. It’s discreet enough to wear under a fairly snug shirt, and the firearm, positioned just forward of the armpit, is hardly noticeable. At most, it might appear as if there’s something in my front shirt pocket. The holster’s elastic pocket seems ideal for small frame 380/9mm single-stack pistols with 6-7 round capacity and is secured with an elastic Velcro strap. As someone working in construction and mechanical fields, I appreciate how well it keeps the firearm secure.

One minor modification I’ve made is extending the shoulder strap by adding a roll of VELCRO Brand ONE-WRAP Tape, which has worked well.

Update: After daily use, I’ve noted a couple of areas for improvement. Firstly, adding actual Velcro to the chest strap next to the butt of the gun would counteract the wear caused by the shoulder strap’s Velcro. The chest strap material tends to weaken from the lateral pull.

Also, the ring connecting the shoulder strap to the back of the chest strap tends to shift, causing the material to bunch up. Sewing this connection instead of using a steel ring could be a better solution.

Having used this holster daily for 2.5 years, it’s still my go-to choice. Each holster lasts about 6-9 months with weekly washing, given the wear issues mentioned. I’m currently on my third holster in this period.

Despite these minor issues, this is the best concealed holster I’ve used, now accommodating a PPK. One feature I’d love to see is a small pocket for a spare magazine, perhaps along the top rail of the gun.

Overall, it’s a fantastic holster, well-suited for my needs and lifestyle.” – PDGx

Get it from Amazon now: $18.99 


ComfortTac Ultimate – Concealed Carry Ankle Holster

Top-rated: 3,164 ratings

ComfortTac Ultimate - Best Concealed Carry Holsters

Highlight: Fast, Silent Draw with metal snap retention strap.

Helpful review: “As an enthusiast of concealed carry gear, I was particularly intrigued by this universal ankle rig after seeing a demonstration on YouTube. The versatility of accommodating various sub-compacts and its ambidextrous design for either leg caught my attention. Recognizing Joe Cochran from Sticky Holster product demonstrations, a brand I already admire, I was motivated to try out this ankle holster myself.

Upon receiving the holster, I was immediately impressed with its quality and craftsmanship. The velcro fastening was secure, the elastic band showed no signs of loose stitching, and the nylon holster was both stretchy and durable, easily fitting different gun shapes and sizes. A significant feature for me was the padding on the elastic band behind the holster, which seemed comfortable — a crucial aspect of a good ankle holster.

I tested this ankle holster over two and a half shifts at my office job to provide a well-rounded review. It proved ideal for smaller-sized firearms, like the Ruger LCP or a S&W J-Frame snubnose revolver. However, with sub-compact 9mm pistols like the Glock 43, the experience was slightly different. The holster felt bulkier with these larger guns, and the open-top design led to the barrel end rubbing against my ankle bone, although adjusting the cant helped mitigate this issue.

In conclusion, this universal ankle rig is excellent for those who own multiple pocket-sized pistols. It’s particularly effective and comfortable with pocket .380s or snubnose revolvers. While I prefer traditional, molded, reinforced ankle holsters for larger sub-compacts, especially those with a calf strap, this rig does accommodate Glock 43 and 26 sub-compacts as advertised. This isn’t a drawback of the product itself; it’s more about personal preference. I wouldn’t hesitate to use this holster for a Glock 43 or 26 if I didn’t already have specific rigs for these models.” – Chon

Trending review: “I own a Glock 43 and previously used a leather ankle holster which, unfortunately, was quite conspicuous, even with larger jeans. Recognizing the need for better concealment, I decided to try the ComfortTac holster.

The most striking feature of this holster is its comfort. It comes with a thick Velcro strap, complementing the rest of the band’s design, allowing for adjustable tightness. As someone with larger legs, finding a good fit can be challenging, but this holster fits perfectly. Another significant advantage is how well it secures the weapon against my ankle, unlike my previous leather holster, which made the gun more noticeable.

While the strap might seem a bit flimsy, it effectively keeps the gun in place, which is crucial. I prefer not having an overly strong strap, especially in urgent situations where quick access to the firearm is necessary.

The stretchy material of the holster comfortably accommodates my Glock 43 and ensures it stays in place when I walk. This design helps keep the gun more flush against my ankle and body, making it easier to conceal under my jeans. I’m very satisfied with this holster and am already considering purchasing another one for my right ankle, adhering to the advice of a wise instructor who emphasized the importance of carrying multiple firearms for preparedness and reliability.

Overall, I highly recommend the ComfortTac holster for its comfort, security, and improved concealment capabilities. It has significantly enhanced my ability to carry my Glock 43 discreetly and comfortably.” – Shaylon

Get it from Amazon now: $15.99 


BRAVOBELT – Belly Band Holster for Concealed Carry

Top-rated: 5,614 ratings

BRAVOBELT - Best Concealed Carry Holsters

Highlight: Ideal for Active Wear, suitable for running, jogging, hiking, and everyday carry.

Helpful review: “In writing this extensive review on the belly band holster, my aim was to offer a detailed perspective, especially given the inaccuracies I’ve noticed in other reviews. While I intended to keep it brief, the review organically expanded as I thought more about the product’s various aspects.

One key point I want to address is the misconception around the comfort level of the band. While it is comfortable, I disagree with the notion that it’s so comfortable that you forget it’s on. The band needs to be tightly wrapped to ensure it stays in place and doesn’t slide, especially when carrying equipment.

The belly band does its job but could use some modifications. The Velcro area on the band, for instance, should be larger for a more secure grip. The retention strap’s design isn’t optimal; it should resemble a thumb break holster for a more seamless drawing process. Also, the retention strap material would be better if it were non-elastic and adjustable, allowing for a custom fit for various gun sizes. Upgrading to stronger, heavy-duty snaps would be another significant improvement.

The auxiliary pouch could be wider to fit larger smartphones, a necessity in today’s world. Adding flaps or straps with Velcro or snaps to all pouches would prevent contents from escaping. A starter tab for the holster would facilitate easier holstering, and a second, larger pouch for items like wallets could increase the band’s utility, though it might affect the sizing versatility.

For left-handed users, the band’s right-hand orientation could be challenging. The current setup, designed for right-handed users, wraps counterclockwise, with magazine pouches positioned to the left of the holster. Left-handed users might find this layout inconvenient, as securing the Velcro behind the back can be awkward.

Despite these points for improvement, the belly band is a good, functional choice for concealed carry. It’s comfortable to wear for extended periods and versatile enough to fit various firearms. Even though I have my wishlist for improvements, its current design still makes it a worthwhile option for its price and features.

I hope my insights and detailed breakdown of the belly band’s features and potential improvements provide a clear understanding for potential buyers.” – Jenn Parker

Trending review: “I’m mostly satisfied with this belly band holster, finding it particularly suitable for my lifestyle in Florida and my current job that involves a lot of driving. The comfort it offers over a kydex holster is a major plus, especially in the Florida heat. It’s versatile, allowing me to position it above my waist for long drives or below my waistline for shorter ones. The band also works well with softer workout clothes that can’t support a belt-clip style holster, offering pockets for a gun, wallet/phone, and two additional pockets for magazines, lights, or knives.

However, there are some negatives and areas for improvement:

The belt tends to bunch up if seated for extended periods, unless positioned specifically for sitting. I’d recommend positioning it above the waist in such scenarios for better comfort.

A slight mismatch between the hook pad and the loop portion of the belt can be a bit bothersome. If not perfectly aligned, the plastic hooks can scratch against the skin, which becomes particularly uncomfortable when sweaty.

A note for users regarding the gun pocket: it’s designed for ambidextrous use, but the positive tension of the fabric, while generally a good feature, means that guns with suppressor-height sights can snag during the draw. This isn’t an issue for standard or carry-height sights, however.

An additional pocket on each side of the belt would enhance its utility, making it more of a minimalist belly band than just an everyday carry band. More pockets would increase its practicality.

Overall, considering all factors, I still view this belly band as a good value-for-money product. Despite its few shortcomings, I would definitely consider purchasing it again.” – Lincoln

Get it from Amazon now: $29.95 


LPV Ankle Holster – for Concealed Carry

Top-rated: 3,754 ratings

LPV Ankle - Best Concealed Carry Holsters

Highlight: Soft Ankle Protection Pad for enhanced comfort and barrel protection.

Helpful review: “I initially had a positive experience with this holster, carrying my S&W 9mm Shield and an extra magazine comfortably. The holster proved suitable for everyday use, particularly because I prefer to tuck in my shirt and wear tactical or dress pants. The design, which allows for folding with the gun and magazine still in it, is convenient for keeping the holster on my nightstand at night. However, there were concerns about the stitching quality, particularly at the strap attachment points, which seemed a bit loose.

Unfortunately, after several months of daily use, the holster did not meet my initial expectations. The main issue was with the Velcro fasteners, which lost their grip over time, rendering the holster unusable. Initially, I received a replacement with more Velcro, but this didn’t solve the problem either. I believe that a more aggressive type of Velcro might be necessary for the holster to function reliably.

After a break from using the holster, I tried a makeshift solution with velcro cinch straps, which was not ideal but worked to some extent. The idea of sewing on more aggressive Velcro came to mind, and interestingly, FPV sent an updated version of the holster with this exact modification. This new design seems to be performing well, although I would recommend extending the length of the new Velcro piece for better grip.

I’m pleased to see FPV responding to customer feedback and making improvements. This type of holster remains my preferred choice, and with the latest modifications, I’m optimistic about its durability and continued use.” – John W Banger

Trending review: “This ankle holster feels great overall, especially because the top part distributes the weight onto my calf muscle instead of my ankle, enhancing comfort. It’s stable and secure, with the ankle wrap ensuring close proximity to the leg. I use it for my H&K VP9SK, which is a subcompact gun, but it seems a bit bulky for this holster. Guns that are compact or micro-compact in size would likely fit better. When I holster my gun on the side of the ankle, the handle tends to print significantly.

For those with slightly larger guns, I’ve discovered a useful tip: wearing baggy pants and positioning the holster towards the shin conceals the gun more effectively, especially under loose-fit camo pants.

However, there’s a significant concern: this holster lacks a proper trigger guard. The only protection for the trigger is a thin, stretchy band, which doesn’t seem adequate for safety. I strongly advise against keeping a bullet in the chamber while using this holster, as there’s a risk of accidental discharge if something snags or hits the trigger. With no bullet in the chamber, this risk is mitigated, as the gun won’t fire unless cocked back. It’s crucial to be mindful of these aspects when selecting holsters and to always treat every gun as if it’s loaded, checking multiple times to ensure safety.” – Glen Huff

Get it from Amazon now: $19.97 


GUN & FLOWER – Taurus G2C / G3C Polymer IWB Holster

Top-rated: 5,621 ratings

GUN & FLOWER - Best Concealed Carry Holsters

Highlight: Adjustable Cant from -5 to 20 degrees for versatile carrying positions.

Helpful review: “I recently had the opportunity to try out the Taurus G2C Gun Holster and it has genuinely impressed me. As someone deeply involved in the firearms community and as a concealed carry permit holder, I understand the importance of a reliable holster. My experience with the Taurus G2C holster has been outstanding, far exceeding my initial expectations.

From the moment I unboxed it, the holster’s quality was apparent. The materials used are robust and durable, giving me confidence in its longevity and ability to withstand daily usage. A key feature of this holster is its impeccable fit. The firearm nestles perfectly into place, and the retention system clicks reassuringly, ensuring that the gun is securely held.

Concealment is crucial for any concealed carry holster, and this is where the Taurus G2C holster shines. Its slim design minimizes printing, making it virtually unnoticeable under my clothing. This aspect is particularly important to me as discretion is a top priority.

Comfort is another essential factor, and I’m happy to report that the holster is comfortable for extended wear, even with my active lifestyle. The ease of drawing the firearm is smooth and effortless, which is critical in situations where quick access might be necessary.

In conclusion, the Taurus G2C Gun Holster has thoroughly impressed me with its solid build, secure fit, excellent concealment capabilities, comfort, and ease of drawing. It’s a versatile holster that I confidently recommend to anyone in the market for a reliable concealed carry option.” – Walter White

Trending review: “I recently decided to try out a new concealed holster for my G2C, mainly because of its attractive price and positive reviews. I’ve previously bought three different concealed holsters, but none of them worked out – they were either uncomfortable or just didn’t fit right. As a result, I often found myself carrying my G2C loosely in my waistband, which wasn’t ideal.

However, with a recent change in my job, my usual way of carrying became impractical due to the type of clothing I now wear. This new holster has been a game-changer for me. It’s surprisingly comfortable and holds the gun securely, which is a significant improvement over my previous experiences. I’m genuinely pleased with this purchase and appreciate the quality of the product from the manufacturer.

This experience has reinforced my belief in the importance of exercising our Second Amendment rights, regardless of one’s profession. Having a reliable way to carry a firearm is not just about personal safety; it’s about exercising a fundamental right, and I’m glad to have found a holster that allows me to do so comfortably and securely.” – Timmy

Get it from Amazon now: $18.99 


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