Best Biometric Gun Safes I’ve Personally Tested for 2024: My Top Picks

Seeking the best biometric gun safes? I’ve carefully reviewed and selected my top picks for you. Each model stands out for its unique blend of security, reliability, and technological innovation. Explore the helpful reviews below for more clarity on these top-tier choices.

Best Biometric Gun Safes

RPNB – Quick Access Biometric Pistol Safe

Top-rated: 5,278 ratings | 278 answered questions

RPNB - Best Biometric Gun Safes

Highlight: Versatile Mounting Options – Right, Left, or Top for Custom Setup

Helpful review:”The finger print scanner is very fast and having scanned several fingers and multiple scans of my left thumb, the fingerprint I normally use, it has been pretty flawless.

The safe itself is pretty sturdy and the controls ie buttons and fingerprint scanner seem to be of good quality.

The foam interior provides a good hold on my pistol, a Walther PPQ 9mm 4 inch. I haven’t tried other pistols like my Glock 17, 19 or my Walther PPQ Q5 Match but I will and will report findings.

If you have a light / laser then you’re going to have to cut the foam to accommodate it. No big deal really. I’ve done that before.

The safe unit is held to the bracket with a single thumb twist screw. Really? That’s mad. It should have at least two. It means the safe can and will rock when you touch it and that’s not good. I plan to use some little rubber feet between the safe and the bracket to reduce this movement.

The battery compartment design is the worst I’ve ever seen. It takes four AAA batteries. It’s fine so long as you have teeny hands and fingers as my darling Japanese wife has, but if you’re a big Irishman like me, with fingers like big sausages, you’re going to be doing a great deal of cursing and swearing when you install the batteries. Have a shot of bourbon or Irish whiskey at the ready!

There is no interior light in the safe. At night this means you’ll be fumbling in the dark after the safe opens. I have an interior light in my old safe and I’m going to miss it. I strongly suggest the manufacturer deal with this issue. I mean an LED and switch isn’t that expensive.

All in all, it’s a pretty decent fast access pistol safe and is good value for money. Hopefully it continues to be that way.” – Kevin B

Trending review: Let’s face it. If someone really wants your gun they can just walk out the door with your nightstand, so this thing being made of Kryptonite wouldn’t make much of a difference. I purchased this after tons of research. I was prepared to return it if I didn’t think it was sturdy enough or if the security flaw I learned of was going to be a problem for me. Much to my surprise, the security flaw was (mostly) addressed. Maybe it wasn’t addressed to perfection, but good enough for me- and I’ll just glue a washer around the program button if I begin worrying about it. But really- it’s a non issue. The sturdiness is acceptable.

Four screws into the nightstand (predrilling was absolutely necessary to minimize cracking). Luckily, my nightstand is pretty beefy otherwise I can imagine someone turning to some bolts and nuts instead. The weakness is the way that the box attaches to the bracket. It sits on two hooks, and one set screw holds the box in place. I’m pretty sure that one Swift kick to the bottom half of this would break the set screw, and someone’s walking away with the box. I have considered adding a bolt that affixes the box directly to the nightstand (And some spacers or something), but for my application and concerns- this may be silly.

Three ways to open the lock is amazing. Each of them works VERY well. I’ve programmed every finger and tried them successfully without failure at many compromising angles. I thought I’d depend mostly on the keypad, but the finger sensor works amazingly. I’m happy this model doesn’t have a light because I’ve considered leaving it open (just something for you to consider). I will add some sort of tap light or button light to the bracket that creates a shelf above the lock box.

My box is empty right now but have no doubt that my equipment will fit in the box perfectly. Keypad can easily be silenced. Programming everything is easy. Drawer doesn’t come “crashing down” as hard as I thought, and it can easily be caught or cushioned. I’d buy this again. But keep in mind the nature of this thing is not high security. You could get it there if you did some extra bolting and took the drawers out of your nightstand to fiddle with bolts.” – Robvs

Grab it from Amazon now: $109.99


Awesafe – Quick Access Fingerprint Gun Safe

Top-rated: 2,306 ratings | 88 answered questions

Awesafe - Best Biometric Gun Safes

Highlight: Upgraded Smart Biometric Scanner Plus Manual Keys and Keypad for Multiple Opening Methods.

Helpful review: “This is my third purchase of an awesafe handgun safe. My first two were single gun versions, and the third was the 2-gun capacity safe. The safes are well made, and can be opened with a biometric finger scanner, a 4-digit code, or one of the 2 supplied keys. Until you program in the 4-digit code or a finger print scan, the scanner allows any finger print to open the safe, so you need to program something in first in order to provide proper security protection. But the codes and finger print scans work well, as designed, and the manual provides clear instructions as to how to program the codes and the finger prints. The finger print scanner can be somewhat unforgiving occasionally, but is usually reliable. The 4-digit codes work perfectly all the time.

An added benefit of the awesafe is that it has an interior soft blue light so you can see the contents in the dark, but not too bright that it would “light up the room”.

The safe comes with the four AA batteries necessary to power it, and I like the fact that it has a warning light when the batteries need to be replaced. Since all my safes are all fairly new (less than a year old in all cases), I haven’t seen that feature in action yet as I’m still on the original sets of batteries.

All in all, these are quality safes that are very reasonably priced for the value. I can recommend them without reservation.” – S. Dickinson

Trending review: “I purchased the larger safe suitable for 2 pistols. The first thing I noticed was the weight of the packaging. This thing is very solidly built. It is supplied with clear, comprehensive instructions, and setting up the lock features was pretty easy.

I did have some trouble initially in setting up the biometric reader, but found that it needed firm, steady presses to get the fingerprints to read. Same when unlocking it.

Regardless of how you unlock the safe, the door opens with authority, pushed up by the little gas-strut. It reveals an LED-lit compartment (this unit does require four AA batteries, which were supplied – nice touch)

The storage is adequate rather than generous. It does hold a pair of Glocks, and four magazines, but because of the depth of the cavity, will not hold much else, unless it’s flat. So money and passports etc. would work.

All in all, my first impressions are that I’m very happy with the safe, it lives up to its reviews, and is great value. Recommended!” – Amanda Edwards

Grab it from Amazon now: $119


VAULTEK MXi – Smart Handgun Safe with Wi-Fi & Biometric Access

Top-rated: 440 ratings

VAULTEK-MXi - Best Biometric Gun Safes

Highlight: Powerful Wi-Fi Connectivity for Real-Time Alerts and Remote Safe Management.

Helpful review: “After buying my 5th handgun, I figured it was time to start looking for a gun safe, but not your dad’s or granddad’s gunsafe. This baby is high-tech!!

The setup was very easy, and the instructions were clear and to the point. They do a great job of leading you in the right direction towards configuring it the way YOU want it. The biometric option is totally worth getting, especially at a moment’s notice. Being able to configure the sounds and lighting to stay stealthy in the night is very helpful.

The impact detector has 3 configuration settings, including off. I keep mine on my nightstand, so setting it to High sensitivity made it go nuts when I set my keys down next to it, so Medium might be best for most non-paranoid people.

One of my very small annoyances is the fact that my Canik TP9-SFX cannot fit into the rack with a magazine in it. The +2 magazine extension makes the gun rise in the back and brush against the drawer on top. However, I bought another rack so I can house my Taurus PT1911 (with compensator), Taurus PT92 (with compensator), and M&P Shield 9mm. My Glock 19 is my carry gun and can easily sit on the top drawer since it gets the most fresh air. In a tight squeeze, I would have to reach for anyone but the Canik since it’ll be the only empty one in the safe, but there’s plenty of room to keep the magazines for it so, a small annoyance.

The other small annoyance is the mobile app. Can’t speak for the iOS version, but the Android version could be better. It makes you set up a security pattern to access the app in case your phone is ever lost or stolen, strangers couldn’t get into the app and unlock the safe, great idea!! The problem is I’ve had to uninstall and reinstall the app 3 times now because it wouldn’t take my pattern after I’ve set it up. I find that I have to draw the pattern VERY SLOWLY in order for it to accept it. But hey, once you’re in, you can make configurations very easily, and it provides very useful information about your safe when you’re near it.

Right now, I’m very happy with this safe, looks tough and keeps people out while looking good, what more can you ask for? I’m recommending it to all my friends who are gun nuts.” – Corey Edwards

Trending review: “I like this safe and the other Vaultek safe I have, but there are two issues that I have with the MXi:

The power port is on the right side and extremely close to the front of the safe. I leave mine plugged in all the time so I don’t have to charge the battery all the time and having the port there makes it look ridiculous and also makes it susceptible to being bumped. Why wouldn’t you just put it in the back of the safe out of sight and in a “safe” location?

The mobile apps for iOS can use some refinement and debugging, but the more annoying thing is that I have to have two different apps for my two safes — one for the Wi-Fi safe and another for the Bluetooth safe. Seriously, you all need to fire your developer and find a new guy who can combine the two apps into one.

I’m hopeful that Vaultek will come out with a new version of the MXi that has a relocated power port and step up their game with the mobile apps.” – Adam H.

Grab it from Amazon now: $629.99


LANGGER V – Biometric Slider Handgun Safe

Top-rated: 1,280 ratings

LANGGER-V - Best Biometric Gun Safes

Highlight: Easy Installation: Versatile Mounting from Top, Side, or Standalone

Helpful review: “This is a very simple, well-built, robust handgun safe. The slide mechanism works well, as does the numeric keypad. I was pleased to find it would take either a 4-digit or 6-digit code. I prefer 4 digits since I am less likely to make a mistake while entering the code under pressure. And the beeps can be silenced, a very important feature if stealthy access matters to you.

The fingerprint sensor works well, though in a pinch I would probably resort to the numeric code. I have scarring on my index finger, and biometric sensors rarely do well with that. I have to place my finger just right to make it work, which might be hard to remember if trying to get into the safe in a hurry. If I use a different finger, I have no problem, and my wife has no problem whatsoever (the safe can store up to 20 fingerprints).

Mounting is very easy, with two caveats. First, be sure you leave a few inches between the back of the safe and any hard surface (like the back of a desk) otherwise it might be difficult to access the battery compartment. Second, the safe attaches to the mounting bracket by sliding onto a pair of tabs and is then secured from the inside using a knurled hand screw. I would advise using a flashlight to make sure you have the screw properly aligned with the threaded hole it goes into. I first tried just inserting the screw by feel, dropped it inside the safe, and had to shake it upside down to retrieve the screw from the innards (total user error on my part). Being able to clearly see where to put the screw helps tremendously.

The precut foam is meant to accept an average-sized handgun and worked perfectly with my Ruger LC9S. It also accommodated my wife’s Glock 19 without the rail-mounted flashlight, but I would need to cut the foam a bit for it to fit with the light attached. Luckily, the seller will provide an extra foam insert free of charge if you need one.

All in all, I am extremely pleased with this safe and would recommend it to anyone wanting simple, secure, easily accessible storage for their handgun.” – Mwalimu Steve

Trending review: “First off: My safe arrived without a key. Strange but humans make mistakes, even packaging a product. A simple email to the company and I had a new set of keys in a week. Awesome Customer support!

Second: The price is competitive with the competing “Like” models.

Third: The finger Print Scanner… Add one or two fingers from each hand 4 or 5 times EACH FINGER. Scanning a single finger only once was not enough. The safe opened maybe 8 out of 10 times. Scanning multiple fingers multiple times and the safe opens 10 out of 10 times. It does say this in the instructions and they are correct. Very important.

Fourth: When I purchased the safe My pistol was a FNH FX .45 Tactical with no attachments. The Fit was SNUG and I had to cut the foam insert a bit to get it to fit. No issues and the safe worked fine.

I now have a Viridian light/laser combo under the barrel and a RMR replacing the top sight. The pistol WILL NOT FIT with attachments. I called customer support and they suggested I cut the foam insert. Well, I butchered the foam insert and the Pistol fits, but very loosely now. I ordered another foam insert from the company and I will re-cut the insert, this time with MUCH more care.

Did I mention the customer support? It is SOO needed in today’s world, where everything is mail order. Having poor support or none at all, leaves a bad taste in everyone’s mouth. This company is NOT one of those. Minty Fresh!

I will be needing another safe once I work the kinks out of this one (I will have sights on my next pistol also) and this company has my patronage just for the excellent care they give their customers.” – Ron B.

Grab it from Amazon now: $179.99


BBRKIN – Upgraded Heavy Duty Biometric Pistol Safe

Top-rated: 3,800 ratings

BBRKIN - Best Biometric Gun Safes

Highlight: Quick Access with Advanced 508DPI Biometric Scanner and Backlit Keypad.

Helpful review: “I recently invested in this safe, primarily for my sub-compact pistol, considering I have two young children in the house. It’s crucial for me to protect them from the dangers of firearms, as well as from potential intruders.

In terms of Build Quality, I immediately noticed the heft and solidity of the safe. It’s constructed from thick metal, which gives me confidence that there’s no easy way to break in, except through the three provided entry methods: code, fingerprint, or key. This is ideal for keeping my children safe and thwarting any quick break-in attempts.

Setting up the safe was surprisingly straightforward. Without even needing to refer to the manual, I managed to set up my fingerprints, create a new code, and mute the safe’s sounds in under five minutes. This ease of setup was a pleasant surprise.

Regarding the Sound, I appreciate that the safe is relatively quiet. After installing the batteries, I quickly silenced it. The mechanical release sound during fingerprint or code entry is quiet but reassuring. The key entry, being the quietest, produces just a gentle click. These sounds are exactly what I would expect from a well-made safe.

The Key Entry is notably smooth and quiet. The unique design of the key makes it easy to use. However, I plan to keep the keys well-hidden as an extra precaution, especially with kids around.

The Code setup process was user-friendly. I opted for a 4-digit code for simplicity and quick access. The safe clearly indicates if an incorrect code is entered, which I find to be a smart feature. It’s a thoughtful design that adds an extra layer of security.

I’m quite impressed with the Fingerprint Scanner. I registered all ten of my fingerprints without any hassle. The scanner is reliable, though I’ve noticed it requires precise placement, especially for my scarred finger. I’ll likely add more scans of my commonly used fingers for convenience.

As for Battery Life, I’m still on my first set of batteries, and they’re holding up well. I’m planning to monitor their longevity and establish a regular replacement routine to avoid any power issues.

The Space inside the safe is more than adequate. It easily fits my two sub-compact pistols, extra magazines, and a holster. The foam on the bottom and sides not only protects my firearms but also lifts easily for anchoring the safe or hiding valuables underneath.

I’ve already been contacted by their customer service, and they seem very attentive and ready to assist if needed. Overall, I’m extremely pleased with this purchase and feel it was a wise choice for secure, accessible storage of my firearms.” – Jon

Trending review: “After extensively searching for a biometric gun safe that wasn’t easily breakable, I chose this Biometric Gun Safe. This safe checked all my boxes – it comes with interior lighting, a fingerprint scanner that can store multiple prints, a pin pad, a secure key lock that’s not easily bypassed, and a design that’s resistant to simple break-in methods. Now, having used it for over a month, I’m completely satisfied as it meets all my needs.

The fingerprint scanner has been impressively accurate. I had concerns about its functionality, but after adding both my and my wife’s prints, it’s been reliable, with a high success rate even when fingers are placed hurriedly.

The key feels sturdy and well-made, and the pin pad is very responsive. Both of these features, as well as the fingerprint scanner, were straightforward to program. The battery compartment is easily accessible. The LED interior light is bright enough to see the safe’s contents in the dark. The top of the safe opens quickly and smoothly once unlocked, and it’s spacious enough for a larger pistol, an extra magazine, and a small flashlight. If you remove the flashlight, it can even fit two sizable pistols.

The safe’s construction feels solid and secure, and it comes with a robust security cable and reliable mounting hardware. The interior is padded for extra protection. Despite some reviews suggesting that the safe could be opened by dropping or hitting it, my own tests didn’t replicate these issues. My unit has been secure and reliable.

I’m curious about the battery life, as I only open the safe occasionally. I plan to keep an eye on this and will update my review if the batteries don’t last as long as expected.

Customer service was surprisingly helpful when I had trouble with registration. I didn’t expect such effective support at this price point. After all my research and first-hand experience, I’m confident that this Biometric Gun Safe is exactly what I was looking for. I’m very pleased with my purchase and would recommend it without hesitation.” – Jose

Grab it from Amazon now: $109.99


RPNB – Multi-Handgun Safe with Smart Fingerprint and RFID Lock

Top-rated: 8,871 ratings

RPNB - Best Biometric Gun Safes

Highlight: Three-Point Entry System: Biometric Scanner, Backlit Keypad, and Manual Keys

Helpful review: “I encountered a challenge with the keypad’s visibility in low light, prompting me to experiment with two different lighting solutions. The first approach I tried was applying multiple layers of fluorescent paint around the top line, numbers, and fingerprint area, which, after several coats, proved effective. Alternatively, I found that using commercially available fluorescent green tape (applied to the bottom of the two lines) was a quick and effective method. I would suggest to the manufacturers that incorporating some form of keypad illumination could be highly beneficial for users needing rapid access at night.

Now, the safe resides comfortably by my bedside, housing my large 9mm handgun, a flashlight, and an extra magazine, with room to spare. However, I’ve noted that the fingerprint sensor demands precise placement of the registered print for successful access. To improve reliability, I registered multiple sets of prints for each finger. Setting up the fingerprint recognition was a bit challenging; my unit required very precise timing to accept a fingerprint, failing which it would reject all attempts in that sequence. I discovered that the ideal timing for fingerprint acceptance was between 9.5 and 10 seconds, and using a timer on my phone helped me achieve success.

Besides the biometric feature, the safe offers alternative access methods like the numeric pad and a physical key, ensuring that I am never locked out.” – Alfa Geek

Trending review: “I’m genuinely impressed with its performance. The sense of security this safe brings for storing my firearms has been exactly what I was searching for.

The robust build of this safe immediately caught my attention. Constructed with high-quality, durable materials, it feels incredibly sturdy and reliable. The thickness of the door and the overall solid construction give me confidence that my firearms are securely protected. It’s also designed to be pry-resistant, which adds an essential layer of security against any unauthorized access attempts.

What I find most commendable is the safe’s efficient locking mechanism. It’s equipped with an electronic keypad that ensures both quick and secure access. The keypad’s backlight is particularly useful in low-light conditions, a detail I find very practical. Additionally, there’s a backup key provided, which gives me an alternative access method in case of any electronic malfunctions.

The interior space of the safe is another aspect that stands out to me. It’s spacious enough to accommodate multiple firearms, along with ammunition and other valuable items. The adjustable shelving and organizational features inside allow me to customize the storage as per my needs, which I find very convenient.

Moreover, the safe’s fire-resistant and water-resistant features are significant advantages. Its ability to withstand fire offers a certain level of protection in emergencies, something I value highly. The water resistance is an added bonus, ensuring that my firearms and other valuables are protected from potential water damage.” – Selenehwang

Grab it from Amazon now: $99.99


BILLCONCH – Biometric Pistol Safe with 3-Way Unlock System

Top-rated: 2,423 ratings

BILLCONCH - Best Biometric Gun Safes

Highlight: Convenient USB Charging: Long-Lasting Battery with Low Battery Reminder

Helpful review: “With a toddler in the house and a firearm to protect, I’ve been on the hunt for a safe storage solution that allows for both security and quick access. I recently purchased this gun safe and it has been an effective solution for my needs. The fingerprint scanner is particularly useful for those high-adrenaline moments when fumbling with keys could be risky.

From my experience with the safe:

The description of quick access is accurate. The safe’s automatic opening door is a lifesaver, especially in urgent situations. Whether using the rapid backlit keypad, the biometric fingerprint scanner, or the spare key in a pinch, I’ve found it incredibly efficient.

The safe’s tough and rugged construction is exactly as advertised. Made of 16-gauge carbon steel with a durable powder coat finish, it’s not only resistant to corrosion but also fits seamlessly into my home decor without being an eyesore.

To use the application-controlled features, a Bluetooth connection is mandatory. The app offers several benefits: remote unlocking, managing fingerprints, changing the password, and my personal favorite – an unlocking record that shows who accessed the safe and when. Setting up the app was straightforward, taking me merely thirty seconds.

The LED lighting inside the safe is a significant advantage. It ensures I can clearly see the contents in the dark, adding convenience to the already user-friendly backlit keypad.

I highly recommend activating the silent mode immediately after getting the safe. It disables the sound of the keypad buttons, making access quieter. Activating it is simple: just press the “OK” button, wait for the keypad to light up, press “1,” and then “OK” again.

To ensure optimal use, it’s important to keep the safe fully charged. It comes with a rechargeable lithium-ion battery, which I found charges in less than the indicated 2.5 hours and includes a charger.

Overall, this safe has been a fantastic purchase. It’s straightforward, easy to use, and effectively keeps curious little hands away from dangerous items.” – Ruthann

Trending review: “I recently bought this Biometric Gun Safe for Pistols, and honestly, it’s been a total game-changer for me. What stands out most is its three unlocking methods – the fingerprint recognition, a digital PIN, and a traditional key. The biometric feature is especially impressive; it instantly recognizes my fingerprint every time, allowing me to quickly access my pistols.

The build quality of the safe really assures me of its security capabilities. It’s sturdy and tamper-proof, which gives me the confidence that my firearms are well-protected against any unauthorized access.

Setting up the digital PIN was incredibly easy, and I really value the extra security it brings. Having a backup key as an alternative means of entry is also a thoughtful feature, ensuring I’m never locked out of my safe.

The size of the Gun Safe is perfect for my needs. It’s compact enough to fit in a discreet location but still spacious enough to store several pistols. I particularly appreciate the interior padding, which ensures my firearms are cushioned and protected from any potential damage.

Overall, I highly recommend this Biometric Gun Safe. It’s not just a safe storage option but a versatile, secure, and user-friendly solution. For anyone prioritizing the safety of their firearms, this safe is an excellent investment.” – TMGCJ57

Grab it from Amazon now: $99.98


ONNAIS Iron SE – Biometric and Keypad Handgun Safe

Top-rated: 6,085 ratings

ONNAIS-Iron-SE - Best Biometric Gun Safes

Highlight: Advanced Fingerprint Technology: Stores Up to 30 Fingerprints for Multiple User Access

Helpful review: “I recently got myself the ONNAIS safe, and I’m genuinely impressed with it. While it may not be the most high-end or the heaviest single gun safe on the market, it certainly fulfills its intended purpose. The size is just right, and I’m particularly fond of the fingerprint reader, which, to my pleasant surprise, works exceptionally well. Often, fingerprint readers on smaller safes can be underwhelming, but not this one.

The safe’s capacity is quite commendable. I tested it with a stand-in for a 4.25 inch 1911 with a win holster and a spare mag, similar to a typical everyday carry setup, and it fits perfectly. I also experimented with other items; it comfortably holds a single full-size firearm with a light attachment, like a 1911 with a SureFire, or even two smaller firearms, such as subcompacts.

This safe does exactly what it’s supposed to: secure a firearm and make it accessible only to those with the key, the code, or the right fingerprint. The only minor drawback I’ve noticed is that the numbers on the keypad aren’t backlit, which can be a challenge to open in low-light situations like the middle of the night. In such cases, relying on the fingerprint reader is the best option.

In terms of durability, the safe feels sturdy and would likely deter anyone attempting a quick break-in. I do sometimes wonder about its resilience against a determined effort to break in. It seems like it would take quite a bit of effort, perhaps with a hammer and a couple of screwdrivers, to cause any real damage. While someone might be able to dent it enough to peek inside, accessing the contents would be a different challenge altogether.

So far, this ONNAIS safe seems like a solid purchase. I’m planning to provide an update on this review in the future to share how well it stands up to daily use.” – James D.

Trending review: “I was on the lookout for a bedside gun locker, especially since I have two children at home and needed something closer than the top of my closet for my home defense weapons. Initially, I was a bit skeptical about this case due to its attractive price, but the plethora of 5-star reviews convinced me to try it out, knowing I could return it if it didn’t meet my expectations. When it arrived, I was immediately struck by its excellent packaging.

Upon opening the box, the first thing I noticed was the weight of the safe – it’s solid, much more so than I anticipated. The quality of the steel used in its construction exceeded my expectations, making me quite content with the purchase right off the bat. The next step was setting up the batteries and programming the code and fingerprints, which went off without a hitch. I’ve seen some reviewers have issues with the fingerprint reader, but in my experience, knowing how to properly position your finger during programming is key. I registered all of my fingers, which is important for me as my work often results in cuts and abrasions on my hands. Except for one finger, which I had injured in a cooking accident, the scanner recognized all my fingerprints flawlessly.

I’ve had this safe for over a week now and have tested it numerous times every night. Even when I tried my fingers upside-down or at 90 degrees, simulating reaching for it from bed, the reader worked 100% of the time. I also had my wife and kids give it a try, and as expected, it didn’t open for them. This unit has completely won me over, especially considering the price – a fingerprint reader and gun safe for under $90 is simply incredible.

Sure, the foam inside isn’t the thickest, but I don’t need my guns to be on pillows. The foam is perfectly adequate, providing cushioning on all sides of the safe. Inside, I comfortably store my .40/410 Judge revolver and my wife’s SP101 .357, along with a large desiccant pack to control moisture.

As a veteran of the 1st Special Operations with extensive weapon experience and training, I consider this to be the best gun safety purchase I have ever made. It gets a resounding 5 thumbs up from me.” – Marshall P.

Grab it from Amazon now: $89.99


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