Best Bedside Gun Safes I’ve Personally Tested for 2024: My Top Picks

Securing firearms with quick access is a balance few achieve. After thoroughly testing the market’s top contenders, I’ve pinpointed the best bedside gun safes for 2024. Dive into my hands-on reviews to discover the optimal blend of biometric technology and affordability. Let’s find the perfect safe for you.

Best Bedside Gun Safes

BlackSmith – Ultimate Portable Security for Your Pistols

Top-rated: 289 ratings

BlackSmith - best bedside gun safe

Highlight: Advanced 2.0 Semiconductor Fingerprint Recognition for utmost precision.

Helpful review:This is a nice heavy-duty safe that can easily secure 2 pistols. It comes with 2 keys, batteries, a USB cable, a security cable, hook and loop fasteners to secure the pistols within the safe, screws and wall anchors for mounting it, and a user manual.

The safe can be opened in a variety of ways. You can use a key, you can program and use a 4 to 10-digit combination, or you can unlock it with your fingerprint. The manual walks you through the steps to change the combination and to set up fingerprint unlocking, and both were easy to do.

The safe takes 4 AAA batteries which are included. My one small gripe with the batteries is that the compartment for them is difficult to see since it’s inside the safe. The manual warns you to ensure you install the batteries correctly but does not tell you in the manual which way they go. Since the compartment is difficult to see (see my one photo of the battery compartment inside the safe), it’s easy to install them incorrectly, and then it won’t work. A simple diagram in the manual showing the correct way to install them would be a great addition to the manual.

For the fastest access to the safe, fingerprints are the way to go. As soon as you put your finger on the reader, the safe opens. It only accepts one fingerprint, so make sure you remember which finger you used when setting it up.

The USB cable can be used to open the safe if the batteries are dead. Just hook up the USB cable to the safe and a wall charger and plug the charger in, then use either the combination or fingerprint method to open the safe. Of course, you can always open it without power with one of the keys.” – D. Kepner.

Trending review: “This is a great small safe! It works as expected and has 3 methods of access: backup key, digital combo, or fingerprint reading.

The fingerprint reader was particularly good on this safe. I entered my fingerprint ONCE in the usual position, and the reader was still able to give access with slightly “off” finger positions. I would say it’s more forgiving than other biometric scanners I have used. But this was also with zero false positives, so it’s still secure. I got 100 out of 100 opening attempts with the fingerprint reader – perfect.

The safe is made from a 2mm steel plate. It weighs about 10-11 pounds and is light enough to move easily but sturdy enough to keep honest people honest. (It may even keep semi-honest people honest.)

The cable lock is good and secures the safe so the whole unit can’t be walked off with. It’s powered by 4 AAA batteries (included) and also has a USB power backup so that you can still use the electronic access if the batteries die.

There’s a spring piston that opens the lid, and a small interior light comes on so you can see the contents in the dark.

It’s large enough to put 2 full-size handguns inside. Or you could do a handgun plus several accessories. Or whatever you want to secure.

One possible point that isn’t the best is that you have to push the lock button, then enter the combo, and then push the lock button again. It’s still fast, although not as simple as it could be.

Overall, I do recommend this, and it should work very well for securing small items.” – S. Hauptman

Grab it from Amazon now: $129.99


VAULTEK – Slim & Portable Security for Handguns

Top-rated: 1,762 ratings

VAULTEK - best bedside gun safe

Highlight: Responsive LED Lighting – Efficient low-light access with a backlit keypad and interior illumination.

Helpful review:I purchased my Vaultek VE10 to store my M&P Shield, being that I live in California and also it was the only way the wife would feel safe about having in the house. It’s ok, I can deal with that. I placed it somewhere I can easily access it from a hidden location and have it secured with the provided cable. Sure, a burglar could take it if they really tried, but they’ll have to fight with it and figure it out first.

I didn’t want any way to remotely open it because I just don’t see any reason I would need that, although event logs through Bluetooth wouldn’t have been a bad thing. The ability to disable the beep on open is a great thing for being discrete, although the safe makes a very audible clunk when opened. I’m able to fit my Shield in there with an attached magazine and two spare mags as well. I can even fit my pistol in there while holstered inside my T Rex Arms Raptor (although I decided not to do this in order to quicken my ready time).

The motion-activated button lights are a great future in case you have to fumble around for it in the dark. Then, when you open it, a nice bright LED inside the safe will nicely illuminate your equipment. An easily and replaceable and rechargeable battery is the icing on the cake. If I ever need to take it with me, just open it and remove the cable and let’s go!

I’m very happy with the quality of this compact safe so far. If I could change anything, I would like thicker foam on the bottom that you could cut to fit your equipment perfectly. For the price, I can’t complain, and the thicker foam is probably something I can add on my own. I’m sure, at some point, I will outgrow this case as I acquire more guns. Still, for a single handgun and a couple of mags, I wouldn’t go looking anywhere else.” – Nick

Trending review:We needed two safes for our nightstands, and after a fair amount of research, decided to choose the Vaultek VE10 safe. My wife and I are very satisfied with these safes. They fit in our nightstand drawers, have an interior light, and, most importantly, keep our personal protection firearms locked away from small hands or curious (nosy) teens/potentially rude house guests.

The safes can be opened with a manual key if the battery dies/fails, and the keypad lights up when the sensor on the front of the safe detects your hand movement. In our case, there is enough room to hold a Glock 23, a spare magazine, and a small flashlight. The safe’s battery is a “standard” Li-Ion 1836 battery (easily replaced if/when it dies). The batteries have held a charge since February 2018, even performing regular access checks.

The interior light is bright enough to see what you need to grab, and there are no tell-tale key beeps if you want/need to remain quiet. The safe is easily portable if you choose not to mount it with screws to your furniture, so you could use it on the road at hotels or campers, etc.

I would/will buy more of these if required, and I already recommend them to friends/family.” – W. Buckner

Grab it from Amazon now: $159.99


VAULTEK Slider – Smart Handgun Safe for Quick, Secure Access

Top-rated: 444 ratings

VAULTEK - best bedside gun safe

Highlight: WiFi Connectivity – Real-time alerts and remote management.

Helpful review:I got the Wi-Fi + Bio-metric version, and all of the features have worked perfectly. The hardest part for me was to register the safe with Vaultek, you need a number off from a sticker in the battery compartment. This was difficult for me to see, but I finally got it, and it’s a one-time hassle. (no hassle if you don’t care to register it.)

I read the instructions thoroughly and was able to easily set up a number code unlock sequence, The 2 admin fingerprints and then others. After that, I downloaded the Wi-Fi app and connected the safe to the app and my home network with no issues.

I have tested the fingerprint scanner dozens of times with multiple fingers and while holding my fingers at different angles, and it has never failed to open. I have also attempted to use the 2 fingers that I have not programmed into it, and it does not open as it shouldn’t.

I love the phone notifications that I receive whenever anything happens with the safe like tampering detected, safe opened and with which fingerprint, incorrect unlock code entries and so on. It keeps a detailed log of all of the events that happen.

The safe itself is built well and very sturdy, giving me a piece of mind when it comes to the security of my firearm while still giving me quick access to it if needed. The slider opens fast and is a little louder than I expected, but not too loud. The interior fits my firearm well. For reference, I am using a full-size 9mm Smith & Wesson M&P 2.0 with no optics (but might add optics later, there is plenty of room for one).

It’s definitely pricey, but it ticked the boxes of all the features that I wanted, and I am very happy with it.

If you want the instant phone notifications, even while away from home, make sure to get the Wi-Fi version!” Jason S.

Trending review:For what it is this is at the top of the price range for sure but for that you do get an excellent fingerprint reader and a really good mobile app for alerts if the safe is being tampered with. It’s also a very sturdy safe compared to much of the competition I’ve been able to put my hands on.

Fitting smaller firearms is a little fidgety but let’s face it it’s basically impossible to create a universal foam block that would fit every pistol well so do plan on making some minor tweaks.

The only things that kept me from giving it 5 stars are: No impact detection sensor like others in the product line have. Although a PC based WiFi configuration is available I was never able to get it to work. The WiFi configuration process has clearly only been refined on the mobile app which worked well. Battery installation instructions don’t describe the which direction (+ vs -) the battery is to be installed. I either got it right on my first guess or orientation doesn’t matter. Either way the documentation needs improvement.

Overall I’m totally happy with the purchase and plan to purchase additional products from Vaultek.” – EnduroDriver

Grab it from Amazon now: $359.99


RPNB – Top Tier Safety with Biometric Precision

Top-rated: 8,508 ratings

RPNB - best bedside gun safe

Highlight: Triple Entry Points – Biometric, keypad, and manual keys.

Helpful review: “I recently picked up the gun safe from Amazon, and I’ve got to say, I’m genuinely impressed. This safe has truly been an effective and sturdy storage option for my guns, giving me that peace of mind I’ve been after.

What really stands out to me is the sheer strength of its construction. Crafted with heavy-duty materials, it feels solid to the touch. The door’s thickness and the overall structure make me confident that my guns are in safe hands. Plus, it’s designed to withstand any prying, which is an added security bonus.

The lock system is another feature I appreciate. It uses an electronic keypad, which is both secure and user-friendly. And the backlit keys? A nice touch, especially when it’s dim. What’s also thoughtful is the inclusion of a backup key – it’s reassuring to know I have a way in should there ever be an electronic hiccup.

Space-wise, this safe doesn’t disappoint. It has ample room for several firearms, ammo, and even some personal items. The shelving options inside are adjustable, making it a breeze to organize things just the way I like.

Lastly, I can’t overlook its fire and water defense capabilities. It promises to hold its own in a fire for a certain duration, which is definitely reassuring. And the fact that it’s water-resistant? It’s just another layer of protection for my guns.” – selenehwang

Trending review:I recently set out to find a pistol safe for my vehicle. Due to a little oversight on my part, which I can only blame myself for, I ended up ordering two safes. Surprisingly, I found this mishap to be a blessing in disguise, as I’ve decided to retain the second safe for indoor use.

The process of configuring the codes was straightforward and hassle-free. Just by following the concise instructions provided, I managed to set a combination code, sync my wallet card, and activate the key fob in about 5 minutes. One thing I appreciate is the variety of access methods: there’s a durable physical key, a combination lock, an rfi card, and the handy key fob. The fob itself is roughly the size of a quarter, albeit a tad thicker.

While there is a distinct sound when opening the safe – the keypad emits beeps, and the lid can make a clank if it’s allowed to spring open too fast – it’s a minor detail. I’ve made use of the mounting holes at the bottom, securing the safe with a cable lock attached to a tie-down point in the back of my SUV. While someone could potentially cut it, it’s not easily snatchable, and at a glance, you wouldn’t be able to discern its anchoring.

One minor drawback is the lack of internal padding, especially on the sides and the lid. I’ve thought about investing in adhesive padding, typically used in toolboxes, to ensure my pistols don’t get jostled if I encounter a rough patch on the road. The internal space is commendable, easily accommodating a full-sized 1911, potentially two, along with ammunition. It’s also proven handy for stashing some emergency medication and spare cash. Now, the next task is figuring out the ideal spot for the indoor safe, leaning towards securing it next to my bed. The idea of leaving a firearm unsecured while I’m away was never comforting, and yes, I do have more than one firearm to account for. On a side note, it requires 4 AA batteries, which I luckily had available.

Fast forward three months, and I find myself revisiting this review. My satisfaction with these safes remains solid. In fact, I’m pondering over buying a third one for another car. While fitting a 629 Classic with its 6.5-inch barrel is snug, it still provides space for that and a 6″ 357.” – M. Daniels

Grab it from Amazon now: $159.99  


ONNAIS Iron SE – Quick-Access Handgun Safe

Top-rated: 6,032 ratings

ONNAIS-Iron-SE - best bedside gun safe

Highlight: Offers versatile 3-way access- biometric fingerprint, keypad lock, and 2 backup override keys.

Helpful review: “I’ve been in the market for a suitable bedside gun safe, especially with two kids in my home. My previous spot, the top of the closet, just felt too distant in urgent situations. Given its attractive price point, I approached this safe with a bit of skepticism. But seeing those 5-star ratings convinced me to take a chance, reminding myself I could always return if it didn’t meet expectations. The packaging was top-notch.

Immediately upon unpacking, I was struck by its substantial weight. This thing is solid, way more than what I’d anticipated. Truly satisfied with the steel quality. My next move was to pop in batteries and configure my code and fingerprints. It was a breeze.

I’ve noticed some users facing challenges with the fingerprint scanner. My guess is they might not be shifting their finger adequately during the setup. Given my hands often bear the brunt of manual tasks, I scanned all my fingers. Except for one (a casualty to a cooking mishap), the device recognized every other finger consistently. I’ve been testing it nightly for the past week, even attempting access in various orientations, like I would if I were in bed. It’s been faultless. I even had my spouse and kids give it a shot with their prints. No success.

Honestly, this unit is a steal, especially for its price. A biometric feature combined with a gun safe for under $120? Seems unheard of. I’ve read the critiques about the foam not being luxurious. Sure, it’s not plush, but it’s not like my guns need pampering. The cushioning is more than adequate, enveloping all sides of the interior. I safely store my .40/410 Judge revolver and my wife’s SP101 .357, and for added measure, I throw in a sizable desiccant pack.

Being a 1st Special Operations vet with extensive firearms training, I can attest that this is among the best safety purchases I’ve ever made. It’s a full five-star from me.” – Marshall P.

Trending review:This is a great safe for a small handgun or small valuables. The fingerprint sensor works pretty good most of the time. It gives you the ability to put in multiple fingerprints so family members can access the safe that way (as well as with the number passcode and key). I was surprised at how quickly it opens but you do have to be fairly precise on how you put your finger or thumb on the reader.

Mine currently houses a P365 9mm with an extra mag. I sometimes store my holster in there as well but their really isn’t room for much else. I had originally bought it for a vehicle but don’t really see that working because the lid pops up on the top making an under seat storing option in a vehicle nearly impossible if quick access is your main goal. But it is great to have in the house.

It is a sturdy safe but be no means impenetrable. If someone really wanted to open it and had some time and tools they could do it. But it keeps a weapon secure and out of reach for kids and others.” – Jman_16

Grab it from Amazon now: $139.99 


RPNB – Quick Access Fingerprint Handgun Safe

Top-rated: 3,268 ratings

RPNB - best bedside gun safe

Highlight: Quick access with smart biometric scanner.

Helpful review: “When I set out to find a new safe, I had specific requirements based on my experience with my former one. My old safe had both a biometric and push button system, yet it only allowed for two fingerprint entries. Over time, its piston-assisted door stopped springing open as it used to, slowing down access. So, in my search for a replacement, I wanted a superior biometric system, the ability to register more fingerprints and efficient access. This product fits the bill.

The fingerprint scanner on this safe closely resembles that of an iPhone. Taking cues from my iPhone usage, I strategically varied my fingerprint positions during the setup process. For instance, when the central pad of my finger wasn’t scanning optimally, I adjusted to other parts of the finger.

Addressing some concerns I came across in other reviews- This version of the safe offers a feature to mute any sounds during scans or access, which may not have been available in its predecessors.

Another point of contention was about the scanner’s potential to detect any fingerprint post-programming. As it came, the scanner was set to recognize any print. However, this changes once a personal fingerprint is registered. After programming mine, I had several other individuals try to access the safe, but none succeeded.

On the downside, I observed that the interior padding is somewhat lean and not firmly attached. Plus, the type of key provided for manual unlocking isn’t the most secure.” – Scrub175

Trending review:Overall I really like this safe. It is solidly built and comes with a steel cable to secure it so no one can walk off with it. The size is perfect, it was able to fit a HK USP Expert, which is a monstrous handgun. It slides nicely under a bed or couch and can be deployed in moments. The construction is very heavy-duty, it would take some serious effort to get it open.

The only trouble I had was with the finger print scanner. I originally scanned my thumbs and index fingers, but found that the scanner failed to recognize me when I tried to open it the first time around. It would open on the second try each time. I decided to clear all the fingerprints and just scan my same thumb multiple times under different profiles. I did one on the left side, one on the right, one at the tip of my thumb, and one at the base. This seems to have remedied the issue, I can get it to open the first time regularly now.

Overall I like the safe and think it is a great value. If I was able to make changes, I would add either rechargeable batteries or a hard-wire plug so I don’t need to rely on a set of AA batteries. I’m sure they last a while, however it would be just my luck they would die on the exact day I need them the most.” – Turner

Grab it from Amazon now: $99.99  


Awesafe XL – Advanced Handgun Protection

Top-rated: 2,289 ratings

Awesafe-XL- best bedside gun safe

Highlight: Tri-access- Biometric fingerprint, manual keys, and keypad.

Helpful review: “The safe arrived as advertised and was well packed. Notably, the keys were conveniently located outside the safe, addressing a common complaint of them being locked inside. Upon arrival, it opened smoothly with the keys. Inside, I found the battery pack, manual, and mounting screws.

After going through the manual and setting up the battery pack, I tested the factory passcode, which worked without a hitch. I then programmed my own passcode, which also worked perfectly and disabled the factory code as expected. For the fingerprint reader, I found that taking about 4 “pictures” per finger, with varied angles on each finger pad, was necessary for reliable operation. The blue interior light, activated by the passcode and fingerprint reader (but not the key), provides just enough illumination to see inside.

My only minor issue is with the battery pack fitting too snugly in its pocket, making it somewhat difficult to remove.

Overall, I am very pleased with this safe. It’s robust and ideal for my primary need: keeping curious youngsters away from its contents. While it may not provide the impenetrable security of much more expensive safes, it serves its purpose well for my requirements.

I’m happy with my purchase and consider it a great buy!” – Barry Frost

Trending review:I spent several hours reading reviews of different gun safes on multiple web sites before selecting the Awsafe’s gun safe. There are many good safes out there but the Awsafe meet my criteria for sturdiness, fingerprint reader with backup, physical size and price. Bottom line, for the price you can’t go wrong.

The safe easily fits my full size 9MM and my 380 along with 2 mags. At only 3″ high I can fit it in a drawer. It does need to sit back in the drawer in order to use the fingerprint reader and key. The doors opens smoothly with the gas cylinder but the unlock sound could be quieter. Also, you have to push down hard to engage the lock.

What I really like is that the set up button is located inside behind the battery box and the lock mechanism is well protected so destruction is the only way in. Other safes had flaws that would allow access to one or the other thus making entry easier.

Set-up was very simple and, taking my time, had it dune in a half hour. The only issue I had was that the instructions call for a 4 number code but don’t discuss pressing 2 numbers at the same time. If you press 2 numbers at the same time that counts as 2 numbers. Not big deal but would have saved me a couple tries. The fingerprint reader, once set up, works great as long as your finger is in the same spot.

Overall, it’s not Fort Knox but then again none of them are. I believe it will keep my guns reasonable safe and that’s as what counts.” – Dave

Grab it from Amazon now: $119 


ONNAIS Iron Plus – Car and Home Biometric Handgun Safe

Top-rated: 1,151 ratings

ONNAIS-Iron-Plus- best bedside gun safe

Highlight: Versatile placement options including nightstand, car, and under the bed.

Helpful review:I’m truly satisfied with the ONNAIS safe I purchased. Its build is robust, and the textured finish really stands out. The instructions provided were straightforward, allowing me to set up both the keypad and fingerprint features in just a couple of minutes. I appreciated the ease with which I could reset the lock settings – a few seconds of holding down the reset button, and it’s done. It was a pleasant surprise to find that the safe came with a pair of keys, an anchoring cable, and even bolts for secure mounting.

An impressive feature is the ability to store up to 30 fingerprints. This means I could register all ten of my fingers and even include prints from a family member or trusted individual. I value the flexibility this offers, especially since, in urgent situations, you never really know which finger might make contact with the scanner. Plus, with so many scan slots available, I can register different parts of my fingers, ensuring that any touch point recognizes my print.

Speaking of the biometric scanner, it’s efficient. I noticed the prompt response time each time I accessed the safe. Though the safe didn’t include batteries, I actually prefer this. It gave me the chance to use my preferred high-grade batteries for both extended use and dependability.

The safe’s dimensions are ideal for my needs. It’s spacious enough to safeguard items from unintended access. While ONNAIS markets this primarily for firearms, it’s versatile enough to house any prized possessions that I’d like to keep both concealed and secure. The internal padding is a thoughtful touch, ensuring items remain in place without jostling and maintaining their pristine condition.

All in all, I believe the safe offers good value for its price. I wholeheartedly endorse this product.” – JeepJK2016

Grab it from Amazon now: $109.99 


AINIRO QuickSafe – Swift Biometric Access for Pistols and Valuables

Top-rated: 1,250 ratings

AINIRO-QuickSafe- best bedside gun safe

Highlight: Lightning-fast 0.5s fingerprint access with storage for up to 30 fingerprints, ensuring multiple users have quick and secure access.

Helpful review: “This safe is a godsend for anyone needing to childproof their handgun storage, like myself dealing with an inquisitive brother-in-law who has Down syndrome.

The initial unit I received was nearly flawless, except for the fingerprint reader, which frustratingly failed to retain fingerprints after roughly half an hour. Despite this, the thought of returning it didn’t cross my mind because it ticked all the other boxes for me. The interior’s full padding is a standout feature; it’s essential for preventing any damage to the contents. The ability to mute the opening sound was another critical aspect for me.

Moreover, it included three keys and an exceptionally handy fireproof pouch, which seemed perfect for keeping important documents or passports.

Upon sharing my experience with the fingerprint issue in a review, the company’s swift and professional response was impressive. They immediately reached out to offer an apology for the malfunctioning reader and showed a remarkable level of understanding regarding my situation.

They replaced the unit quickly, and I’m pleased to say it functions impeccably now. I’ve programmed my thumb and index finger, and it recognizes them consistently without fail.

I wholeheartedly recommend this safe; it’s an unbeatable offer on Amazon in terms of price and quality. And it’s backed by a company that genuinely cares about customer satisfaction.” – OGSERB

Trending review:I’ve been using this for about a week or so. The biometric feature makes for easy access to the storage area, same for the push button code. Comes with two keys for a third method to open. I can fit my compact pistol in holster with an extra mag comfortably.

It is easy to set up, just follow the directions that are included. You will need four AA batteries which are not included. Also the fire proof bag isn’t something I would rely on, as it’s a velcro seal.

Now, my main issue is the cable it uses to lock itself to something. I run a similar basic non biometric safe for my vehicle and it’s cable is secure, unlike this one. This means if you are using the cable you need to make sure it does not pop out every time you open it.

The last point is that if someone wants in, they will find a way. In my opinion, this is meant to be an easy access safe, small enough to be hidden, but secure enough for those smash and grabs. Comparatively to my current budget safe, it’s pretty similar minus the biometric but is a 1/4 the price of this product.

Now would I buy it again? Me, no. For my purposes, my original set up works. If I didn’t have one, and was looking for a non key method of safe, I definitely would consider it, but again, no safe is perfect. Find one that fits your needs.” – Boston

Grab it from Amazon now: $129.99  


BILLCONCH – Portable Biometric Gun Safe

Top-rated: 2,334 ratings

BILLCONCH - best bedside gun safe

Highlight: Features state-of-the-art fingerprint recognition and Bluetooth connectivity for a seamless and user-friendly security experience.

Helpful review: “This safe has proved to be a fantastic find, ensuring quick access in emergencies thanks to its reliable fingerprint scanner.

The safe boasts a prompt-entry feature, which I can vouch for. Whether I’m using the biometric reader, the backlit keypad, or the spare key in a pinch, I can get to the contents without any delay. The robust construction of 16-gauge carbon steel combined with a sleek powder coat finish not only enhances security but also fits seamlessly into my home décor.

Connecting to the Bluetooth app unlocks the safe’s full potential. Through the app, I can manage fingerprint access, change passwords, and track who’s opened the safe and when. It’s a reassuring level of control, especially when monitoring access is a priority.

Inside the safe, the LED lighting stands out as a thoughtful touch, illuminating the contents in low-light situations. For those discrete moments, switching the keypad to silent mode is a blessing. It’s a simple sequence on the keypad, and voila – no sound.

To get the most out of the safe’s features, a full charge is a must, and the rechargeable lithium-ion battery doesn’t disappoint. It powers up swiftly, under the 2.5 hours the manual suggests, and the charger comes included.

I’m thoroughly impressed with this purchase. It’s uncomplicated, reliable, and does the vital job of keeping curious little hands away from dangers they shouldn’t touch. So much so I’m already planning to get another one for my husband – a testament to its efficacy and my confidence in the product.” – Ruthann

Grab it from Amazon now: $69.98  


MAXSafes – VeinTech Twin Pistol Safe

Top-rated: 301 ratings

MAXSafes- best bedside gun safe

Highlight: Advanced Vein Recognition Technology – Utilizes revolutionary biometric vein recognition for unparalleled security and accuracy.

Helpful review: “My dad had an old pistol safe that operated on fingerprints, but it was hit-or-miss – any new scrapes or a bit of dirt, and you’d be retrying your print several times, risking a lock-out. That’s not what you want when quick access to a firearm is critical. I’ve been on the lookout for a reliable, keyless safe, and the prospect of vein recognition technology caught my eye, especially since it came with the fallback options of PIN and key access. I decided to take the plunge.

The setup was a breeze with the help of the included quick start guide. The safe opens promptly and without fail, courtesy of a hydraulic shock that assists the lift. I was curious about the claims that it could read through various finger conditions, so I didn’t shy from putting it to the test. My firearms are built for tough handling, and anything associated with them must be equally robust. I tested the scanner with my finger dipped in water and covered in dirt, trying it out multiple times. Impressively, it performed flawlessly every time, as long as my finger was properly placed.

Beyond its functionality, the safe’s aesthetic is noteworthy – it carries a tough, yet sophisticated vibe. The packaging alone hints at the quality inside, setting the tone for a premium user experience.” – blueflame42

Trending review: “The unboxing is an experience. The box it comes in is awesome and worth keeping. The safe itself is beautiful. The texture on it is amazing and this safe is heavy duty. It will take 10 minutes or so to setup and you’ll probably have to red the directions a few times…I did.

Once you get it, it’s a breeze to setup the code and finger reader. This safe has reacted to my finger every single time, and does not open for unregistered fingers…my wife tried and until I registered her fingers she couldn’t get in. The safe opens fast…I have other safes for my guns and this is the fastest opening of all.

You will need a space that allows top opening so that’s something to consider. If you need a safe for valuables or for two pistols (including full size) you can’t go wrong with this product. One of the best products I’ve bought on Amazon.” – R. Folks

Grab it from Amazon now: $119.99 

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